Tw-mk005 teeth whitening medical kit

JoyWay Technology
TW-MK005 Teeth whitening medical kit
(Note:We also can do other teeth whitening kits as your requirement,such as the kit with mouth traycontainer,cheek retractor,VE Swabs, desensitization gel, gum barrier, etc) Joyway offers quality at home tooth whitening at a fraction of the price. It uses the same exact technology thatcertified dentists use, and are sold to kiosks, beauty centers and salons worldwide! You will love the fantasicresults you see.
This proven formula is a gentle and assured way of removing internal stains with our minimal sensitivity formula.
This formula works in as little as 30 minutes. Our sticky viscous formula sticks to the tray and firmly holds itagainst your teeth to whiten teeth! Our teeth whitening home kit allows you to do it from the comfort of your own home. Everyone wants those moviestar teeth and you can now achieve this without having to pay that extra money for an appointment with a dentist.
Just follow the simple instructions and you will have beautiful looking teeth in no time! This product can whiten the following teeth stains: JoyWay Technology
2pcs 10ml syringes (Strength from 0.1%CP to 44%CP, from 0.1%HP to 16%HP, 22%CP and 12%HP are morepopular. All % of whitener are the same cost.) 2pcs Thermoforming mouth trays 1pc LED light You will be sent directions, but this is how it works and how easy it is to whiten at home: Place the tray over the upper teeth without placing the tray in boiling water. Practice with your tongue on theroof of your mouth and touching the inside of the tray. Suck the air from the tray. This contours the guard to theinside surface of the teeth. When finished repeat with the lower tray.
JoyWay Technology
Bring water to a boil. The bowl should be at least 4" deep to ensure the tray's full immersion. Remove thecontainer from the heat and place one tray in the hot but not boiling water. Leave the tray in water for 5 seconds.
Make sure the edges do not fold onto each other.
Lift the tray vertically from the water using the tab. Carefully and quickly place the tray around the teeth andthen immediately perform the procedure outlined in step 1.
JoyWay Technology
Once you are satisfied with the fit, trim the front tab away from the tray with scissors. Make sure it is flush withthe front surface of the tray.
Place a small bead of gel per tooth in the inside of the tray (.5cc or less per tray). The gel might irritate thegums if the trays are overloaded. Insert the trays very carefully keeping the gel on the teeth and away from thegums. The Gel Contains 44% Carbamide Peroxide. Now insert the light and turn on for duration of treatment.
Wear the trays for 15 minutes. If sensitivity or irratation occurs wait 24 hours between treatments and use lessgel. Be sure to rinse trays thoroughly after use. Repeat process daily until you reach the desired shade.
JoyWay Technology
After completing the bleaching process it is always a good idea to take a toothbrush and gently wipe away anyexcess gel that remains on the teeth and gums to prevent any possible irratation. rinse excess gel from yourtoothbrush completely.
Note:Research and experience show that the whitening effect from the treatment usually lasts for years. Teethmay darken faster if exposed again to staining products such as tobacco, coffee or juices. However, the teeth willprobably remain significantly lighter than if no treatment had been done. Two to four nights of tooth bleachingperformed at six month to four year intervals may be all that is necessary.Some difficult, darker stains maynaturally require longer treatment than some milder stains. Depending on your teeth and type of staining, resultswill vary.We pride ourselves on Customer Satisfaction! Foil bag with sticker or carton box package.
Note:We can do customized package with your brand, company name,etc for you.If order quantity500sets, wecan do carton box package for you.
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If any question, please contact us without hesitate.


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