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SCRAPBOOK SOUP – 300 series
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Thursdays, beginning October 3, 2013 @ 1500-1530/HD 04 Closed Captioned:
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The newest season of Scrapbook Soup features host Julie Fei- Fan Balzer offering viewers great scrapbooking and paper crafting recipes. The overall theme is
“life style” scrapbooking. Each episode is a delectable mix of exciting techniques, lots of mixed
media, and a team of scrapbook experts. Feature topics for Series 300 include: cards for
everyday occasions, 3 dimensional projects, meeting of art and craft, different materials, mini
books, and friends.
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Visit scrapbooksouptv.com for a mix of ideas, a mix of ingredients, a mix of designers, and all of the instructions for every project found on this series
of Scrapbook Soup. Create your own recipe for great scrapbooking. This is Show________.
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Brother International Corporation Die Cuts with a View Spellbinders Paper Arts LLC Underwriting:
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KS, Inc. Productions P.O. Box 391698, Solon, Ohio 44139 1/:30 generic series promo follow program 301 Program (28:00 + :05 black + :20 slate/countdown + :30 series 300 promo
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Episode Descriptions:
301 A Day in the Life
The main reason we scrapbook is to capture those individual moments in time and keep them
forever. Capture a moment in time in a scrapbook page, learn heat embossing with Kelly Purkey,
and make a project life double page spread featuring a week in the life of Ali Edwards. A mix of
ideas, supplies and designs - all in one Scrapbook Soup!
302 Cards for Everyday Occasions
Every occasion no matter how big or small deserves a card – and today we’ve got designs for
everyday occasions. Today’s soup includes lacy pop up cards with a graphic design, some tasty
treat cards featuring a lemonade stand with Sara Naumann, and translating a layout into a card
with Nancy Nally. Lots of cards and ingredients in one Scrapbook Soup.
303 Point of View
Scrapbooking for your life means capturing events and moments that are all about you. It’s
creating projects with a very personal point of view. Our show includes: “Who I am becoming”, a
personal page reflecting today, a vintage collage layout using paints to add ephemera with Paula
Nelson-Hart, and a tribute to “who you are” with Kim Hupke; projects about us all on today’s
Scrapbook Soup.
304 3D Projects
Today’s menu features useful 3D scrapbook projects. We make pencils with an artful touch, a
scrapbook grid layout to celebrate daily life with Ali Edwards, and a scrapbook inspired tote using
kaleidoscopes with Joe Rotella. Stir them all together for one fabulous Scrapbook Soup.
305 Add-ons
Soup would be pretty boring if it was just broth. Scrapbook pages might also suffer the same fate
without some interesting add-ons to rev them up. Explore beyond the norm with media mixage
with Stacey Caron, add bezels, ribbon and buttons to create texture and dimension. Make a die
cut frame with Jenny Barnett Rohrs and use up scraps of patterned paper in a grid design with
Ronda Palazzari. Today’s Scrapbook Soup is stocked with new ingredients.
306 Meeting of Art and Craft
Join us as we mix art, craft and scrapbook for a delicious result. Scrapbook meets art and craft as
we write on gesso, learn a technique for making decorative tissue tape with Sara Naumann, and
embellish our way to a great frame using a hoop with Vicki O’Dell.
307 It’s All in the Details
It’s the little things that count – from the tiniest embellishment to the handwritten letter - it’s all in
the details today on Scrapbook Soup. Create simple cut out graphic cards, learn about packing
tape photo transfer with Sara Naumann, and backgrounds almost as pretty as the picture in a
prom layout with Stacey Caron– today on Scrapbook Soup.
308 Different Materials
New materials are the spice to your scrapbook soup. Every dish needs a little dash of pepper to
add some flavor. It’s the same with scrapbooking - bland is not very interesting. Fill in the spaces
of your letters with paper on the “attitudes in generosity” page, build on a core to add dimension
with Stacey Caron for a cherished layout, and projects featuring paper, acetate and glass from
Sara Naumann; a spicy mix today on Scrapbook Soup.
309 Keeping Up
Make technology your friend. It’s hard to keep up with each and every new trend but you can find
your favorites and use them to your advantage. We begin with an awesome page, then it’s a
project life page with Nancy Nally using instagram photos, and finally a family heirloom with
modern techniques but historic info from Paula Nelson-Hart. Great for young family members to
get to know their heritage and for older family members to remember and reflect.
310 Paint Your Way
Raid your art box for paint and gesso as we paint our way to fantastic layouts. Create Stencils
with Jenny Barnett Rohrs, a layout from Ronda Palazzari with a technique for changing patterned
paper into unique embellishments with gesso, and watercolors, and the fourth level (that’s more
than the third!) of dimension from Kim Hupke on a page entitled “my girl”.
311 Casual
Scrapbooking can get very regimented – with the right way to use a product or the correct way to
lay out a page. Today we’re encouraging a more casual approach – one that fits your life style
and design aesthetics. Take a casual approach to your scrapbooking with two “hello” themed
pages, scrapbook sketches from Kelly Purkey, and five ways to use lattice designs from Sara

312 Mini Books
Good things come in small packages. Create a mini book from a 3D kaleidoscope with Joe
Rotella, a mini journal with Jenny Barnett Rohrs, and 3D sculptured surface for your journal with
Kim Hupke. All today on Scrapbook Soup.
313 Alphabet Soup
It’s always fun to test out new techniques possibly using some of your favorite supplies in a new
way. Today’s menu features alphabet soup. Make a best friend’s page featuring watercolors. Use
glue as paint to create a unique resist and stencil and an organizer from Vicki O’Dell that reflects
your scrapbook style.

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