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e-Payment of CBEC (Indirect) Taxes – User Manual


Bank’s customers who are having a valid E-See Banking login-id are eligible to remit their indirect taxes
(Excise / Service Tax) through Internet. The customers’ accounts can be in any ABB branch but the tax will be
collected by the focal point branch directly. Customer’s account will be debited instantaneously and the
amount will be collected by the focal point branch. A transaction reference will be given on successful
completion of the transaction. The counterfoil will be dispatched by the branch at the end of the day to the
customer’s address.

1. The customer should be a registered user of E-See Banking and should have opted for Funds 2. The customer should have a valid assessee code (given by CBEC). 3. The rules for transfer of funds should have been submitted to the bank. Sample forms can be downloaded from our E-See Banking web site. 4. Register the minor heads for which you want to make the payments by clicking on ‘Register Minor Head’ option under ‘Utilty / Tax Payments’ link on the left panel.
Time of Payment:

1. The service will be available only during the business hours of the focal point branch.
Register for Service:
To avail the service, the user has to register for the service. This is a one time affair. To register for the
1. Select ‘Utility / Tax Payment’ option on the left panel (after logging in). 2. click on ‘Register Minor Head’ 3. Enter the Assessee Code and click ‘Continue Registration’ 4. The assessee name and address will be listed. Ensure it related you and select the minor head for which you wish to make the payment. Click on ‘Confirm Registration’. 5. If required more minor heads can be registered by clicking on ‘Add another Minor Head’. 6. You can remove the minor head registered by clicking on ‘Remove Minor Head’ option given on the
To Effect Payment:

Select the ‘CBEC Tax Payment’ under Utility/Tax Payments The utility accounts which are registered to the login id will be displayed. Select any utility account and click “Proceed”. The following fields have to be filled in and “Make Payment” button is clicked. - Particulars - Minor The account to which the amount is to be debited. The next screen asks for confirmation from the user by way of PIN number. In the case of corporate, the transaction is kept as a “Pending Transaction” or the transaction is “completed” depending on corporate rules for transfer of funds. In the case of individuals, the transaction is completed immediately. If the transaction is completed, the cyber-receipt with a unique reference number and date will be displayed. This can be printed by the user as a temporary receipt. The customer copy of challan will be mailed by the branch.
Pending Transaction (Applicable only to corporate customers):

1. Select the “Pending Txn” under Excise/Service Tax option.
2. The pending transactions are displayed.
3. Select any transaction and click “View Details”.
4. The details of the transaction are shown.
5. Verify the details, enter the PIN number and click on ‘Authorise Transaction’ (or Reject Transaction).
6. The transaction is kept as a “Pending Transaction” or the transaction is completed depending on the Role
of the user with respect to the transaction amount.
View Payments (Search Transaction)
1. Click on View Payments under Utility/Tax Payments
2. The following fields are displayed to build the search criteria.
3. User should select the criteria and click on Submit to search. 4. Search results are shown with the details. Status of Transaction (Completed or Pending or Rejected) 5. Select any transaction and click “Proceed”. 6. The details of the transaction are shown.



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