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AV6416 Palm OTDR
Product Summary:
AV6416 palm OTDR is the newest instrument designed for FTTx network. It's mainly used to measure the physical characteristics of optical fiber, such as fiber length, transmission loss and splicing loss etc., and also locate the faults or breaks of fiber links. It's widely applicable for the installation, construction and maintenance of fiber optic communication systems. AV6416 palm OTDR has the most advanced technology AV6416 OTDR offer maximum three wavelengths output and VLF function in one unit. Design of carrying strap is more comfortable and convenient for the field work. Features:
♦ Advanced technology of double-color & material integrative mould ♦ Advanced anti-reflective TFT LCD screen ♦ 0.25m high resolution, 65535 sampling points ♦ Double USB interfaces. One is to connect external U disk Another is to communicate with PC via ActiveSync software ♦ Supporting Bellcore GR196 file in writing or reading ♦Intelligent indication of battery power and warning of lower power. ♦ WinCE operation system in Chinese and English language ♦ More than 10 hours working time with built-in lithium battery ♦ Added visual fault locator function (VFL) ♦ Universal FC/PC,FC/SC,FC/ST connectors is convenient to clean ♦ Extra-short Event Dead Zone
This feature is specially suitable for testing of fiber patch cords or fiber link ♦ Fast auto measurement
Avoiding spending time on the operating manual, the operator could press “Start” key(2) to test after connecting the test fiber to this port(1), then find the test details ,which is perfectly set and calculated by the internal program. ♦ Fast auto analysis
AV6416 OTDR searches and locates the events or faults rapidly and accurately, and then lists the test details including distance, loss, reflection and link. So it's very useful and efficient for a operator ♦ Strong file management
AV6416 OTDR offers powerful function of file management. Besides the saving, browsing and deleting of files from internal memory or external U disk, it could transmit the files to PLC language based printer for printing. Using ActiveSync software, AV6416 OTDR communicates with PC via USB cable. ♦VFL Function
As a visible light source or visual fault locator, AV6416 OTDR could easily and rapidly identify the bad splicing point, breaks, or micro-bends and locates the large loss point in a short-distance. ♦ Application:
AV6416 Palm OTDR is low-cost and high performance solution for the FTTx network user. It offers three kinds of test modes: manual mode including real time mode and average mode, auto mode and dead zone mode. 1. Manual mode: this is especially recommended for skilled operator who is very familiar with the instrument to get more accurate results. Under this mode, there are “real-time mode” or “average mode” available. 1.1 Real-time mode: it rapidly tests the dynamic changes of fiber link and is suitable for the real-time monitoring and observing the process and effects of fiber link connection. 1.2 Average mode: it furthest limits noise in the trace to get more accurate result. In fact, the higher is average times, the better is effects of noise suppression, and the longer is spent test time. In practice, please set the average times as per real requirement. . 2. Auto mode: It automatically selects the perfect test parameters for each test and shows the results. It is strongly recommended for the operator, who is lack of related knowledge or less familiar with the operating details. Under this mode, the operator could increase the average times to get more accurate test result, have to spend more times on the test. 3. Dead zone mode: it is suitable for short-distance fiber test. To get the best result, the terminal return loss of the under tested fiber should be larger
than 40dB.
Applicable Fiber
Dynamic Range1
±(1m + sample space + 0.003% * measurement distance) Accuracy
Event Dead Zone2
Distance Range
Pulse width
10, 30, 80, 160, 320, 640, 1280, 5120, 10240ns Loss threshold
Sampling points
Memory capacity
IOR setting
Optical Connector
DC:15V∼20V(3A), (AC adapter 100∼240V,50/60Hz,1.5A),Built-in Lithium battery: Power Supply
4400mAh,7.4V,operating time≥10 hours33 Dimensions
Note1:pulse width 10240ns, average times≥300,SNR=1,23℃±2℃; Note2:Pulse width:10 ns, terminal reflection loss: ≥40dB, typical; Note3:Low brightness, exclude measuring. ♦ Ordering information
Main frame: AV6416 Palm OTDR
Standard accessories:
Standard module: The available modules of AV6416 palm OTDR are shown as following:
Dynamic Range
NoteOne and only one module of above must be selected.
NoteFor the necessity of improvement, the material contained in this document is subject to change
without notice.


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