Bausch & Lomb is the eye health company dedicated to Perfecting Vision and Enhancing Life® Bausch & Lomb offers the world’s most comprehensive portfolio of eye health products and we’re proud that ours is one of the oldest, best known and most respected healthcare brands in The company began in 1853 in Rochester, New York, as a small optical shop that grew to become a multi-billion dollar corporation with nearly 14,000 employees worldwide, and with products available in more than 100 countries. Bausch & Lomb’s history of innovation continues today as the company invents new materials, engineers new technologies, and creates pioneering ways to help people see better. Bausch & Lomb markets five broad categories of products
Contact lenses: Bausch & Lomb provides the full spectrum of wearing modalities, including
well-known brand names such as PureVision®, SofLens®, Boston® and Optima®. Lens care: Bausch & Lomb lens care products include the ReNu® brand of chemical
disinfectants as well as the Sensitive Eyes® and the Boston® lines of products for cleaning Pharmaceuticals: The product portfolio treats a wide range of eye conditions including
glaucoma, eye allergies, conjunctivitis and dry eye. We offer proprietary and generic medicines available by prescription, over-the-counter eye drops and other medications. Our line of proprietary Rx products includes the steroid eye drops Lotemax® , Alrex® and Zylet® , and, outside the U.S., the non-selective beta blocker, Carteol®; Minims®, preservative-free, single- dose drops; and Liposic® ointment for dry eye. Leading OTC products include the Ocuvite® and PreserVision® brands of ocular vitamins and the Advanced Eye Relief™ line. Cataract and vitreoretinal surgery: Bausch & Lomb’s full suite of products includes intraocular
lenses (IOL) and delivery systems featuring the SofPort® and Akreos® brands of IOLs, the Millennium™ line of phacoemulsification equipment, and other surgical instruments and devices, including the Storz® line of instruments. Refractive surgery: The product line for refractive laser surgery includes the Zyoptix®
system for personalised vision correction (customised LASIK) and the Zyoptix® XP and Hansatome® brands of microkeratomes. Surgical division (outside the US)
Cataract IOL product line
Bausch & Lomb’s IOL portfolio includes the well established, acrylic, hydrophilic Akreos® family
of IOLs: the Akreos Adapt; the Akreos Adapt Advanced Optics (AO); and the most recently
available lens, the Akreos MI-60 lens, specifically designed for implantation through a The Akreos AO MI-60 is latest addition to the Bausch & Lomb MICS Platform, a complete
1.8 mm solution for phaco surgery (equipping surgeons with lens and phaco equipment, as well as the education, techniques and instruments to facilitate the The Akreos lens material is biocompatible with a long-term record of safety. Since the first implantation in July 1998, approximately 1.5 million lenses utilising this material have been Both the Akreos Adapt AO and Akreos MI-60 have an aberration-free, aspheric optic, for improved quality of vision and preserved depth of field. The 360° posterior ridge and square edge technology provide an anti-PCO barrier. Bausch & Lomb’s silicone, SofPort AO lens also has these design features. The SofPort AO is available with the EZ-load injector and the Akreos Further cataract products include Amvisc® Plus, a moderately cohesive viscoelastic with dispersive characteristics, the Aqsia™ Balanced Salt Solutions and the Coatel™ HMPC Cataract/vitreoretinal equipment product line
The Bausch & Lomb Millennium™ Microsurgical System delivers on the promise of a platform
with innovative technology for cataract and vitreoretinal surgery. The modular design of the system allows continuing technology innovations to be integrated into the system. Specialist vitreoretinal equipment includes the Millennium TSV25™ System for minimally
invasive 25 gauge vitreoretinal technology and the Millennium Endolase System, with an
The Millennium Microsurgical System also forms an intrinsic part of Bausch & Lomb’s MICS Platform for 1.8 mm phaco, providing surgeons with: • MICS Education: Bausch & Lomb University accelerated learning modules including a specialised education program for MICS and in-theatre training MICS Equipment: Millennium Microsurgical System • MICS IOL: Akreos MI-60 IOL • MICS Instruments: Customised Instruments, including the single use MICS Platform Knives Millennium MICS Platform radically changes 1.8 mm micro-incision surgery by delivering a complete solution for 1.8 mm phaco techniques that minimises the learning curve and enhances safety and optimises surgical efficiency. Software: MICS Platform Millennium Custom Controlled Software (CCS 2006) has
optimised power modulations to enhance safety and efficiency during MICS surgery. Fluidic control: Two fluidic control options are available with the Millennium system, either the
Advanced Flow System or Advanced Vacuum System.
Chamber stability is enhanced using the Micro Incision Vacuum Pack (MIVP) with the Stable
Chamber Tubing System, which maintains positive intraocular pressure (IOP) during surgery.
Alternatively, the Stable Flow phaco needles support high vacuum phaco techniques while
providing strong lens fragment holding forces. Instruments: Bausch & Lomb offers a range of 19 and 20 gauge irrigating choppers,
disposable MICS knives, and micro capsulorhexis forceps. The latest anterior technology, the Stellaris™ Vision Enhancement System (conformity assessment for CE marking in progress), completes the MICS Platform for a complete solution Refractive product line
Bausch & Lomb is proud of the pivotal role its Zyoptix® platform has played in the development of today's refractive surgery treatments. Innovations within the Zyoptix® Platform are enabling greater predictability and quality, faster diagnostics, improved safety, efficacy and efficiency. • Zyoptix Diagnostic Workstation • Zyoptix XP Microkeratome with Epi-Separator technology for surface treatments. The Zyoptix 100 Laser system provides exceptional clinical results, expanded treatment
algorithms and enhanced safety features. Fast, reliable treatment times are provided by the 100Hz laser. The laser’s enhanced safety features include iris recognition, multi-dimensional eyetracker and Zy-ID™ which gives a unique digital map of the iris. A variety of Zyoptix treatments provide the best choice for each patient: Aspheric, Personalized
Zyoptix Aspheric
The first algorithm to use each patient's unique K-value (corneal curvature) and Q-value (corneal asphericity) to deliver a true aspheric treatment that significantly reduces surgically – induced Zyoptix Personalized
A customised treatment that uses sophisticated wavefront data for optimised outcomes. Zyoptix Tissue Saving
A treatment designed to minimise tissue removal and maximise treatment efficiency. Zyoptix Diagnostic Workstation (ZDW): Integrated diagnostics for customised refractive
treatments. It is a single, modular workstation combining leading technology in corneal The Orbscan® IIz Corneal Topographer comprises scanning slit technology with advanced
placido disc system measuring up to 9000 anterior data points in less than 3 seconds. The system provides a complete analysis and diagnosis of the cornea, full corneal pachymetry, The Zywave® Wavefront Analyzer measures and analyses the presence of higher and lower
order aberrations. The ZyID iris recognition technology provides safe and secure patient identification throughout the treatment process, as well as compensation for pupil centre shift and cyclotorsion. The analyser also provides individual 3D aberration maps, dynamic pupillometry, normal band distribution and refraction data for all pupil diameters. Zyoptix® Advanced Personalized Technologies (APT) simplifies the patient workup process
by significantly reducing the complexity and time involved to perform true wavefront-guided treatments. The NoDiZy feature eliminates the need to pharmaceutically dilate in most Zyoptix Personalized candidates, enabling a faster and easier acquisition. APT also provides swift and easy storage and transfer of diagnostic data using an enhanced CPU, simplified user interface and networking capabilities. The Zyoptix Treatment Calculator software and algorithms
Bausch & Lomb’s Zyoptix TruLink™ proprietary technology allows direct data transfer of
patient treatment files from the Zyoptix Diagnostic Workstation to the Zyoptix 100 Laser. Zyoptix® XP Microkeratome. The next-generation microkeratome, the Zyoptix XP is a
comprehensive microkeratome system that allows surgeons to perform both stromal and epithelial flaps with consistent and repeatable flap thickness. The precision engineered, interchangeable components are easy to use and assemble, with built-in safety features and World-class training and technical support
Bausch & Lomb has an extensive team of Refractive Application Specialists across Europe, equipped with intensive technical and clinical training and annual certifications to provide surgeons with excellent technical expertise and support. The Refractive Service Engineers provide quick and accurate on-site and remote repairs. The European Centre of Excellence, located at the Bausch & Lomb Global Refractive R&D and manufacturing facility, based in Munich, Germany, offers customised training programs for surgeons and staff on all aspects of the company’s refractive technology. The Zyoptix® Business Development Program, an e-learning tool, demonstrates Bausch & Lomb’s continuing commitment to support surgeons and maximise the potential of their refractive clinics. ™/® denotes trademark of Bausch & Lomb Incorporated. Carteol is a trademark of Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.


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