the mill creek school newsletter

June 2011
Enclosed are 4th quarter evaluations.
four marking periods: Shawn A.,
Please take the time to read and discuss
Michael A., Sammy B., Matt B
them with your child. If you have any
Faith C., Jessica G., Ryan H.,
questions or concerns, please contact
Jesse H., Naomi J., Matt P., Stephan
your child’s advisor. Have a great
P., Allegra R., and Adriana S.
4th Quarter Special Events
Mill Creek Graduates 14 Seniors
Our annual Field Day, which consists of
reflections, while others offered artistic a morning of “friendly” competition in athletics and academics, was a great deal are Michael A., Sammy B., Matt B.,
Faith C., Adam C., Jessica G., Jesse
H., Bridgit J., Sean M., Juliana M.,
Stephan P., Allegra R., Sydney S., and
Zachary T. We’ll miss you.
our trip to the Brandywine Valley
Students Earn Full Credit
treated to ice cream on the ride home, a all of their course requirements on time. Congratulations to: Shawn A., Michael
A., Sammy B., Nyasia C., Alanna G.,
Katie B., Matt B., Faith C., Adam C.,
Moses C., Jessica G., Ryan H., Jesse
Marsh Creek State Park where we had
H., Naomi J., Jeff K., Juliana L., Leah
M., Sean M., Juliana M., Chris N.,
Rob O., Matt P., Moriah P., Amira P.,
Stephan P., Max R., Allegra R.,
Stephen S., Adriana S., Margaret S.,
The Senior Class Luncheon was held at
Sydney S., Maura T., Zachary T., and
Brennan V. and Viktoria Z.
delights. Several students gave heartfelt Full Credit All Year
students for earning full credit for all offered some inspiring words about future endeavors. This was a wonderful Senior Class Art Project
prominently displayed at school. This is Becky H., Naomi J., Karleigh J.,
Madison L., Daniel M., Rob O., Matt
P., Jacob V., Brennan V., and
Viktoria Z.
glass window installation. Multi-colored Congratulations to Shawn A. and Matt
P. who were on Merit Status during the
fourth quarter. Special recognition goes individual designs with the glass shapes, to Shawn A. who maintained Merit
Status for the entire school year! Merit stained glass window installation will be Mill Creek, allowing natural light to add to the aesthetic of the "Class of 2011" participated in special activities in honor Other 4th Quarter Events
of Holocaust Remembrance Day.
accomplishments, the third quarter full
credit students were treated to a great
discussed the film “Paper Clips” which tells about the efforts of some American even more special, Michael A. and
victims. Students who participated were: Matt P. both celebrated their birthdays
Michael A., Nyasia C., Shannon D.,
Alexis G., Becky H., Naomi J., Bill K.,
to not join us for the baseball game were Julie M., Moriah P., Max R.,
Margaret S., Maura T., and Naomi W.
Community Service
The Spanish classes celebrated Cinco de
Mayo (the 5th of May) with food, music,
and a piñata. The students contributed to lunch at the St. Francis Inn, a soup
bringing in food, and setting up for the students participating were: Jess G.,
Several large sections of the walls in the Juliana L., Julie M., Vince P., Matt P.,
Steve S., and Jacob V.
Students celebrated Earth Day by
Summer Reading Program
striking. Thanks to: Michael A., Nyasia
will be invited to go on a special literary C., Jesse H., Naomi J., Leah M., Chris
trip early in the 2011-2012 school year. N., Robbie O., Max R., Maura T.,
Brennan V., and Jacob Vinair.
The list was mailed earlier; if you need Goodbye to our Interns
Elizabeth Dean and Leya Williams
Best wishes to Richard Bollinger and
Cristina Laurita our psychology interns
who added a great deal to the school over the past 10 months. Perfect Attendance
The following students earned perfect
attendance for April: Michael A., Rob
O., and Adriana S.
They were invited
to enjoy lunch outside on a gorgeous
spring day in recognition of their
Students who earned perfect attendance
for May were: Michael A., Katie B.,
Leah M., Rob O., Vince P., and
Adriana S.
The group enjoyed soft
pretzels in the school garden to
recognize their achievement.
Students earning perfect attendance for
June included: Katie B., Rob O., Vince
P., Matt P., Maura T., and Brennan
Congratulations on this
Special recognition goes out to Michael
who maintained perfect attendance
for the 4th quarter. Michael did not miss
a day during the entire school year!



Journal of College of Medical Sciences-Nepal,2010,Vol-6,No-3, 19-23 Study of Extended spectrum beta-lactamases (ESBLs) producing Klebsiella species in various clinical specimens: A preliminary report R.K. Shah1, Y.I. Singh2, R.K. Sanjana 3, Navin Chaudhary 1, Dominic Saldanha 41 Lecturer, 2 Prof & Head, 3Asst. Professor Dept. of Microbiology, COMS-TH Bharatpur , 4Associate Professor,

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