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An Examination of the Seasonal Variation in the Crop Yields at Crop-Weather Stations . A. K. Malik Rotational and Cultural Studies in wheat . R. K. Tandon and Chokhey Singh Cultivation Studies in Bajra . G. S. Shekhawat, Udai Bhan Singh and B. N. Mathur Studies on the Effect of Delta of Irrigation, Depth of Irrigation and Levels of Nitrogen on Potato Crop . J. J. Chandnani, R. T. Gandhi, S. L. Pandey and V. N. Bodade Evaluatlon of Soil Fertility of Some Delhi Villages under Intensive Cultivation . J. C. Bajaj, P. K. Oammen, M. S. Khera and R. .V. Tamhane Studies in the Green Manuring of Wheat in Bihar . Green Manuring Wheat Without Losing a Kharif Crop . M. P. Singh and K.S. Sinha Fertilizer and Spacing Experiments with Onion Crop . S. S. Purewal and K. S. Dargan Response of Wheat Varieties to Different Levels of Nitrogen and Phosphate and Economics of Fertilization . L. L. Relwani Studies on the Modus operandi of Green Manures in Tropical climates. I. A Critical Review of Literature . Ambika Singh Performance of Improved Rust Resistant Wheat Varieties in Bihar . H. N. S. Ambastha, S. Nezamuddin and B. P. Singh Relative Palatability Studies on Important Indigenous Grass Species of Western Rajasthan . P. M. Dabadghao and S. P. Marwaha
B. Extension Article
Evidence in Extension Evolution . S. K. Sharma II. REVIEW ARTICLE
Status of Fertilizer Use Research in India . O. P. Gautam, H. S. Hann and K. S. Yawalkar DECEMBER 1962
Direct and Residual Effect of Major and Micro-Nutrients Applied to Berseem in a Sandy-Loam Soil . J. S. Kanwar Effect of Placement of Phosphate with and without Potash on Yield of Gram, Cicer arietinum . R. G. Sharma and R. H. Richharia The Effect of Water Soluble Sodium Silicate, Farmyard Manure Castor Cake on Soil Properties and their Indirect Effect on Maize Crop. II. Effect on Plant Development and Yield of Maize . H. S. Mann and Gurmel Singh A Note on Spacing Trials on Sesamum in Bihar . Anubhava Narain and R. N. Srivastava Tribulus terrestis, Weed in Arid Zone Farming . D. K. Misra Influence of Different Rates and Time of Application of Herbicides on Soil properties and Succeeding Wheat Crop . P. S. Lamba and S. S. Verma The Influence of Soil Drought on the Growth, Yield and Quality of Cane Varieties in Relation to their Drought Endurance . Hardial Singh Gill Balanced Fertilizers Enhance Cotton Yield . M. R. H. Qureshi B. Agriculture Extension
The Intensive Agricultural District Program in India . J. V. A. Nehemiah II. REVIEW ARTICLE
Land Classification for Agricultural Development . S. P. Raychaudhuri and K. S. Murthy MARCH 1963
Effect of Dates of Transplanting, Spacing Between Hills and Levels of Nitrogen on Paddy Yields … L. L. Relwani Investigations on period of sowing and fertilization rates on wheat in Gang Canal of Rajasthan … D. L. Jain, K. M. Mehta and S. V. Jain Fertilizer Value of Ammonium Chloride and Ammonium Sulphate Nitrate as Sources of Nitrogen for Paddy and Wheat … L. L. Relwani and A. B. Ghosh Studies on the Uptake and Recovery of N and P2O5 by Wheat … Gajadhar Singh Suerphosphate Adds to the Efficiency of Organic Manures … S. S. Verma and P. S. Lamba Role of Groundnut in Maintaining Soil Fertility … H. L. Nijhawar The Resistance of Bajra Seedlings to Soil Drought … D. K. Mishra and H. S. Dauley Cultivation Studies in Bajra (Pennisetum typhoideum) III. … U. B. Singh, G. S. Shekhawat and B. N. Mathur B. Agricultural Extension Performance of Hybrid Maize on Cultivators’ fields … S. K. Sharma, R. L. Kherde and Jagdish Singh
The Review of Stubble Mulching … D.K. Misra and B. B. Bhattacharya JUNE 1963
The Role of Agronomists in National Emergency … Punjab Rao S. Deshmukh Relative Effect of Levels of Nitrogen, Time of Application of Nitrogen and Levels of Phosphate on Tomato Crop … J. N. Sharma and Mahendra Singh Response to Levels of Nitrogen, Doses of Phosphorus and Levels of Molybdenum in Cauliflower … J. N. Sharma and Mahendra Singh Fertilizer Investigations in Chilli Crop … L. L. Relwani Effect of Seed Size on Growth and Yield of Potato … Janak Bahadur Suri Effect of Size of Seed Corm and Spacing on Growth and Yield of Fourth Year Suran (Amorphophallus companulatus Blumme) … B. A. Chaugule and B. D. Khot Effect of Different Plant Populations and Nitrogen Levels on the Yield and Protein Content of Corn Silage … Karam Singh Nandpuri B. Agricultural Extension Upgrading Efficiency of Extension Personnel … A. Suryanarayana Murthy II. REVIEW ARTICLE
The Agronomic Aspects of Pigeonpea … H. D. Gooding


Finland – en etyd i tre satser

Finland – En etyd i tre satser Av Anders von Koskull I Preludium Det blev ont om tid för den finländska lagstiftaren, då EG:s två anti-diskrimineringsdirektiv från år 2000 skulle genomföras. Jag avser dels direktivet för inrättande av en allmän ram för likabehandling i arbetslivet (2000/78/EG; härefter ramdirektivet mot diskriminering i arbetslivet, eller i kortform r

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