Roger Sheldon
Enzymatic Conversions under Non-Natural Conditions
Willem P.C. Stemmer
Molecular Breeding of Enzymes, Pathways and Organisms Friedrich Lottspeich
Proteomics - A Powerful Tool for Functional Analysis Dick B. Janssen
Engineered Biocatalysts for the Production of Chiral Epoxides and Alcohols Donald Hilvert
Christoph Kratky
Structure and Mechanism of Hydroxynitrile Lyases Vicente Gotor
Biocatalysis Applied to Chemoselective Transformations on Vitamin D andNucleoside Derivatives Roger S. Goody
Applications of New Methods of Introduction of Modified Amino-Acids intoProteins Robert Azerad
Biodiversity at Work: Monooxygenases and Biohydroxylation Reactions Derek R. Boyd
Chemoenzymatic Synthesis and Reactions of trans-Dihydrodiols Daniel E. Morse
Silicon Biotechnology: Harnessing Structure-Directed Siloxane Polymer-ization Dr. Tetsuo Endo
Large-Scale Production of Oligosaccharides Using Engineered Bacteria Sergio Riva
Enzymatic Elaboration of Sugar Derivatives INDEX OF CONTRIBUTIONS
Oreste Ghisalba
Chemo-Enzymatic Approaches for the Creation of Novel Chiral BuildingBlocks for Pharma Applications Peter J. Halling
Understanding Biocatalysis in Low-Water Media: Acid-Base Effects andSolid-to-Solid Conversions Jonathan M.J. Williams
Approaches to Dynamic Resolution Reactions Peter L. Rogers
Enhanced Production of R-Phenylacetylcarbinol (R-PAC) through EnzymaticBiotransformations John W. Frost
Microbial Synthesis of Aromatics Hydroaromatics Antranikian, Garabed
Extremozymes - novel tools for biocatalysis
Jonathan S. Dordick
Biocatalysis on the Nano- and Microscale for Reaction and Process Discovery INDEX OF CONTRIBUTIONS
Dan S. Tawfik
Man-Made Cell-Like Compartments for the Evolution of Enzymes Uwe T. Bornscheuer
By Functional Overexpression in the Yeast Pichia pastoris to IncreasedEnantioselectivity: a New Chapter in the Application of Pig Liver Esterase Patrick Lorenz
The Metagenome: a Challenging Source of Enzyme Discovery Wouter-François Willeman
Development of Hydroxynitrile Lyase Catalyzed Processes Reinhard Karge
Lipase-Catalyzed Transformations as Key-Steps in the Large-ScalePreparation of Vitamins Toshiyuki Itoh
Lipase-Catalyzed Enantioselective Acylation in the Ionic Liquid SolventSystem: Reaction of Enzyme Anchored to the Solvent Robert Phillips
How does Active Site Water Affect Enzymatic Stereo-Recognition? Andres Jäschke
Ribozymes as Selective Catalysts in Organic Synthesis Laszlo Poppe
Mechanism and Use of the Histidine Ammonia-Lyase and PhenylalanineAmmonia-Lyase Reactions Sandra Mayer
Bacterial Epoxide Hydrolases: Versatile Tools in Asymmetric Synthesis Marko D. Mihovilovic
Design and Application of a Recombinant Expression System forCyclohexanone Monooxygenase as Whole-Cell Biocatalyst Andreas Schmid
Catalyst and Process Engineering for in vivo and in vitro Applications ofOxygenases for Organic Synthesis INDEX OF CONTRIBUTIONS
Andrew Carnell
Desymmetrisation of Prochiral Ketones using Lipases Gideon Grogan
The Desymmetrisation of Bicyclic β-Diketones by Enzymatic Retro-ClaisenReaction Maurice C.R. Franssen
Plants: New Sources of Fascinating Enzymes Hiroshi Uyama
Enzyme-Catalyzed Polymerization to Functional Polymers Vytas Svedas
Enzymatic Acylation of Amines in an Aqueous Medium. How Far it is fromQuantitative Yield and Absolute Enantioselectivity? Mahn-Joo Kim
Asymmetric Transformations by Coupled Enzyme and Metal Catalysis Francesco Secundo
Activity and Conformational Studies of Lipase-PEG Complexes Solubilized inOrganic Solvents Andreas Liese
The Relevance of Reaction Engineering in Electroenzymatic Oxidations Jenny Chaplin
Discovery and Characterization of Novel Nitrilases for Use in the Productionof Pharmaceutical Intermediates Ludmila Martínková
Biocatalytical potential of a nitrile-converting microorganism, Rhodococcusequi strain A4 INDEX OF CONTRIBUTIONS
Schwab, Wilfried
Transformation of Noncyclizable Substrate Analogs by Recombinant (-)-Limonene Synthase, (+)-Bornyl Diphosphate Synthase and (-)-PineneSynthase Sakai, Takashi
Low-Temperature Method in the Lipase-Catalyzed Resolution and itsApplication to Organic Synthesis Rüsch gen. Klaas, Mark
Biocatalytic Peroxy Acid Formation for Synthesis and Disinfection Griebenow, Kai
Effect of Cyclodextrins and Crown Ethers on the Structure, Stability, Activity,and Enantioselectivity of Subtilisin Carlsberg in Organic Solvents.
Pierre, Alain
encapsulated in Silica Aerogels, as a Function of the Gel and SolventHydrophilicities Vohra, Rakesh
Chaperone assisted overexpression of D-carbamoylase independent of theredox state of host cytoplasm Cheng, Cheanyeh
The Reaction Pathways for the High Temperature Enzymatic Racemizationof D-Aspartic Acid to L-Aspartic Acid van Berkel, Willem
Inversion of the stereospecificity of a flavoenzyme Fialova, Ariana
Importance of phenol hydroxylase in phenol (-ic compounds) biodegradationby the yeast Candida maltosa Ulijn, Rein Vincent
Predicting when precipitation driven bioconversions are feasible INDEX OF CONTRIBUTIONS
Tsai, Shau-Wei
Improvements of lipase-catalyzed dynamic kinetic resolution of (R, S)-naproxen thioester by using strong neutral organic bases Stolz, Andreas
Genetic and enzymatic characterization of enantioselective amidases fromRhodococcus erythropolis MP50 and Agrobacterium tumefaciens d3 Elling, Lothar
Characterization of Recombinant Sucrose Synthase 1 for the Synthesis ofSucrose Analogues* Aracil, Jose
Kinetic modeling of the adsorption of aspartame on functionalised xad-2resins in batch stirred tank Eckstein, Heiner
Enzymatic Peptide Synthesis – a Contribution to Green Chemistry Tawfik, Dan S.
Medium Effects, Promiscuity and Enzyme Evolution Janssen, Michiel
Dendrimer assemblies of penicillin acylase: highly efficient catalysts for thesynthesis of β-lactam antibiotics Lopez-Serrano, Paloma
Cross-linked enzyme aggregates of lipases with enhanced activity Guisan, Jose M.
Conformational Engineering of Lipases via Directed Immobilization Kreit, Joseph
A NAD-dependent secondary alcohol dehydrogenase from Rhodococcus sp.
CIP 105335 Alcantara, Andres
Resolution of chiral secondary alcohols by Rhizomucor miehei lipase Ulbrich-Hofmann, Renate
Increased proteolytic resistance of ribonuclease A by protein engineering Okahata, Yoshio
Reversible Reaction Control of Lipid-coated Enzymes in Supercritical Fluid INDEX OF CONTRIBUTIONS
Matsuda, Tomoko
Asymmetric Reduction by Geotrichum candidum in Supercritical CarbonDioxide Vielhauer, Oliver
Reaction Mechanism of Microbial N-Carbamyl D- and L-amino acidamidohydrolases Syldatk, Christoph
Development of a Process for the Bioconversion of Propionitrile toAmmonium Propionate Using Free and Immobilised Resting Cells ofRhodococcus erythropolis DSM 13002 Patel, Ramesh N.
Biocatalytic Synthesis of Chiral Intermediates for Omapatrilat, AnAntihypertensive Drug Kotelnikova, Elena
Non-conventional enzymology approach for Nafion-(glucose oxidase)membrane optimization. Significant improvement of Prussian Blue - basedglucose sensor’s characteristics.
Youshko, Maxim I.
Novel, improved methods for the enzymatic synthesis of ampicillin Guérard, Fabienne
Improved utilisation of marine wastes through the elaboration ofhydrolysates: the example of tuna wastes treated by Umamizyme Naundorf, Andreas
Synthesis of glycopeptide building blocks showing mucin core 1,Gal-β1,3- Boudrant, Joseph
Characterization of a Highly Thermostable Alkaline Phosphatase from theEuryarchaeon Pyrococcus abyssi Kanerva, Liisa
Chemo- and Enantioselectivity of Hydrolytic Enzymes for the Resolution ofCyclic Amino Esters INDEX OF CONTRIBUTIONS
Gubicza, Laszlo
Enhancement of the Thermostability of Candida rugosa Lipase by SolventEngineering Weber, Hansjoerg
Online NMR for Monitoring Biocatalysed Reactions Thierry, Gefflaut
Aminotransferases for the Production of Unnatural Amino Acids Applicationto the synthesis of Glutamic Acid Analogues Straathof, Adrie J.J.
Integration of biotransformation and downstream processing applied to β-lactam antibiotic synthesis Brandao, Pedro
Diversity of nitrile-hydrolising enzymes of rhodococci recovered from deep-sea sediments and terrestrial soils Schuermann, Martin
Fructose 6-Phosphate Aldolase and 1-Deoxy-D-Xylulose 5-PhosphateSynthase as Tools in Enzymatic Synthesis of Sugar Derivatives Gottschaldt, Michael
Oligonuclear Copper Complexes of Modified Amino Carbohydratespossessing Catecholoxidase Activity Burton, Stephanie
Production of chiral amino acids using hydantoin-hydrolysing systems Burton, Stephanie
Production of catechols using immobilised polyphenol oxidase Waché, Yves
Optimization of Yarrowia lipolytica beta-Oxidation Pathway for LactonesProduction Waché, Yves
Cooxidation of Beta-Carotene in Biphasic Media to improve Beta-Ionone Wahler, Denis
New Developments in the Periodate-Coupled Assay INDEX OF CONTRIBUTIONS
Sahm, Hermann
Pathway Analysis and Pathway Engineering in Corynebacterium glutamicum Molinari, Francesco
Whole microbial cell biotransformations for the production of commerciallyvaluable carboxylic acids and esters.
Beg, Qasim Khalil
Enhanced protease synthesis in Bacillus mojavensis by de-repression andinduction under fed-batch operations Littlechild, Jennifer Ann
The Thermophilic L-aminoacylase from Thermococcus litoralis.
Preisig, Carol
Strategies for Identifying and Developing Microbial Biotransformations forIndustrial Application Kaftzik, Nicole
Enzymatic Synthesis in the Presence of Ionic Liquids Stadler, Gerhard
Process development for lipase-catalyzed synthesis of a structuredtriglyceride Wilms, Burkhard
Development of an Escherichia coli whole cell biocatalyst for the productionof L-amino acids Van Langen, Luuk
An enzymatic process for ampicillin using a mixture of donor substrates. Anew approach to efficient Green Chemistry Paiva, Lucia Moreira Campos
Kinetic Modelling of Coupled Redox Enzymatic Systems for in situRegeneration of NADPH Breuer, Michael
Enzyme Engineering of Pyruvate Decarboxylase Trewhella, Maurie
The Yeast Mediated Preparation of Phenylacetyl Carbinol (l-PAC) usingLactic Acid INDEX OF CONTRIBUTIONS
Smallridge, Andrew
Yeast Mediated Reactions in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Jose, Joachim
Display of functional biocatalysts on the surface of Escherichia coli: optionsfor the evolutive design Moore, Barry D.
Rabiller, Claude
On the use of 1-fluoro-α-glycosides: High improvement in transglycosylationreactions.
Rabiller, Claude
characterisation and synthetic applications Garcia-Junceda, Eduardo
C-terminal truncation of α-1,6-fucosyltransferase from Rhizobium sp. yield anactive protein with similar acceptor specificity to the wild type enzyme Guionie, Olivier
A novel highly specific protease : The endopeptidase Thr-N Hirose, Yoshihiko
Pirozzi, Domenico
Synthesis of fatty-acid esters by whole cells in nonaqueous medium Aracil, Jose
Kinetic studies of isopropyl myrystate synthesis by lipase catalysis Bruins, Marieke
Enzyme inactivation and Maillard reactions during oligosaccharide synthesisby a hyperthermophilic glucosidase.
Mauersberger, Stephan
Functional expression of heterologous cytochrome P450 in the yeastYarrowia lipolytica and its use in biotransformation of steroides Hanefeld, Ulf
Dynamic kinetic resolution of sec-alcohols INDEX OF CONTRIBUTIONS
Haberland, Jürgen
Production of (2R,5R)-Hexanediol with Lactobacillus kefir Ferrer, Manuel
Effect of the immobilization method of lipase from Thermomyceslanuginosus on sucrose acylation van Dyk-Smit, Martie
The use of non-conventional yeasts as biocatalysts Bommarius, Andreas
Imaging Polarimetry for Biocatalysis Screening Gupta, Rani
Stereoselective acylation of ascorbic acid using hyper-thermostable lipasesfrom Bacillus stearothermophilus and Burkholderia cepacia Basak, Amit
Studies on Pig Pancreatic Lipase-Catalyzed Hydrolysis of β-LactamAcetates: Preparation of Chiral Intermediates and Active site Mapping Kesseler, Maria
Development of a Biocatalyst for Kinetic Resolution of D,L-Pantolactone Chin-Joe, Ifoeng
The use of baker’s yeast for enantioselective reductions: From physiologicalinsight towards scalable procedures Baratti, Jacques
Comparison of hydrolytic activity in water and heptane for free andimmobilized commercial lipase preparations Moravcova, Jitka
Pig liver esterase catalyzed hydrolysis of methyl di and tri-o-acetyl-d-pentosides De Raadt, Anna
docking/protecting groups: Scope and limitations Botes, Adriana
Yeast Epoxide Hydrolases as Biocatalysts for the Batch and ContinuousSynthesis of Enantiomerically Pure Epoxides and vic Diols INDEX OF CONTRIBUTIONS
Müller, Michael
Enzymatic Reduction of Propargylic Ketones Piontek, Klaus
Structures and functionality of ligninolytic laccase and lignin peroxidase: Acommon mechanism for the tuning of the redox-potential? Heinzle, Elmar
Measurement of the Kinetics of Esterases UsingMicrotiter Plates withIntegrated Optical pHSensors Grotowska, Anna K.
Lamare, Sylvain
Industrial Exploitation of Gas/Solid Technology for the Production of NaturalAromas and Fragrances.
Zarevúcka, Marie
Blackcurrant oil as a source of α-linolenic acid and γ-linolenic acid Hollmann, Frank
First application of a monooxygenase under electrochemical NADH-regeneration Cavaco-Paulo, Artur
“In Situ” Enzymatic Prepared Pigments for Wool Coloration Nakamura, Kaoru
Asymmetric Reduction of Trifluoromethyl Ketones with Biocatalysts Stefanov, Vasily
Protein Structure and Folding: Topological Model of Genetic Coding Kovaleva, Marina
Simple sensitive test for acetylcholinesterase inhibitors Machado, Maria F.
Analysis of the reactivation kinetics of horseradish peroxidase thermalinactivated in buffer and a mixture of buffer/dimethylformamide Capan, Emine
Industrial production of (R)-cyanohydrins by using entrapment (R)-oxynitrilase INDEX OF CONTRIBUTIONS
Waché, Yves
Random degradation of carotene isomers solubilized in tween 80 micelles byxanthine oxidase generated free radicals Giacometti, Jasminka
Study of solvent hydrophobicity on lipase catalysed reaction esterification Viktória, Bódai
Hydrolases from thermophilic filamentous fungi Shin, Hyun-Jae
Thermostable â-glucosidase: from cloning to synthetic application Yamanaka, Rio
Asymmetric Reduction of Ketones by Phototroph Marielle, Lemaire
Polyhydroxylated Piperidines Synthesis via Microbial Reduction of 5-Acyl-Isoxazolines Magloire, Vladimir
Hirata, Toshifumi
Biotransformation of Phenolic Compounds by the Cultured Cells ofCatharanthus roseus Katz, Mikael
Use of the selectivity of microbial enzymes for the stereospecific reduction ofa bicyclic diketone Franssen, Maurice
The integrated production and downstream processing of glycosides by(trans)glycosylation of cheap sugars Madeira Lau, Rute
Torres, Eduardo
Chemical modification of hemoglobin heme group improves its affinity forhydrophobic substrates in organic media INDEX OF CONTRIBUTIONS
Ogasawara, Kunio
Lipase-mediated Preparation of a Bicyclo[3.2.1]octenone Chiral BuildingBlock and Its Synthetic Utilization Bühler, Bruno
Multistep Biocatalysis with Xylene Monooxygenase; Production of 3,4-Dimethylbenzaldehyde from Pseudocumene Van Rantwijk, Fred
Metal Substitution in Thermolysin; Catalytic Properties of TungstateThermolysin in Sulfoxidation Park, Jin Byung
Effects of styrene oxide production on carbon metabolism of E. coli Hilker, Iris
Chemo-enzymatic Epoxidation of unsaturated Compounds Persson, Mattias
Preparation of Lipases for Use in Organic Solvents Lutz, Jochen
Hofstetter, Karin
In vivo Application of Styrene Monooxygenase for the Preparation ofEnantiopure Arylepoxides Noriko, Hiraoka
Synthesis of Optically Active [7]Thiaheterohelicenes via Enzymic Resolution Darewicz, Malgorzata
The structure analysis of polypeptide fragments in proteins with bioactivesequences Niklewicz, Marta
Program PROTEIN as suitable tool in predicting the possibilities ofenzymatic release of the bioactive peptides from their precursors Marsaioli, Anita
Aspergillus terreus CCT 3320 Immobilization Onto Chrysotile and SulfideOxidation INDEX OF CONTRIBUTIONS
Marsaioli, Anita
Immobilization of Aspergillus terreus CCT 3320 on a New Cellulose/TiO2Solid Phase Takagi, Yumiko
Simple Preparation of Optically Pure Trifluoromethylalkanol through LipaseCatalyzed Reaction Pasta, Piero
Acetyl esterase from italian oranges: purification, immobilisation andbiotransformations Bruß, Thorsten
Hydrolysis of Epoxides with LentiKats®-Immobilised Microorganisms Lotter, Jeanette
Enzymatic Kinetic Resolution of the Enantiomers of the Structural Isomerstrans-1-Phenylpropene Oxide and (2,3-Epoxypropyl)benzene by YeastEpoxide Hydrolase Lotter, Jeanette
Yeast Whole-cells in Biphasic Media: Effect of Organic Solvents on EpoxideHydrolase Activity in Rhodotorula sp. UOFS Y-0448 Kanzaki, Hiroshi
Production of Novel Bioactive Dehydro Cyclic Dipeptides By MicrobialEnzyme System Maki, Yuji
Dramatic Changes in the Substrate Specificities of Prenyltransferase bySingle Amino Acid Substitution.
Phung, Nga
Chemo - Enzymatic Route to Pancratistatin Analogues Musidlowska, Anna
Recombinant pig liver carboxylesterase shows substantially higherstereoselectivity than commercial enzyme preparations Bornscheuer, Uwe
A high-throughput screening method for the identification of active andenantioselective hydrolases INDEX OF CONTRIBUTIONS
Steinreiber, Andreas
Enantioconvergent hydrolysis of trisubstituted epoxides employing bacterialepoxide hydrolases Zambianchi, Francesca
Use of isolated cyclohexanone monooxygenase from recombinant E. coli asbiocatalyst for Baeyer Villiger and sulfide oxidations Magner, Edmond
The Electrochemistry of Cytochrome c in Organic Solvents Cheong, Chan Seong
Chamouleau, Françoise
Limiting steps for Sugaresters Synthesis: Sugar dissolution rate Lortie, Robert
Screening of various β-glycosidases for the synthesis of octyl glucoside Kirimura, Kohtaro
Thermophilic Biodesulfurization of Dibenzothiophene, Naphthothiophene andTheir Derivatives by Mycobacterium phlei WU-F1 Ishii, Yoshitaka
Cloning and Expression of the Genes Encoding Dibenzothiophene-Desulfurizing Enzymes of Bacillus subtilis WU-S2B.
Trcinska, Maria
Preliminary characterization of immobilized lipase from rhizopus cohnii Barletta, Gabriel
Co-lyophilization of subtilisin Carlsberg with methyl-beta cyclodextrinenhances its activity and enantioselectivity, but it decreases its stability inorganic solvents, as compared to the CLEC and lyophilized preparations Kroutil, Wolfgang
Mandelate Racemase: Substrate Tolerance and Substrate Model Kim, Chi-Kyung
Genetic structures of the genes responsible for hydrolytic dechlorination of 4-chlorobenzoate from Pseudomonas sp. DJ-12 INDEX OF CONTRIBUTIONS
Xia, Shiwen
Highly Enantioselective Production of (R)-mandelic Acid and Its chloro-substituted Derivatives from Their Corresponding Aldehydesand PotassiumCyanide by Rhodococcus sp. 37Cy5-1 Xia, Shiwen
Enantioselective Hydration of (R, S)-mandelonitrile into (S)-mandelamide byRhodococcus sp. 37Cr4 Shishido, Kozo
Synthesis of Heliannane Sesquiterpenes Based on Lipase-MediatedDesymmetrization Takeshita, Mitsuhiro
Nicotine N'-oxide and N,N'-dioxides - Synthesis, Stability and Metabolism inRat Liver(S-9)- Kataoka, Michihiko
Dihydrocoumarin Hydrolase from Acinetobacter calcoaceticus F46 - FunctionAnalysis and Applications - Gatfield, Ian L.
Novel Oxidation Reactions catalysed by the Lipase from Candida antarcticaand their Application in the Synthesis of Flavour Compounds Kosjek, Birgit
dehydrogenases from rhodococcus ruber Kato, Katsuya
Preparation and Catalytic Performance of Lipases Encapsulated by Sol-GelMethod Lee, Eun Yeol
Development of Monooxygenase-catalyzed Cometabolic BiotransformationProcess for the Degradation of Trichloroethylene Yurie, Mine
Detergent Structure Effects in Candida Rugosa Lipase Activation by Freeze-drying of aqueous Solution of Enzyme and Detergent INDEX OF CONTRIBUTIONS
Bertau, Martin
Effects of secondary metabolites on the enantioselective biotransformation ofethyl 4-chloro acetoacetate with S. cerevisiae Veum, Lars
Enantioselective Synthesis of Protected Cyanohydrins Avenell, Philip
Packed Bed Adsorption for the Recovery of Lactones from Baeyer-VilligerMonooxygenase Bioconversions Fujii, Ikuo
In vitro abzyme evolution to optimize antibody recognition for catalysis Rodríguez Dehli, Juan
Microbial Reduction of β-Keto NitrilesContaining a Quaternary StereogenicCentre Fleury, Yvette
Biogeneration of 2-(1-hydroxyethyl)-4,5-dihydrothiazole as precursor ofroasted and popcornlike aroma for bakery products.
Garcia-Arellano, Humberto
Cytochrome c stabilization by chemical modification Perrone, Maria Grazia
Clofibrate analogues by baker’s yeast-induced reduction of 3-oxoesters Schulze, Alexander
Enzymatic BAEYER-VILLIGER oxidation of functionalized 2- and 3-substitutedcyclohexanones Etschmann, Marlene
Fernandes, Pedro
Use of free and immobilized Pseudomonas putida cells for the reduction of athiophene derivative in organic media Bonnet, Véronique
Glycosidases and Cyclodextrin Transglycosylation.
Magner, Edmond
Adsorption of proteins onto ordered mesoporous silicates.
Bacheva, Anna
Complex of subtilisin with polyacrilic acid as a catalyst for enzymatic peptidebond formation in organic media Tadashi, Fujii
The exploitation of ‘P6C World’ using biotransformation Flaschel, Erwin
Enzymic Routes to Dihydroxyacetone Phosphate or Immediate Precursors Egri, Gabriella
Enantiotopic Selectivity and Substrate Profile of Novel Biocatalysts O Farrell, Norah
Enzyme-coated microcrystals: Applications in biocatalysis and screening Sandoval, Georgina
Thermodynamic Activity Based Enzyme Kinetics: an Efficient Tool forEnzymology in Nonaqueous Media Murakami, Yoshihiko
Polymer-enzyme complex as a novel modified enzyme for nonaqueousbioprocesses Lee, Jae-Kwan
Biocatalysis in Ionic Liquids: Markedly Enhanced Enantioselectity of Lipase Choi, Min Young
Lipase/Ruthenium-Catalyzed Dynamic Kinetic Resolution of Hydroxy Acids,Diols, and Hydroxy Aldehydes Protected with a Bulky Group Hirochara, Hideo
Effect of Vegetable Oil on Enhancement of Catalytic Activity in Viable YeastCell Mediated Reduction of Aryl Ketones INDEX OF CONTRIBUTIONS
Stampfer, Wolfgang
Efficient Enantioselective Bio-Oxidation of sec-Alcohols Bolte, Jean
Transketolase(TK) catalyzed C-C Bond Formation : ChemoenzymaticSynthesis of 2-keto-3-deoxy-D- arabino-Heptulosonic Acid (DAH) andAnalogues. Peres, Celia
Geranyl Acetate Synthesis in Supercritical Fluids Eriksson, Jonas
Method for Real-Time Detection of Inorganic Pyrophosphatase Activity Sobolevs, Arkadij
Lipase-Mediated Synthesis of Enantiopure 4-Aryl-1,4-Dihydropyridine 3,5-Diesters Sobolevs, Arkadij
The Effect of Acyl Chain Length and Branching on the Enantioselectivity ofCandida rugosa Lipase in Kinetic Resolutions of Alcohols and Esters Haneda, Katsuji
Transglycosylation Activity of Endo-β-N-acetylglucosaminidase Paar, Christine
Mutational analysis of conserved residues in a GDSL-hydrolase Hiratake, Jun
β-Glycosylamidines as „Tailor-made“ β-Glycosidase Inhibitors with High Husakova, Lucie
Chemoenzymatic synthesis of complex aminooligosaccharides containingManNAc Mylerova, Veronika
Amidase-Catalyzed Hydrolysis of 2-Deoxy-2-Acetamido-Saccharides INDEX OF CONTRIBUTIONS
Reymond, Jean-Louis
Simerska, Pavla
α-Galactosidases – Their Natural and Non-Natural Substrates and Their Usefor Transglycosylation Reactions Chevalot, Isabelle
Influence of the lysine ionization state on the enzymatic synthesis of oleyl-lysine in organic media Pisvejcova, Andrea
N-Acetylmannosamine and Enzymes Involved in its Metabolism Fialova, Pavla
N-Acyl Modified Substrates for β-N-acetylhexosaminidases Mueller, Bernhard
Microbial Baeyer-Villiger Oxidation of Bicyclo[4.3.0]- and Bicyclo[3.3.0]ketones A Biocatalytic Approach to Yohimbane Alkaloids Lavandera, Iván
Regioselective Enzymatic Acylation and Alkoxycarbonylation of AminoGroups Applied to Pyrimidine 3’,5’-Diaminonucleoside Derivatives Brzostowicz, Patricia
Identification and Characterization of Six Monooxygenases Optimisation of C=C double bond reductions using Clostridium sporogenes Tan, Ai Wei Ivy
Biotransformations of alkenes by the obligate anaerobe M. thermoacetica Mitsukura, Koichi
Synthesis of Optically Active 2-Arylpropionic Acid through NocardiaEpimerase-involving Reaction Jackman, Simon
An electrokinetic bioreactor for enhanced product recovery INDEX OF CONTRIBUTIONS
Bernard, Simone
Enzyme-aided transesterifications of some selected amino-acid esters - anew approach for the easy separation of chiral products Fernández, Susana
Selective Enzymatic Hydrolysis of 1α,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D3 A-RingPrecursors Glück, Silvia
Ferrero, Miguel
Biocatalytic Degradation of Tertiary α-Substituted Carboxylic Acid Esters.
Clean and very Efficient Procedure to Obtain Biodegradable Products Cruz, Alexandra
Effect of phase composition on the whole-cell bioconversion of β-sitosterol inbiphasic media Jahnz, Ulrich
Enzymatic Production of DFA from Inulin: Screening, Genetic Engineering,Immobilisation Colombo, Diego
Regioselective Acylation of β-D-Galactosylethylene glycol Jahnz, Ulrich
LentiKats® as a new method for the immobilisation of biocatalysts Szczesna-Antczak, Miroslawa
Catalytic properties of membrane-bound lipase Mucor immobilised in ahydrophilic carrier.
Nogueiro, Eugénia
Catalytic Activity of Subtilisin in Reverse Micelles in Supercritical Fluids Rodrigues, Jose Augusto Rosario
Carvalho, Carla
Implementation of a Bio-Reaction System Requiring Cell Viability:Transformation of Carveol with Rhodococcus erythropolis Carvalho, Carla
Cell location and viability in an aqueous/organic biotransformation system. Asimple method to observe solvent drops with a standard optical microscope Carvalho, Carla
Influence of Reactor Configuration on the Production of Carvone fromCarveol by whole Cells of Rhodococcus erythropolis Rosche, Bettina
Improved Conditions for cell-free R-Phenylacetylcarbinol Production byPyruvate Decarboxylase from a Filamentous Fungus Sandford, Vanessa
Production of R-Phenylacetylcarbinol in a Two-Phase Reactor by PartiallyPurified Pyruvate Decarboxylase from Candida utilis. Antczak, Tadeusz
Activation of Mucor circinelloides lipase in organic medium Kato, Dai-ichiro
Microbial Deracemization of α-Substituted Carboxylic Acids Kermasha, Selim
Production of Flavor Compounds by Hydroperoxide Lyase Activity ofEnzymatic Extracts from Penicillium sp.
Husson, Florence
Effect of Linoleic Acid Induction on the Production of 1-octen-3-ol byLipoxygenase and Hydroperoxide Lyase Activities of Penicillium camemberti Kermasha, Selim
Biocatalysis of Immobilized Lipoxygenase in a Ternary Micellar System Kermasha, Selim
Solvent selection for thermolysin-catalysed peptide synthesis in substratesuspension Gerharz, Tanja
Pyruvate production from glucose by a recombinant Escherichia coli strain INDEX OF CONTRIBUTIONS
Kermasha, Selim
Biocatalysis of Tyrosinase in Selected Organic Solvent Media Using ModelPhenolic Substrates Schoevaart, Rob
Combined conversions: in situ cross-linking with galactose dialdehyde Ansorge-Schumacher, Marion
Tensides for the Separation of Hydrogel Beads Encapsulating IsolatedEnzymes in Organic Sovents Metrangolo, Daria
Encapsulation of an alcohol dehydrogenase from Lactobacillus kefir inpolyvinyl alcohol hydrogels as a tool to improve enzyme stability Eipper, Andreas
Directed Evolution of the Enantioselectivity of Bacillus Subtilis Lipase A Jekkel, Antónia
Microbiological transformation of mycophenolic acid II.
Zha, Dongxing
Directed Evolution of a Lipase with Reversed Enantioselectivity De Martin, Luigi
Proteases adsorbed onto Celite R-640® rods in the synthesis of biologicallyactive peptides in organic solvent De Martin, Luigi
Solvent selection for thermolysin-catalysed peptide synthesis in substratesuspension Tielmann, Patrick
Second Generation Sol-Gel Biocatalysts: Enhancement of the Activity byAdditives Biffi, Stefania
Selectivity of penicillin G acylase towards phenylacetic acid derivatives andamino compounds in amide bond synthesis Biffi, Stefania
Synthetic potential of glutaryl-7-ACA acylase in heterogeneous substratesmixtures INDEX OF CONTRIBUTIONS
Durany, Olga
Optimization of culture conditions of recombinant E. Coli for Fuculose-1-phosphate aldolase production Mangone, Constanza
Spores and various morphological forms of mucor rouxii as biocatalysts inthe reduction of keto esters Inomata, Kohei
Chiral Preparation and Practical Use of C2-Symmetrical Cyclopent-4-ene-1,3-diol Dittrich, Nadeshda
Transphosphatidylation by soluble and immobilized phospholipase D inaqueous media Trofimova, Daria
Regulation of the catalytic activity and oligomeric composition of formatedehydrogenase in reverse micelles by chemical modification Suzuki, Masumi
Chemo-enzymatic synthesis of enantiomerically enriched oxazolidinones viaNcarbamylamino alcohol as the intermediate Meier, Karl-Richard
Electrochemical DNA assay on mesoporous films Eckstein, Marrit
Enzyme-Catalysis in Ionic Liquids – Investigation of water activity De Gonzalo-Calvo, Gonzalo
(R)-Oxynitrilase-catalyzed transformation of ω-hydroxyaldehydes.
Cruz, Alexandra
Mycobacterium sp. NRRL B-3805 behaviour in aqueous-organic media: viability and activity profile towards β-sitosterol Bongaerts, Johannes
Metabolic Engineering to Produce Natural and Non-natural Fine Chemicalsby Fermentation.
Krämer, Marco
Metabolic Engineering to Produce L-DOPA by Fermentation INDEX OF CONTRIBUTIONS
Brüse, Falk
Lipase catalyzed syntheses of unusual polyesters containing amino andsecondary hydroxyl groups Salvo, Giuseppe
Isolation of a NEW mutant semiconstitutive bacterial strain having NitrileHydratase/Amidase activity Daligault, Franck
Asymmetric sulfoxidation by a green microalga : Chlorella sorokiniana Kalinowska, Halina
Biotransformation of waste materials to enzymatic preparations Branneby, Cecilia
Exploring dynamic kinetic resolution of chiral amines Azerad, Robert
Microbial Oxidation of Synthetic Intermediates for the Preparation ofBrassinosteroids, an Important Class of Plant Hormones Février, Pierrick
Enzymatic synthesis of structured triglycerides Marty, Alain
Enzymatic Production of Oleamide via direct LIPASE CATALYSEDesterification Sugai, Takeshi
Chemo-enzymatic Approach toward the Pure Enantiomers of 2-Methyl-1,3-propanediol Mono p-Methoxybenzyl Ether Meyer, Britta
Investigation of carbon flux distributions in the central metabolism ofEscherichia coli Preparation of (R)- and (S)-3-Hydroxypyrrolidines by Hydroxylation withSphingomonas sp. HXN-200, a Highly Active, Regio- and Stereoselective,and Easy to Handle Biocatalyst Chang, Dongliang
compounds with Sphingomonas sp. HXN-200 INDEX OF CONTRIBUTIONS
Bocola, Marco
Substrate flexibility as a putative stereoselectivity criterion X-ray structures,thermodynamics and molecular modeling of Candida antarctica Lipase B Sindelar, Georg
Global Gene-Expression Profiling in C. glutamicum with DNA microarrays Modyanova, Ludmila
Dioxygenase -catalyzed cis-dihydroxylation of the 2-pyridone ring system.
Kazlauskas, Romas
Structure-Guided Random Mutagenesis to Create More EnantioselectiveEnzymes. Trp29Leu Mutation Increases E from 12 to 90 for Esterase fromPseud. fluorescens toward Methyl 3-Bromo-2-methylpropionate Lorenz, Patrick
Novel enzymes from unknown microbes - direct cloning of the metagenome Alphand, Véronique
A Recombinant Whole Cell Biocatalyst, an Aerated Vessel and an AdsorbentResin for an Asymmetric Baeyer-Villiger Oxidation at Preparative Scale Alphand, Véronique
The First Fluorogenic Assay for Detecting Baeyer-Villigerase Activity.
Bentancor, Leticia
Behaviour and stability of E. coli BL21 whole cells immobilized on modifiedpolyethylene for the synthesis of purine nucleosides Fishman, Ayelet
Bioimprinting of lipases with fatty acids Iglesias, Luis E.
Preparation of lipophilic derivatives of nucleosides through an enzymaticregioselective alcoholysis Pantaleone, David
Substrate Profile of an L-Amino Acid Oxidase Cloned from Proteus mirabilisinto Escherichia coli Hu, Shanghui
Chemoenzymatic Transformation of Taxoids: Probing the Biosynthesis ofTaxoids INDEX OF CONTRIBUTIONS
Méndez, Jonh J.
Water Content and pH Influence on the Esterification of Linoleic AcidCatalysed by an Aspergillus flavus Strain Loscos, Vicent
Alcohol and Acid Preference of Mycelium-Supported Lipase from a Strain ofAspergillus Flavus Kermasha, Selim
Immobilization of Chlorophyllase by Alginate Gel Entrapment Pressnig, Michaela
Hydolytic enzymes from a new Bacillus strain Stephens, Gillian
Peptostreptococcus (Ruminococcus) productus U-1 Roy, Sébastien
Asymmetric bioreduction of a bulky ketone: 1-Phenyl-1-(2-phenyl-thiazolyl-5-yl)-methanone Vorlová, Sandra
Enantioselective hydrolysis of D,L-menthyl esters to L-menthol byrecombinant Candida rugosa lipase LIP1 Vorlová, Sandra
Design and total synthesis of the human acetylcholinesterase gene and theexpression in the yeast Pichia pastoris Fosse, Celine
Screening and parameters study of the microbial oxidative cleavage of aheterocyclic quinone Le Texier, Laurence
Synthetic potential of a microbial oxidative ring cleavage of heterocyclicquinones Archelas, Alain
A high-performance epoxide hydrolase reactor. application to the preparativesynthesis of the human antifungal d0870.
Mateo, Cesar
A new and efficient assay for epoxide hydrolases Caminal, Gloria
High-level expression and purification of recombinant rhamnulose-1-phosphate aldolase in Escherichi coli Auge, Claudine
Toward supported synthesis of oligosaccharides: use of a recombinantbacterial glycosyltransferase Amorim Fernandes, João
Operational stability of subtilisin CLECs and proteases PREPs in organicsolvents Polakovic, Milan
Modelling of the Kinetics of Thermal Inactivation of Glucoamylase fromAspergillus niger Trost, Eva-Maria
Minimization of by-product formation during D-amino acid oxidase catalysedproduction of Lamino acids Preda, Gabriela Maria
Immobilised Enzymes in Sol-Gel Derived Silica Matrix Using DifferentSynthesis Strategies Sisak, Csaba
Studies on a method of L-tryptophan removal applicable on-line at thebiotransformation process Schultheiss, Eva
Functional display of active esterase EstA from Burkholderia gladioli by theautotransporter pathway in E.coli Gajewska, Malgorzata
Catalytic properties of Pyrococcus furiosus β-glucosidase under highhydrostatic pressure Jose, Joachim
Functional display of active bovine adrenodoxin on the surface of E. coli bychemical incorporation of the [2Fe-2S] cluster and whole cell P450-mediatedsteroid conversion.
Woschek, Anna
Chemoenzymatic Synthesis of α- and β-Aminophosphonic Acids Buisson, Didier
Chemo-enzymatic synthesis of two isomers of APCPC: cyclic andphosphonic analogues of glutamate Guieysse, David
Enantioselective transesterification of racemic α-halogeno-carboxylic acid:Effect of the substrate structure on enantioselectivity.
Morel, Sandrine
Glucosylation of alkyl glucosides by glucansucrase Khalameyzer, Vlada
A P450 BM-3 mutant hydroxylates alkanes, cycloalkanes, arenes andheteroarenes.
Münzer, Dieter F.
Investigations into Biohydroxylations with Sphingomonas sp. HXN-200Applying the Docking/Protecting Group Concept Terzani, Tullio
Biohydroxylation of Open Chain Ketones Employing Beauveria Bassiana andthe Docking/Protecting Group Concept Soliman, Nadia
Cloning and heterologous expression of a lipase from a thermophilic Bacillussp. Isolated from Egyptian soil Pavlenko, Ivanna
Continuous assay of lipids biotransformation using lipase and lipoxygenasein reverse micelles Fröhlich, Richard
The Enzymatic Synthesis of a Novel, Disubstituted Ferrocene Cyanohydrin Lange, Stefan
Cloning and expression of recombinant pig liver carboxylesterase in Pichiapastoris – Evidence for the production of the γ-subunit Peter, Francisc
Characterisation of pancreatic lipase substrate specificity in organic reactionmedia by a kinetic method INDEX OF CONTRIBUTIONS
Ospina, Sonia
Giacomini, Cecilia
Enzymatic synthesis of galactosyl-xylose using A. oryzae β-galactosidase Gaisberger, Richard
HNL Catalysis as a Key Step in de novo Synthesis of Pentoses Purkarthofer, Thomas
HNL-catalysed transformations of derivatised pyrrol carboxaldehydes Matsumoto, Kazutsugu
Enzyme-Mediated Enantioselective Hydrolysis of Cyclic Carbonates withVarious Substituents Shimojo, Megumi
Enantioselective Preparation of Optically Active Diols by Microbial Hydrolysisof Cyclic Carbonates Sedmera, Petr
C-3 Oxidation of non-reducing sugars by a fungal pyranose dehydrogenase Fuentes, Gloria
Selective synthesis using lipases: a molecular modeling approach Fujii, Ryota
Random Mutagenesis of Lipase for Amide Hydrolyzing Catalyst Matorin, Andrey
Site-directed mutagenesis of the catalytically important residues in the activesite of bacterial formate dehydrogenase Wolken, Wout A. M.
Geraniol Biotransformation in Spores of Penicillium digitatum.
Baibak, Oksana
Peptide Synthesis in Organic Media Using Proteinases Covalently-Immobilized on Hydrophilic Porous Support – PVA-Cryogel Gartler, Günter
Elucidation of the Enzyme Mechanism of Hydroxynitrile Lyase from Heveabrasiliensis INDEX OF CONTRIBUTIONS
Santos, Angelica
Mechanistic insights of subtilisin Carlsberg activation by cyclodextrins andcrown ethers in organic solvents Juarez Ruiz, Juan Manuel
Highly Regioselective (1>4) β-Galactosylation of α-Benzyl-xyloside byTransglycosylation Tosa, Monica
Enantiomerselective biotransformation of chiral phenothiazine-S-oxidederivatives Misca, Barbu Radu Horatiu
The use of tangential microfiltration in biomass work up processes Warwel, Mathias
Substrate Specificity of a novel CMP-Sialic Acid Synthetase from Neisseriameningitidis Molinari, Francesco
New Species of Streptomyces as producers of Carboxylesterases Cantarella, Maria
Nitrile Hydratase Production in Brevibacterium imperialis CBS489-74 Guisan, Jose M.
Macro-porous SEPABEADS as supports for immobilization of enzymes(penicillin G acylase) utilizable in any reaction media.
Fokina, Victoria
1(2)-Dehydrogenation of acetylated 9(11)-dehydro cortexolone derivatives byNocardioides sp. Kraemer, Dieter M.
Enzymatic Synthesis of Ampicillin using Penicillin Amidase immobilized onEupergit C: Reactivation of Enzyme after Product Separation at pH 1.
Ismaili-Alaoui, M.
Isolation of new fungal strains for lipase/esterase production on olive cakeusing SSF Das-Bradoo, Sapna
Whole cells of Bacillus pseudofirmus as catalysts for the synthesis ofalkylgalactosides INDEX OF CONTRIBUTIONS
Helaine, Virgil
Applications of transketolase in asymmetric synthesis - Reaction engineeringfor low solubility substrates Egorova, Olga V.
17β-hydroxy steroid dehydrogenases from Mycobacterium sp.
Paizs, Csaba
Optically active benzofuran derivatives by stereoselective biotransformation Petri, Ralf
Expression, purification and characterization of a novel thermophilic lipasefrom Archaeoglobus fulgidus Mohrhardt, T.
Substrate Specifity of a Novel Sialic Acid Synthase for the EnzymaticSynthesis of Sialic Acid Analogs Schneider, M. P.
Carba Analogues of Phospholipids – Enzyme Assisted Syntheses Berensmeier, S.
Isolation, characterization and inactivation kinetics of two thermostableamyloglucosidases Baciu, I.- E.
Kinetics of the enzymatic production of galacturonic acid Hayashi, Kiyoshi
Improvement of enzyme character by preparation of chimeric genes of Thermotoga maritiama and Agrobacterium tumefaciens β-glucosidase Popkov, Alexander
From PLP-dependent enzymes to stereospecific synthons of α-amino acids

Source: http://office.oc.chemie.tu-darmstadt.de/biotrans/program/img/contributions.pdf


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