that one treatment per week will be appropriate for most patients, however prescribers may exercise their clinical judgement should a patient request more than this. Drugs for ED may have a street value and the issue of diversion should be borne in mind when considering prescription quantities. February 2009
Alendronate is the drug of first choice on
Drug treatments for erectile dysfunction (ED) patients requiring treatment or prophylaxis of prescribed in primary care to treat ED in men tolerate alendronate due to dyspepsia (after addition of a PPI) risedronate is the second- women over 75 years or women at equivalent bisphosphonate may be prescribed Strontium 9 are receiving dialysis for renal failure Patients who may be referred to the Direct Access Dexa Service (DADS) to screen for 9 ≥50yrs with previous or new fracture 9 ≥60yrs female with menopause ≤45yrs 9 ≥60yrs with family history in 1st degree These prescriptions must be endorsed ‘SLS’. ED treatments may also be prescribed on the NHS if the condition is causing severe distress by specialist centres only. The BNF gives
criteria to consider when assessing distress. GPs may not prescribe for severe distress but Patients with and at risk of osteoporosis are: Adcal D3 tablets, Calcichew D3 Forte recommended quantities to prescribe for ED. tablets, Calceos or Calfovit D3 Sachets. Health service circular HSC 1999/148 advises

The MHRA together with several health charities and Pfizer have
launched a publicity campaign to raise awareness of the problem of counterfeit medicines. The
World Health Organisation (WHO) definition of counterfeit medicines:
“deliberately and fraudulently mislabelled with respect to identity and/or source. Counterfeiting can apply to both branded and generic products. Counterfeit products may include products with the correct ingredients or with the wrong ingredients, without active ingredients, with insufficient active ingredients or with fake packaging” The WHO estimates that about 10% of all medicines available around the world are counterfeit. In the UK only a small number of counterfeit medicines have reached the legitimate supply chain since August 2004 with the vast majority outwith. The MHRA will take regulatory action where breaches are identified which may result in revoking licences or instigation of criminal proceedings. If a counterfeit medicine is suspected contact the MHRA on 0207 084 2574. To receive this bulletin electronically, send an e-mail to [email protected] Send comments, contributions or suggestions to [email protected] COMMUNITY PHARMACY CONTRACT DEVELOPMENTS The new contract for community pharmacy came into effect in April 2006 and was the beginning of a change for the way community pharmacy services would be delivered and remunerated. The contract itself consists of four core elements which are delivered from every pharmacy in Scotland. In addition, there remains a facility for local Boards to negotiate and secure additional, or locally negotiated services including provision of oxygen services, substitution therapy and needle exchange. The four core elements are: ¾ Minor Ailment Service (commenced July 2006) ¾ Public Health Service (commenced July 2006, updated August 2008) ¾ Acute Medication Service (IT roll out commenced April 2008, work ongoing) ¾ Chronic Medication Service (timelines to be announced by Scottish Government in near future)
MINOR AILMENT SCHEME (MAS): Patients can register with a community pharmacy of their choice for
MAS if they are eligible for free prescriptions due to age or income, are registered with a GP in Scotland and
not resident in a care home. This includes a consultation with the pharmacist who can give advice only,
provide advice and prescribe an item, or if appropriate, refer the patient to a GP. Patient expectation is
managed within the pharmacy and any supply made is recommended to be in line with local formulary
Some medical practices offer a triage service for patients who request an emergency or same day
appointment. MAS offers an additional alternative to consider for eligible patients with an option for referral to
a community pharmacy of their choice. This service requires the pharmacist to consult with the patient where a
diagnosis will be made and a suitable formulary product may be supplied. In all instances, patients presenting
with a more serious condition which would not be considered as minor would be referred to their GP.
If the patient has had a consultation in the surgery with a GP or nurse, then referral to the community
pharmacist is not appropriate. Leaflets detailing the service are available for display in your medical practice.
Glasgow practices should order these from Annette Robertson at Primary Care Distribution, Clutha House;
Clyde practices can order direct from Banner Business Supplies Ltd on 01506 448410, fax 01506 448400 or
email [email protected]
PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICE (PHS): This was developed to support community pharmacists’ role as
public health practitioners and originally consisted of participation in national public health campaigns;
health advice areas within the pharmacy and provision of health promotion/awareness advice. In August
2008, this was expanded to include the provision of smoking cessation and sexual health services. The
previous Smokefree Pharmacy service has now been amended to incorporate the changes brought by the
national service though patients will see no difference in the service they receive.
In terms of sexual health, the majority of community pharmacies are now able to offer free provision of
emergency hormonal contraception to females aged 13 and over using a Patient Group Directive. Early
indications have been encouraging and work will continue to monitor and support these new services.
ACUTE MEDICATION SERVICE (AMS): In its simplest terms, this service involves the electronic transfer
of prescriptions from GP practices to community pharmacies. When prescriptions are printed at the medical
practice, an electronic message is sent to PSD and a barcode is added to the face of the prescription. When
the prescription is presented for dispensing, the barcode is scanned and the electronic message is retrieved.
Please note - If an item is deleted from a patient record a message is sent to the store. When the message is
downloaded by a pharmacy they will be informed of the cancellation. It is therefore important that if a script
requires amendment eg an additional item, the user should delete the original prescribed entries from the
patient record, destroy the script and re-prescribe and give the replacement GP10 to the patient. This will
ensure that the correct instance includes the cancellation message and the script can be dispensed without
delay. Whilst the GP10 form remains the legal document for the prescribed items, the underpinning IT will
allow for faster processing of prescriptions and may reduce transcription errors.
CHRONIC MEDICATION SERVICE (CMS): Details of this service are still awaited from Scottish
Government. Early indications suggest that this will be a phased introduction incorporating a managed repeat
element and a pharmaceutical care component, again being supported with underpinning IT linking to the GP
practice and community pharmacy.
Further details of community pharmacy services can be obtained from the Community Pharmacy Development
Team by ema or contacting the office on 0141 201 5528.
Produced by The Prescribing Team, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde, Pharmacy and Prescribing Support Unit, Queen’s Park House, Victoria Infirmary, Langside Road, Glasgow G42 9TT Tel: 0141 201 5214/5215/5216 Fax: 0141 201 5217


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