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Presenters at Sunset Valley Elementary School STEM Day April 26, 2013   Norwin SD long term Substitute in  Kdg   Mrs. Stone did several different experiments with colorful gel material  1st   Mr. Stolinski battery and light bulbs and power and a change in power resulting in  Mrs. Bailey and Ms. Kaszycki/   Had packages and station to deliver to and experimented with   the change in organization for delivery when packages are organized at the UPS warehouse.  Compared timing  for each   Mrs. Zapanta:  studied and experienced changes in matter identification / Why leaves 
change in seasons/color separation/ dry ice demonstration.  Mr. Rocco:  Fingerprinting for forensic identification  Mrs. Alvarez did a chemical reaction with candy and marshmallows  Mr. Meyers copies of inventions that were tried to be patented and some successes  Mr. Fear:  Graphic designs / webpage design and LOGO contest  Mr. Apgar /  Voice activated electronic that helps  find materials in warehouse and for fast food restaurants  Mrs. Marflak /  Assistive devices used for speech and  communication for the  Mrs. Fite/  DNA decoding  puzzles and codes  Mrs. Szymanski   DNA separation Mr. Cartia ;  A train engine  from drawing, to model building, to final product  completion  Mrs. Colcombe : the intestinal system  Mr. Milko : Sound recording and design.   Kindergarten/ 1st Lifeskills
All of KDG is running independent from the rest of theour
presenter has cordially offered to come for the day and adapt to

what best suits everyone.
Room 10: Mrs. Lisa Stone /(Any Balfe’s mom) / PPG Industries./
Supervisor for analytic dept. activity/ Why leaves change
in seasons/color separation/ dry ice demonstration

1st Grade/ Lifeskills
Room 13: Mr. Paul Stolinski / Westinghouse Electric/ Lead
engineer for process and control systems for nuclear energy/
Working with batteries and light bulbs and magnetism.

Room 14: Mrs. Zapanta / University of Pittsburgh/ Biology
Room 15: Mr. Jim Rocco/ Penn Hills School District/ Forensic
Science Teacher/ Hands on lab activity.

Room 16: Mrs. Tandy Bailey / UPS/ activity of measuring
packages/ finding routes for delivery
Ms. Kaszycki / UPS / Industrial Engineer/ Design
package delivery operations and efficiency optimization .
Have students develop best route for deliveries.

2nd Grade/ Lifeskills
Room 18: Mrs. Kris Alvarez/ BMPC / Radiological engineer/
Activity: candy nuclear power reactor/ student s will build a
nuclear reactor using a Dixie cup and nerds , twizzlers, and
Room 20: Mr. Stephen Meyer/ Nils H. Ljungman and Assoc./
Patents and inventions. Will present silly and off the wall
inventions and students develop solutions to problem by

3rd Grade/ Lifeskills
Room 35: Mr. Kevin Fear/ Douglas Education Center / Marketing
and advertising
Graphic design and Web design activity discussion and display of
computer graphics and web design graphics. Will host a contest
for graphic design to be put on a poster.
Room 36: Kathy Marflak / Marflak Professional Services /
Provide speech – language therapy for early intervention and
programs for electronic devices.
Will bring in some devices for students to try and experience.
Room 37: Mrs. Karen Fite / University of Pittsburgh/ Manage
medical research lab / Activity; discuss creating mutant
viruses and uses in research.
Room 38: Mr. Brian Apgar / Vocollect Inc. / manage hardware and
software solutions for workers and companies to solve
warehousing problems using voice recognition programs.
Demonstrate the voice recognition programs.

4th Grade/ Lifeskills
Room 31: Mrs. Jennifer Szymanski /University of Pittsburgh/
Science educator/ researcher/ environmental scientist/ Worked
as a vet tech at one time. Will work on CSI activities
Music Room: Mr. Milko / Norwin School District Music dept. Long
term Substitute position . / Will demonstrate sound design and
Room 33: Mrs. Christine Colcombe / Westmoreland Community
College / Teacher of adult Education Human Biology / Activity
lesson on the body
Room 34: Mr. Rob Cartia / General Electric / Executive
engineering with materials/ New product introduction :
locomotives and aircraft engines / Detail the use of
technology engineering and math to create new products.


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