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W W W . T C Y O N L I N E . C O M _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Section 2
Arcelor, acquired by Mittal steel, was formed by merger of which of the follwing three steel companies ? The company Fem Care Pharma Limited, the manufacturer of Fem Bleach, was acquired by? Which is the correct Stock Index-Country Match ? Which is the correct Legal Act and Jurisdiction Match ? Match the President, Country and Currency. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ For free online tests, login to
W W W . T C Y O N L I N E . C O M _________________________________________________________________________________________________ 41. The abbreviations given in the first coloumn are explained in the second column. Select the option which has all wrong explanations of the abbreviations. Who amongst the following was not nominated by the Govemment of India on the board of satyam CDS Which has been in news recently stands for? The table given below matches the company with its auto brand. Chose the correct match. The slogans in the table given below have been matched with the company they relate to. Choose the In the financial year 2008-09, the top three investing countries in terms of FDI inflows were : _________________________________________________________________________________________________ For free online tests, login to
W W W . T C Y O N L I N E . C O M _________________________________________________________________________________________________ 47. (d) Shirley M tilghman & Eric Schmidt Which of the follwing Public sector Units does not fall in the category of ‘Navratna’ PSUs : (c) National Thermal Power corporation (NTPC) (d) National Hydroelectric Power Coporation limited (NHPC) Which one of the following statements does not relate to the concept of carbon credits ? (a) For one tonne of carbon dioxide emission reduction a company receives a carbon emission certificate which can be traded like any other commodity. (b) The carbon emission certificates are sold to companies in developed economies like power utilities (c) Carbon credit certificates are traded under UN-mandated international conventionon climate change (d) Developing economies are allowed to offset some of their emissions from cars, factories and homes by funding clean energy projects in devloped ones. India signed the Kyoto Protocol in the year : _________________________________________________________________________________________________ For free online tests, login to
W W W . T C Y O N L I N E . C O M _________________________________________________________________________________________________ 53. Match the company and the place where it originates from _________________________________________________________________________________________________ For free online tests, login to


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