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Prostate CSG Annual report 2009/10
NCRI Prostate Cancer Clinical Studies Group (PCCSG)

This is the first report from the PCCSG following the appointment of Professor Malcolm
Mason as the new Chairman, and the Group wish to pay tribute to the immense
contribution of the outgoing Chairman, Professor Noel Clarke. The CSG held its strategy
meeting in May 2010, and, while this is reported separately elsewhere, the focus of the
Group has been defined by this meeting and its outcomes, and by the findings of the
international review panel from 2009. We are now in a period of transition, from the
previous structure, characterised by Working Groups, to a new structure where the
Working Groups are evolving into formal Subgroups. Additionally, the need to strengthen
the portfolio in castrate-refractory disease has been a major area of effort, while
maintaining the impetus in large-scale studies in other categories of disease.
The PCCSG also wishes to maintain and further develop its external links; to that end,
international participation in the STAMPEDE trial, and discussions ongoing in
RADICALS and with other studies in development, have been most welcome. The
Group considered participation in two NCIC studies; ELATT and Pro-START; in the first
instance, participation was judged not to be possible, and in the second, a feasibility
study in the UK revealed that accrual would not be sufficient to enable further
In addition to studies of therapeutic intervention, the Group has also considered others,
and the addition of the first imaging studies to the portfolio is very welcome.

Membership and structure
The PCCSG learned with deep sadness of the death of Jim Stansfeld. Jim had been a
consumer representative on the CSG for a number of years, as well as serving on the
Trial Management Group for STAMPEDE. He made a huge contribution and will be
sadly missed. Professor Ian Jamieson has joined the Group as a new consumer
representative and has made valuable contributions already.
As before, the ethos of a mix of surgical and non-surgical specialists from a wide
geographical area has continued. However, the need for representation from other
disciplines has also been recognised, and the PCCSG has recently appointed a
pathologist (Dr Alex Freeman) to the Group. As this report goes to press, we hear that a
well known basic scientist has also applied to join the CSG, and this, too is very
welcome. The Group benefitted greatly from the input of Shama Hassan as the Portfolio
Co-ordinator, and was grateful to have had this support. If it is possible to re-instate this
in the future that would be welcomed.
The need for a more formal subgroup structure has already been referred to. Following
the strategy meeting, three subgroups have been defined:
• Low-risk and medium-risk localised disease • Castrate-sensitive, high risk disease In the first instance, the current Working Group Chairs will be invited to continue as subgroups chairs (Low/Medium risk, Dr Chris Parker; Castrate sensitive/high risk, Mr David Gillatt; Castrate Resistant, Mr Steve Harland), but at their first meetings, the Prostate CSG Annual report 2009/10
subgroups will be tasked to review their membership and to consider arrangements for
their future chairmanship.
Other areas such as imaging, and translational research, will continue to be priorities for
the PCCSG, but will continue to develop as cross-cutting themes, and the main CSG will
keep an overview of these areas.
Portfolio and accrual
The PCCSG has continued its emphasis on recruitment to very large clinical trials, and
several achievements are noteworthy:
The ProtecT trial has completed its recruitment, with over 1600 men
randomised between active surveillance, radical prostatectomy, and radical radiotherapy. This is widely seen, internationally, as a major achievement, which could not have been accomplished outside of the UK. There remains intense worldwide interest in this study. • The STAMPEDE trial recruited 1565 patients to the end of April 2010. The
second, planned, interim analysis has been performed, and the trial is continuing with all arms open. The Swiss group have recently joined this trial, and discussions with other international groups continue. Discussions are also underway with a view to the introduction of a new arm to the study, and, if successful, this is expected to commence in the next 12 months. • The CHHIP study was close to completing its target accrual of 2163 patients,
and a new target of 3163 has been approved by CTAAC, in order to increase the power of the study, and to incorporate the use of image guided radiotherapy in selected centres.
The RADICALS study continues to recruit well in the arms addressing duration of
hormone therapy, but less well in the arms addressing the timing of radiotherapy. It is
hoped that international participation will help with further accrual. The PATCH study
successfully completed its planned recruitment, and the next phase of the study, which
will run as a feasibility, evolving into a formal phase III study if accrual permits, has
recently been approved by CTAAC.
In castrate resistant prostate cancer (CRPC), the TRAPEZE study continues to recruit,
and the closer links with industry have been maintained, both with the continued
recruitment to the VENICE (VEGF-trap) study, but also with the approval of a new
randomised phase II study of Saracatenib, under the NCRN-AstraZeneca collaboration.
Two other phase II studies are currently under consideration for funding as part of the
same initiative.
The current portfolio is summarised in Appendix 1. 3825 patients were recruited into
studies in 2009/10; 2087 into RCTs and 1738 into non RCTs. Figures for 2008/09 were
3516, 1839 and 1677 respectively. The percentage of incidence cases recruited into
studies in 2009/10 was 11.0% (6% to RCTs, 5% to non RCTs). Comparable figures for
2008/09 were 10.7%, 5.6%, 5.1% respectively.
Trials in development
Discussions have taken place about a number of new studies, which will span the remits
of the new subgroups:
Prostate CSG Annual report 2009/10
Low-risk or medium-risk disease:
Two imaging studies are in development, the first in the use of multifunctional MRI for
diagnosis and characterisation (UCL), and the second in the assessment of staging
(DMAPS, Cambridge). Two further studies of focal therapy with High-frequency
ultrasound have been submitted to the main CSG, and will be considered in more detail
by the subgroup. A feasibility study of salvage cryotherapy is also being developed and
has recently been approved for funding.
Castrate-sensitive/high risk disease:
A new feasibility study of intensity-modulated radiotherapy (PIVOTALS) has been
approved by CTAAC and will come under the remit of both this subgroup and the
low/medium risk subgroup as it is developed. Two imaging studies are also being
developed by this subgroup. The first in the use of MRI to evaluate response to first-line
hormone therapy in metastatic prostate cancer (in collaboration with the EORTC), and
second in the use of MRI surveillance for patients with spinal metastatic disease at risk
of progression (ICR, London). The subgroup will also consider a possible study of
prostate radiotherapy in patients with newly diagnosed M1 disease, pre-operative
radiotherapy in high-risk, localised disease, and a study comparing surgery with
radiotherapy in high-risk, localised disease (OPTIMAL, Cambridge).
Phase II studies using a VEGF receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitor, and using a PARP
inhibitor in patients with a defined molecular phenotype are under discussion. The use of
anticoagulation in patients treated with Stilboestrol will be further developed by the
subgroup, and a replacement study for TRAPEZE using chemotherapy plus a
radioisotope will also be further developed. This subgroup will also be tasked with the
further development of a strategy for molecular stratification of patients, which might be
applied as appropriate in other subgroups.

Details of publications during 2009/10 arising from trials in the portfolio can be found in
Appendix 2.
Once again, the joint urological trials meeting with the Bladder, Renal and Testis CSGs
was very successful, both as a means of communication/information sharing with the
other urological cancer CSGs, and as a way of sharing strategic and intellectual issues.
The CSG is well represented on other groups, including the CTRad, and the EORTC GU
The PR07 study was presented at ASCO in June 2010, and will also be presented at the
NCRI conference in November and as a plenary in ASTRO in November 2010.
The close national and international links have already been referred to here and in
previous reports, and these continue. The major international collaborative priorities will
continue to be to:
• Seek international participation in STAMPEDE, RADICALS, and possibly other Prostate CSG Annual report 2009/10
• Develop, through the EORTC, a co-ordinated approach to the design of new trials in high-risk, localised disease. The Chairman has been invited to join a pan-European group that will ensure that our own activities, such as OPTIMAL, do not take place in isolation from other EORTC initiatives, and vice-versa.
In addition, we will continue to link closely with our colleagues in the NCIC, to explore
future trials where a collaborative approach might benefit both parties.
Other activities
The CSG has been represented on the Complementary Medicines CSDG strategy
meeting, and the Chairman will participate in the review of the Breast Cancer CSG later
this year.

3-year strategy
The Group’s 3-year strategy is to:
• Further develop the portfolio of studies in CRPC, and to incorporate the concept of molecular stratification of patients with prostate cancer. • Build on the areas of programmatic research (e.g. STAMPEDE), and to further develop frameworks for possible future programs (e.g. OPTIMAL/PIVOTALS) • Ensure that imaging and translational research continue to be adequately represented in the Groups’ portfolio and thinking.
Priorities for next year
The overwhelming priority is the establishment and the running of the new subgroups,
and to develop their roles for detailed new study discussions and for effective
communication with the main CSG.
Professor Malcolm Mason, Chair

Prostate CSG Annual report 2009/10
Appendix 1
Prostate Cancer Clinical Studies Group Portfolio

Acronym Title
A study of active surveillance for early Dr Christopher The Birmingham prostatic neoplasms Professor Maurice Open association study - A genetic and environmental case control study on prostate cancer in Birmingham Conventional or hypofractionated high Professor David dose intensity modulated radiotherapy Dearnaley Dr for prostate cancer Cancer Research UK Phase 1 Trial of N Avril given once via bolus intravenous injection for imaging of prostate cancer An evaluation of focal ablation therapy Mr Mark Emberton Open using high-intensity focused ultrasound in the treatment of localized adenocarcinoma of the prostate predisposition to prostate cancer: targeted screening in BRCA1/2 mutation carriers and controls - IMPACT quality of life and toxicity in patients undergoing external beam radiotherapy plus high dose rate brachytherapy boost compared with patients receiving conformal external beam radiotherapy alone safety of aflibercept versus placebo administered every 3 weeks in patients treated with docetaxel / prednisone for metastatic androgen-independent prostate cancer Prostate CSG Annual report 2009/10
prednisone versus prednisone in patients with progressive metastatic hormone-refractory prostate cancer after failure of a docetaxel-based chemotherapy regimen Study of Single-agent CNTO 888 (an Bono anti-CCL2 Monoclonal Antibody) for the Treatment of Subjects with Metastatic Castrate-Resistant Prostate Cancer A Phase II Randomized, Double-Blind, Dr Johann De Bono Open Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trial to Study the Efficacy and Safety of Bicalutamide With or Without Deforolimus in Men With Asymptomatic, Metastatic Castrate-Resistant Prostate Cancer A Randomised Double Blind, Placebo- Open controlled Study to Evaluate the Effect on Unassisted Erectile Function of the Early use of Tadalafil 5mg Once a day and Tadalafil 20mg On Demand Treatment for 9 months in Subjects Undergoing Bilateral Nerve Sparing Radical Prostatectomy (BNSRP) transCutaneous hormones. A randomised-controlled trial of transcutaneous oestrogen patches versus LHRH analogues in prostate cancer. A phase 1 dose escalation study of the Professor David radiotherapy (IMRT) to treat the prostate and pelvic nodes in patients with prostate cancer interventions for men at high risk of prostate cancer Prostate CSG Annual report 2009/10
novel treatment strategies in advanced prostate cancer (Northern Prostate Cancer Collaborative (ProMPT)) A phase III study of active surveillance Dr Christopher patients diagnosed with favourable risk prostate cancer (START) polymorphisms for predicting the effects of radiotherapy A multicentre randomised trial of single Professor Peter Ibandronate for localised metastatic bone pain randomised evaluation randomised controlled trial of brachytherapy versus radical prostatectomy in good risk prostate cancer: a feasibility study metastatic prostate cancer: evaluation James of drug efficacy docetaxel plus prednisolone plus zoledronic acid vs. docetaxel plus prednisolone plus strontium-89 vs. docetaxel plus prednisolone plus zoledronic acid plus strontium-89 in hormone refractory prostate cancer metastatic to bone. Prostate CSG Annual report 2009/10
Appendix 2

2009/10 Publications and abstracts

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