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University reader, discipline: Physiology, Victor Babes University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Timisoara PhD in Medicine, speciality: Normal and Pathological Physiology, Timisoara University Centre, topic: III. AREAS OF INTEREST IN RESEARCH
I set up the assessment technique of bronchomotive reactivity through the administration (by inhaling) of the broncho-dilator agents, and I am currently completing the work methodology for the assessment tech- nique of bronchomotive reactivity through the administration (by inhaling) of the broncho-constrictor agents. I have updated the standard interpretation and work techniques of spirographic bulletins.
Study of immunologic aspects in viral hepatitis with special focus on the implication of HLA antigens in Experimental aspects concerning the protective role of calcium blockers on myocardial fibre in the chron- ic cardiopathy and the immunologic particularities from the febrile syndromes at valvular patients that have I completed the immuno-blotting and immuno-enzymatic techniques (ELISA) used in the field of aller- gology. The results of the research have been used in the standardization of remedies with allergens for the desensitization of allergic patients and for the setting up of the main antigenic fractions from the structure of the allergens used in producing medications. Cellular immunity at asthmatic patients compared to those with obstructive chronic broncho-pneu- mopathies, in parallel with the study of ventilometric and plethysmographic parameters Flowcitometric study of cellularity from the broncho-alveolar lavage. This approach of the study of cellu- larity from the broncho-alveolar lavage by marking with monoclonal antibodies was a premiere in Romania. The comparative effect of some medications at patients with broncho-pulmonary diseases: - the effect of Salmeterol and of Salbutamol; - the effect of calcium blockers on Raw at asthmatic patients compared to patients with BPOC and a group - the effect of inhaling cortico-therapy on symptomatology and on ventilometric parameters at asthmatic patients in parallel with the modifications of cellularity from the broncho-alveolar lavage; - I presently observe the advantages of complex inhaling-preparations (beta2-sympathomimetic and parasympatholitic) in chronic pulmonary diseases; - I work together with the colleagues from the discipline Pneumo-phthisiology at the standardization of the investigation algorithm in the stage diagnosis of the bronchial allergy and of the allergic patient; - I standardized the bronchial stimulation techniques for testing bronchial hyper-responsiveness; - Haematopoietic and mesenchymal stem-cell. SCIENTIFIC AWARDS
Bunu, C., Mihalas, G., Tanasie, G., Noveanu, L., Siska, I.R., Vancea, D., Paunescu, V., 2003, Leukotriene Receptor Antagonist versus Corticotherapy in Airways Responsiveness in Ovalbumin Sensitized Rats, 13th ERS Annual Congress, Vienna, Austria, European Respiratory Journal, p. 478s - paper awarded with bronze Schneider, F., Petroiu, A., Mihalas, G., Bunu, C., Siska, I, Tanasie, G., 1998 Bronhomotricitatea în astmul bron- sic si bronho-pneumopatii [Bronchomotility in Bronchial Asthma and Broncho-pneumopathies] Schneider, F., Petroiu, A., Mihalas, G., (ed), Ed. Viata Medicala Româneasca, Bucuresti, 180, ISBN 973-9320-20- book awarded with the prize 'Daniel Danielopolu' by the Academy of Medical Sciences.
1. Quality and safety assessment in clinical and toxicological application of stem cells (FP6 integrated proj- ect, SAFESTEM), section 'Advanced genomics and its applications for health' Project coordinator for Romania: Dr. Carmen Bunu, senior lecturer 2. Adult Mesenchymal Stem Cells Engineering for Connective Tissue Disorders. From the Bench to the Bed Side (FP6 integrated project, GENOSTEM no. 503161) Project coordinator for Romania: Prof. Dr. Virgil Paunescu 3. Cercetarea preclinica si clinica a produsului românesc Antagonic-stress [Pre-clinic and Clinic Research on the Romanian Product Antagonic-stress], Research contract with POLGEC SRL, Bucharest 4. Bronhomotricitatea. Implicatii imuno-alergice [Bronchomotility. Immuno-allergic Implications], 1992- 1995, Research contract with the Academy of Medical Sciences 5. Fiziologia musculaturii netede traheo-bronsice. Studii experimentale si clinice, [Physiology of Tracheo- bronchial Smooth Musculature. Experimental and Clinical Studies], 1992-1995, Research contract with the Ministry of Education and with the Ministry of Research and Technology 6. Monitorizarea responsivitatii bronsice în astm - studiu clinic si experimental [Monitoring the Bronchial Responsiveness in Asthma. Clinical and experimental study] 2002-2003, Grant A Contract - CNCSIS, Nr.
1331/33454/ 17.07.2002 [i 620/33542/1.07.2003 7. Dezvoltarea de tehnici de bioinginerie tisulara pentru reconstructia osteoarticulara si miocardica [Developing Tissual Bioenergy Techniques for the Osteoarticular and Myocardial Reconstruction] Contract with the Ministry of Research and Technology, National Research, Development, and Innovation Programs Grant manager: Prof. Dr. Virgil Paunescu V. AFFILIATION TO PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS
Member of the European Physiology Society Member of the European Respiratory Society Member of the Romanian National Society of Physiological Sciences Member of the Romanian National Immunology Society Member of the Romanian Academy of Interdisciplinary Medical Studies Member of the Romanian National Pneumoftyziology Society VI. OTHER POSITIONS
FP6 evaluator expert (EX2002B039266), sub-comission TP5, Biotechnology, Agriculture and Food, E.2.
Scientific advisor for the scientific bulletin of Victor Babes University of Medicine and Pharmacy, FP6 program coordinator for Victor Babes University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Timisoara Member of the Immuno-physiology and Biotechnologies Centre, Timisoara VII. PARTICIPATIONS IN NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCES, CONGRESSES,
25 participations in national and international congresses, conferences or conventions
Elaboration of 206 scientific works, among which 1 treaty on bronchial hyper-responsiveness, 24 collabora- tions at treaties and speciality monographs, 39 articles published in extenso - 14 as main author and 25 as co-author, 33 articles published in volumes of international conference proceedings, 79 articles published in volumes of international conference proceedings, 30 papers presented at national or international confer- Ioana Siska, J Avram, C. Tatu, Carmen Bunu, F. Schneider, R. Maties, "Some Aspects Concerning the Antioxidant Capacity of Venous Blood in Lower Limbs Varicose Veins", Oxygen Transport to Tissue XXI; eds.
D. Delpy and A. Eke; Plenum Press NY; 1999; pp. 445-452

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