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Valentine’s Day Supper Menu, 2014 - £49.99
Tonight we celebrate the legend of Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty, the mother of Eros, and from
whom the word Aphrodisiac was born. Every culture has it’s own unique twist on St. Valentine’s Day and true to our culture
at the Olive Tree we have created our own bespoke menu, with 6 dishes each designed with their own aphrodisiac.
So relax and let your journey to the world of Aphrodite begin…
Watermelon and Feta marinated with Chil i and Ginger
Both garlic and ginger are renowned for fanning the flames of your desires and increasing the blood flow to your heart; the ideal way to start your evening… To Start
Olive Tree Seafood Cocktail
Selection of Crab, Lobster and Prawns dressed with Marie Rose Sauce and Pressed Terrine of Avocado and Vine Tomato Aztecs called the Avocado Tree ‘Ahuacuati’, meaning a Gentleman’s “bits” tree, as the fruit hangs in pairs from the branches as it grows. This erotically growing fruit also contains vitamin B6, an essential Ham Hock Terrine
Pressed Terrine of Ham Hock presented with Asparagus Saladette Asparagus, prized by the Ancient Greeks and Romans, and banned from girl’s schools in the 19th Century due to it’s “suggestive” shape, is welcomed in this dish to provide you with essential vitamin A, E and Potassium needed to boost your hormones. Mains
Duo of Beef
Seared Fil et of Beef with Braised Brisket Hash accompanied by a Truffled Celeriac Confit Garlic Puree and Rich Balsamic Jus Truffles are prized all over the world, and as far back in time as to the Ancient Greeks and Romans; who believed their musky scent stimulated the body and made the skin more sensitive to the touch. Local Sole and Mussels
Poached Lemon Sole dressed with Fennel and Lemon Puree, Saffron Potatoes and Exmouth Mussel Beighnets Ancient Egyptians used Fennel to enhance women’s libido. And with good reason - in 1930 it was proved to be rich in estrogens, a hormone widely believed today to be essential for women’s sex drive. Refresh your Palate
Tropical Fruit Pastil es soaked in Passion Fruit and Peach Liquor ♥ To Finish
Champagne Charlotte
Light Champagne Mousse rested on light Genoese Sponge Champagne is of course ‘The Drink of Love’, which tonight we combine with the beautiful strawberry; whose colour and shape epitomise Passion and Love Chocolate and Almonds
Rich Dark Chocolate Nemesis Cake served with Praline, Chocolate acts with the neurotransmitters in the brain to release the al important pleasure hormones; and when combined with red wine, it is said to double the effects Coffee with Home-made Petit Fours


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