Frequently asked questions
What does 'XS™' stand for?
The name “XS™” is derived from the word “excess”, symbolising your ability to go further and to
exceed your previous limits.
Will the energy effects be decreased if taken daily?
No, energy effects will not decrease if taken daily.
How much caffeine do XS™ power drinks contain?
XS™ Power Drinks contain 80mg caffeine per 250 ml can. This is equivalent to 1-2 shots of espresso.
What is so special about B vitamins?
XS™ Power Drinks contain effective levels of B vitamins: Niacin (vitamin B 3), pantothenic acid
(vitamin B5), vitamin B6 and B12. These B vitamins support the energy-yielding metabolism and help
to reduce tiredness and fatigue.
Is it possible to overdose on B vitamins?
B vitamins are part of the group called “water soluble” vitamins. Excessive amounts of water soluble
vitamins are merely excreted through the urine.
What is Taurine?
Taurine is an amino acid which is an essential part of every energy/power drink on the market.
Is there any sugar in XS™?
In total, XS™ contains less than half a calorie of sugar. As XS™ Power Drinks contain only traces of
sugar, the regulatory approves the statement “No Sugar”.
Why do XS™ Power Drinks taste so good with no sugar and very few
XS™ Power Drinks use sucralose and Acesulfame-K instead of sugar. Flavoured with a herbal blend
of Chinese ginseng and acai berry, this combination gives the drinks their great flavour without the
calories from sugar.

If XS™ does not contain sugar, why does it have calories?
Calories don't only come from sugar, there are many other substances which carry calories. The
calories in XS™ Power Drinks are caused due to the essential inclusion of the ingredients Taurine,
Citric acid and Inositol.
Why is it important NOT to have sugar or carbohydrate calories in XS™
Power Drink?

Calories from sugar and carbohydrates may increase fat deposits. Simple carbohydrates are also
called high-glycemic (high-sugar) foods. High-glycemic foods cause your body to pump insulin in
order to digest the sugar, which sends a message to your body to store calories as fat. There has
been a lot of discussion lately in the press about the fact that the sugar balance in diets has increased
dramatically in recent years, causing all sorts of diseases such as diabetes and obesity. Therefore, it
is important to watch one's sugar balance and live a healthy and responsible lifestyle in general
Frequently asked questions
XS™ uses sweeteners which have been proven safe in over 100 clinical studies, including EFSA
(European Food Safety Authority) and US FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration). These
sweeteners are approved food additives in over 80 countries.
Do XS™ power Drinks contain gluten?
No, XS™ Power Drinks are gluten free.
Is there a maximum of XS™ Power Drinks per day?
Like any other caffeine containing soft drink, please do not consume XS™ Power Drinks in excess.
What age can one start drinking XS™ Power Drink?
As XS™ Power Drinks contain 80 mg caffeine per can (which equals 1-2 espresso shots), generally,
we do not recommend giving them to children.
Can XS™ Power Drink be mixed with alcohol?
Energy drinks and soft drinks containing caffeine are sometimes consumed with alcohol. This is
particularly true when the young generation goes out to party. But like any other caffeine containing
soft drink, we do not recommend mixing them with alcohol.


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