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Annotated Guide to the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 2004 by Wong PartnershipAnnotated Guide to The Building Maintenance and Strata Biomedical Science Law & Practice by Zaid Hamzah Casebook on Insolvency & the Construction Industry by Philip C Doing Business In India by Mohan R Pillay Drafting Trust & Will Trust in Singapore by James Kessler QC Essentials of Medical Law by Yeo Khee Quan et al Intellectual Property Law & Strategy by Zaid Hamzah Law for Layman Series - Construction Defects: Your Rights & Law for Layman Series - Contract Law by Naina Parwani Law for Layman Series - When Marriages Break Down by Foo Siew FongMerger and Acquisition in China 2nd Ed by Stamford Law Original Price in Price in S$ after 50%
discount incl. GST
Janis and Noyes' Cases and Commentary on International Law, How to Manage a Law School Library: Leading Librarians on Updating Resources, Managing Budgets, and Meeting Expectations (Inside the Minds) Commercial Litigation Strategies: Leading Lawyers on Case Preparation, Settlement Opportunities, and Best Practices for Client Success The Law School Librarian’s Role as an Educator: Leading Librarians on Adapting to New Technologies, Maximizing Research Skills, and Helping Students Transition from Law School to Law FirmCurrent Issues & Trends in Law Firm Mergers & Acquisitions: Leading Lawyers on Due Diligence, Retaining Talent, and Establishing Firm Culture and Values (Inside the Minds) Understanding Your Client’s IP Needs: Leading Lawyers on Mitigating Financial Risks, Defining IP Standards, and Avoiding Common Mistakes (Inside the Minds)Patent Litigation and Dispute Resolution: Leading Lawyers on Understanding Key Components of a Case, Evaluating Settlement Opportunities, and Preparing for Trial (Inside the Minds) Founding a Law Firm: Leading Lawyers on Establishing Key Client Relationships, Developing a Strategic Plan, and The Changing Role of Law Firm Librarianship: Leading Librarians on Developing Budgets, Evaluating Resources, and Responding to the Expanding Role of the Law Firm Library (Inside the Minds)Strategies for Law Firm Mergers and Acquisitions: Leading Lawyers on Creating the Right Deal, Evaluating Unforeseen Complications, and Establishing a Foundation for Success (Inside the Minds)Franklin, Anderson and Lidsky's Mass Media Law: Cases and Materials, 7th Ed Areen and Regan's Cases and Materials on Family Law, 5th Ed (University Casebook Series) Jordan and Harris' Economic Justice: Race, Gender, Identity and Economics Maxwell, Martin and Kramer's The Law of Oil and Gas, 8th Best Practices for International ADR (Inside the Minds) International Trade and Transactions Client Strategies (Inside International Trade Legal Strategies: Leading Lawyers on Key Issues Relevant to Client Transactions and Cross-Border Environmental Law Deal Strategies: Leading Lawyers on Identifying Environmental Liabilities, Structuring Transactions, and Developing a Negotiation Strategy (Inside the Minds)Hunter, Salzman and Zaelke's International Environmental Law and Policy, 3d (University Casebook Series) Rau, Sherman, and Peppet's Processes of Dispute Resolution: Field, Kaplan and Clermont's Civil Procedure- Materials for a Basic Course, 9th (University Casebook Series) Moenssens, Henderson and Portwood's Scientific Evidence in Van Schaack and Slye's International Criminal Law and Its Enforcement, Cases and Materials (University Casebook Series) Maggs, Soma and Sprowl's Internet and Computer Law, 2d Attracting and Retaining Clients: Leading Lawyers on Marketing Compliance Issues and Trends: Leading Lawyers on Evaluating Benchmarks, Educating Clients, and Mitigating Risk (Inside the Minds)Telecommunications Client Strategies: Leading Lawyers on Negotiating Agreements, Facilitating Transactions, and Resolving Disputes (Inside the Minds)Uncle Anthony's Unabridged Analogies: Quotes and Proverbs Software Leadership Strategies for the UK: Industry Leaders on Designing Leading Products, Capitalizing on Trends, and Competing in the Global Marketplace (Inside the Minds)Updating Your Company's Strategy: Leading CEOs on Reviewing and Analyzing the Current Strategy, Picking the Right Path, and Building a Foundation for Execution (Inside the Minds)Software Venture Capital Best Practices: Top Venture Capitalists and CEOs on Raising Capital, Establishing Valuations, and Pursuing an Exit Strategy (Inside the Minds) Client Strategies for Working with Construction Firms: Leading Lawyers on Structuring Agreements, Minimizing Contract Risks, and Understanding the Needs of Clients (Inside the Minds) Leading Leading a Law School: Top Deans on Establishing Best Practices, Serving School Constituencies, and Planning Strategically for the Future (Inside the Minds)Construction Law Client Strategies for the UK: Leading Lawyers on Drafting Building Agreements, Negotiating Contracts, and Resolving Disputes (Inside the Minds)Life Sciences Mergers and Acquisitions: Leading Lawyers on Deal Terms, Due Diligence, and Intellectual Property Considerations (Inside the Minds)Gostin, Areen, King, Goldberg & Jacobson's Law, Science, and Medicine, 3rd Ed Intellectual Property Client Strategies: Leading Lawyers on Capitalizing, Protecting and Advising Clients on IP Assets (Inside the Minds)Intellectual Proerty Licensing Strategies: Leading Lawyers on Drafting IP Agreements, Negotiating Terms, and Evaluating Financial Implications (Inside the Minds)Maximizing Intellectual Property Value: Leading Lawyers on Creating Intellectual Capital (Inside the Minds) Patent Law Client Strategies: Leading Lawyers on Managing Patent Portfolios, Filing Strategically, and Handling Disputes (Inside the Minds)Environmental Law Client Strategies: Leading Lawyers on Strategizing for Litigation, Negotiating Settlements, and Adding the Most Value for Your Client (Inside the Minds)Technology Trends: Leading Executives on Predicting, Prioritizing, and Capitalizing on Top IT Trends to Stay Ahead of the Competition (Inside the Minds)Best Practices for Marketing Lawyers: Leading Marketing Executives on Identifying Firm Objectives, Working with Attorneys, and Developing Marketing CampaignsCommon Issues in Tax Law: Leading Lawyers on Handling Tax Audits, Executing Tax Appeals, and Monitoring Client Tax Compliance (Inside the Minds)Life Sciences Client Strategies: Leading Lawyers on Intellectual Property Management, Disputes, and Other Key Business M&A Deal Strategies: Leading Lawyers on Executing Negotiation Strategies, Maximizing Deal Protection Provisions, and Assessing Representation and Warranties (Inside the Minds)Updating Your Company's Marketing Strategy: Leading CMOs on Examining the Effectiveness of Current Campaigns, Implementing New Initiatives, and Ensuring Alignment with Corporate Objectives (Inside the Minds)Achieving Success as a CEO: Leading CEOs on Formulating a Leadership Plan, Identifying Success, and Working with the Management Team (Inside the Minds)M&A Client Strategies: Leading Lawyers on Maximizing Due Diligence Strategies, Assessing Risks, and Structuring Deals (Inside the Minds)Client Development Strategies for Law Firms: Leading Managing Partners and Marketing Directors on Building Client Loyalty, Managing Key Accounts, and Increasing Firm Awareness (Inside the Minds)The Best Practices of Leading Energy Lawyers: Successful Strategies and Best Practices for Dealing with Energy-Related Legal Issues (Inside the Minds)The Best Practices of Leading IP Lawyers: An Insider Look at IP Law Client Strategies for the UK: Leading Lawyers on Protecting and Advising Clients in IP Licensing, Transactions, and Disputes (Inside the Minds)Noah's Law, Medicine and Medical Technology, Cases and Materials, 2d (University Casebook Series)Analyzing VC Deal Terms: Leading Lawyers on Structuring Term Sheets, Developing Negotiation Strategies, and Antitrust Dispute Resolution (Inside the Minds) Antitrust Law Client Strategies (Inside the Minds) Technology Licensing Strategies: Leading Lawyers on Structuring Agreements, Negotiating Value, and Capitalizing on Intellectual Property (Inside the Minds)Bussel and Rosett's Contract Law and its Application, 7th e-Discovery Best Practices: Leading Lawyers on Navigating e- Discovery Requests, Evaluating Existing Policies, and Identifying Best PracticesCommon Issues in IP Law: Leading Lawyers on Resolving Disputes, Evaluating IP Claims, and Achieving Successful Client Outcomes (Inside the Minds)Managing a Law Firm: Leading Managing Partners on Implementing a Leadership Plan, Overseeing Organizational Procedures, and Managing Attorneys and Staff (Inside the Minds)Steuben's Real Estate Planning, 4th (University Casebook Series)Davis, Scott, Wadlington and Whitebread's Children in the Legal System, 4th (University Casebook Series) Mundstock's A Finance Approach to Accounting for Lawyers, 2d Jackson & Tushnet's Comparative Constitutional Law, 2d Holmes and Young's Cases and Materials on the Regulation Adler, Baird and Jackson's Bankruptcy, Cases, Problems and Materials, 4th (University Casebook Series)Prosser, Wade, Schwartz, Kelly and Partlett's Cases And Materials on Torts, 11th EdEisenberg's Cases and Materials on Corporations and Other Business Organizations, Concise 9thRadin, Rothchild, Reese and Silverman's Internet Commerce: The Emerging Legal Framework, 2dElhauge and Geradin's Global Antitrust Law and Economics (University Casebook Series)International Arbitration: A Country-by-Country Look at Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods Around the Globe Antitrust Law Deal Strategies (Inside the Minds) Merrill and Smith's Property: Principles and Policies Milhaupt, Ramseyer, and West's The Japanese Legal System: Ruhl, Nagle and Salzman's The Practice and Policy of Environmental Law (University Casebook Series) Fishman and Schwarz's Nonprofit Organizations, Cases and Materials, 3dFishman and Schwarz's Taxation of Nonprofit Organizations, Herwitz and Barrett's Accounting for Lawyers, Concise 4th Doremus, Lin, Rosenberg, and Schoenbaum's Environmental Policy Law: Problems, Cases and Readings, 5th (University Casebook Series)Taslitz, Paris and Herbert's Constitutional Criminal Procedure, 3d (University Casebook Series)Vagts, Dodge & Koh's Transnational Business Problems, 4th Gevurtz's Business Planning, 4th (University Casebook Series) Whitebread and Slobogin's Criminal Procedure, An Analysis of Cases and Concepts, 5th (University Textbook Series)Frug's Women and the Law by Adler, Crooms, Greenberg, Minow, and Roberts, 4th (University Casebook Series)Ki 4th (University Casebook Series)Eisenberg's An Introduction to Agency, Partnerships and LLCs, Bratton's Corporate Finance, Cases and Materials, 6th Edition Bogert, Oaks, Hansen and Neeleman's Cases and Text on the Law of Trusts, 8thWarren and Walt's Secured Transactions in Personal Property, MacKinnon's Sex Equality, 2d (University Casebook Series) Haddad, Marsh, Zagel, Meyer, Starkman and Bauer's Cases and Comments on Criminal Procedure, 7th (University Casebook Series®)Revesz' Environmental Law and Policy (University Casebook Series)Moenssens, Bacigal, Ashdown, and Hench's Criminal Law, 8th Shoben, Tabb and Janutis' Remedies, Cases and Problems, 4th (University Casebook Series)Morgan and Rotunda's Professional Responsibility, Problems and Materials, 10th Lind, Schwarz, Lathrope and Rosenberg's Fundamentals of Business Enterprise Taxation, Cases and Materials, 4th Rowe, Sherry and Tidmarsh's Civil Procedure, 2d Teeter and Loving's Law of Mass Communications: Freedom and Control of Print and Broadcast Media, 12th (University Casebook Series)Goldstein's International Intellectual Property Law, Cases and Prices include 7% GST charges. 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