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A Guide for Attending Natem Ceremonies with Miguel Chiriap Uwishin / 2 Foreword
First of all I would like to thank you for attending this ceremony. Your attendance will help us, the Shuar, to spread our healing techniques over the world. We have cultivated these healing techniques for thousands of years under de guidance of our shamans, the Uwishin. These healing techniques have no secrets and we are willing to share them with those who are willing to listen. Second, I would like to congratulate you. You are doing something that requires courage, as you want to dive deeper into yourself. There are many paths of ascension, and many generations of people have gone on these paths for self discovery, using various spiritual techniques. The path that I present to you here is that of my people, the Shuar, and involves drinking the sacred I am an Uwishin myself. I obtained this honorary title through rigorous practice. This included a solitary stay of one year in the rainforest, under guidance of my teacher, drinking Natem almost every day. It was a year without the opportunity to talk with others and without sex. After this year I visited many sacred places such as caves and waterfalls, to connect with the spirits in those places and to ask for their help in my path. In the past twenty five years I have used the techniques that I have learned, and that I am still learning, to help many people in their healing process. This is my life, this is my joy. Although it is me that you see acting in the ceremony, I could not do my work without the help of my family and my village. The Natem that you drink has been harvested and cooked by my sons. And many of the ointments that I use for healing have been prepared by my wife and my daughters. Therefore I would like to sincerely thank them for their support in my work. A Guide for Attending Natem Ceremonies with Miguel Chiriap Uwishin / 3 The ceremony that you will attend is in line with the way my Shuar ancestors have conducted ceremonies for generations and generations. I made, however, small alterations to accommodate for differences in culture. Also, there is not such a thing as a ‘best practice’ for a Natem ceremony. Different shamans with different cultural backgrounds will perform ceremonies in different ways. The way I perform ceremonies and the methods that I use are my choice. The single most important thing that you can bring into the ceremony is your trust in this medicine. The single most important thing that I can give you is my integrity. With this integrity I and those who assist me create a safe environment in which healing can occur. To get the most benefits out of the ceremony I kindly ask you to read this guide thoroughly. I truly hope that you are not put off by the Do’s and Don’ts that are described in this guide. They will help you to receive the most from the ceremony. My goal is to have pragmatism in the ceremonies, as opposed to dogmatism, and all things that you read in this guide have a very Thank you again for attending this ceremony! A Guide for Attending Natem Ceremonies with Miguel Chiriap Uwishin / 4 A Brief Introduction
Especially those that attend a ceremony for the first time usually have many questions about the ceremony. This chapter will introduce some of the basics to you. The Medicinal Plants
Natem is the most sacred plant for the Shuar. They have been using it for thousands and thousands of years in their healing ceremonies. There are many ways of preparing it. The way Miguel Chiriap and his family prepare Natem is by cooking the wood of the plant, together with a plant that enhances the capabilities of Natem, in water for several hours until a syrup results. This syrup is the brew that is taken in the ceremonies. Natem is also known in the Northern world under its Andean name ‘Ayahuasca’. Additionally, Miguel Chiriap uses Tobacco in his ceremonies. This Tobacco cannot be compared to the addictive substance that contains chemicals, which Marlboro tries to sell to you. Tobacco-water will be taken through the nose to open the cells of the body for the Natem. On some occasions Tobacco will also be smoked. How Natem works
The most important effect of Natem is the cleansing-process that it enables. This will help you to clean your system from lower energies. Additionally, the energy consciousness of Natem can help you to become more expanded and thus assist you in reflecting on your personality and your life in general. There seems to be a longing of some participants for strong visions, which may result in disappointment if the process results in cleansing only. It is best, however, to have confidence that Natem will trigger exactly those processes that need to be triggered. Effects of Natem
Natem will raise the frequency of your energy system. This will force both the physical body and the energetic body to release lower energies. It is this release of lower energies that can make people feel nauseous. For some people this will result in vomiting, others will have diarrhea for a A Guide for Attending Natem Ceremonies with Miguel Chiriap Uwishin / 5 brief period. These are reactions of the physical body to assist in dispersing the lower energies. These effects will only be there for a brief moment, unless a lot of lower energies need to be shed. Once out of your system, Miguel Chiriap uses songs and other healing techniques to help in transforming the lower energies. For most people the first effects of Natem become noticeable after about twenty minutes because they get a tingling feeling in their limbs. Breathing into this tingling will help to spread the energy consciousness of the plant through your system. For some people the first effects of Natem take longer to become apparent. Incompatibilities of Natem
Natem cannot be taken in combination with anti-psychotic and anti-depressive medication. This includes, but is not limited to, medication such as Prozac, Seroxat and other SSRI’s and MAO inhibitors. If you are under medication you are required to consult your doctor before you can participate in a ceremony. You always need to inform the organizer about your medication, or any health problems that you might have. However, an organizer is not a professional doctor and can never give advice on your medication in combination with Natem. An organizer is never responsible for anything that is your own responsibility. Timing of the Ceremonies
All ceremonies that Miguel Chiriap conducts start in the early evening and end the next morning. Biologically, in the night the body is in the most optimal condition for a spiritual quest. The silence of the night offers good conditions to perform a ceremony and the darkness of the night is beneficial to enhance the visions that you might have as Natem increases the receptiveness of the The Altar
In every ceremony there is an altar constructed. The altar is a central place that connects both to Mother Earth and to Father Sky. In most indoor places the altar consists of a blanket on which Miguel’s sacred items are put, including the bottles with Natem and his various kinds of incense. In most outdoor places Miguel and his assistants will create a specific Shuar altar. This altar will consist out of a mountain with seven ridges that stand for the seven directions that the Shuar A Guide for Attending Natem Ceremonies with Miguel Chiriap Uwishin / 6 know: North, East, South, West, up, down and expansion. On some mountains you will see the head of an anaconda, a holy animal to the Shuar. A stick is placed on top of the mountain to conduct energy and to connect Mother Earth with Father Sky. Sometimes the altar is adorned Biased views on Natem
There are some groups in Europe and the United States that think that Natem is a narcotic, because it contains psychotropic elements. Usually this opinion is vented by those who have never taken Natem or who did not take the opportunity to properly look into the benefits of it. Instead, they let a popular belief transform into an opinion. The Shuar find this opinion very funny. To them, drugs are something that are addictive and have a negative effect on one’s health. They regard Natem as a sacred medicine that helps them cleanse their body and energy- system and not as something that is harmful to one’s health. That is the reason why the Shuar have been using Natem for thousands and thousands of years. There are actually many Shuar- shamans, including Miguel Chiriap, who use Natem to cure people from their drug-addictions as Natem can help to remove the craving for addictive substances. A Guide for Attending Natem Ceremonies with Miguel Chiriap Uwishin / 7 Before the Ceremony
A good preparation is half of the work. Part of that is reading this guide, which you are already doing. Other things that you can do to get the most out of the ceremony are listed in this chapter. Peace and tranquility
The mindset that you have prior to the ceremony is what you are going to take with you into the ceremony. The general recommendation therefore is to not engage in any exhausting activities on the day of the ceremony, on the physical level as well as on other levels. Different people have different ways of ‘taking it easy’, but generally any activity that takes stress out of your system, like yoga, meditation or a walk in the woods, is recommended. Please do what works for you! If you take enough time to travel to the place where the ceremony is held, then you do not have to worry about coming too late. It goes without saying that attending a Natem-ceremony requires an attitude of sincerity and respect. Those that think that they can party all-night before attending such a ceremony will have a really tough time. A ceremony will last the whole night. And although the plant consciousness will give you a lot of energy, it is not recommended to rigorously fast before a ceremony because you will need your energy during the night. Also, it is not recommended to eat large quantities of food just before a ceremony, unless your goal is to engage in a continuous process of vomiting. Just take your last meal about four to five hours before the ceremony and you will be fine. Eat lightly, and try to limit the intake of dairy products and any meat other than chicken in the three days before, and after, the ceremony. The recommendation is also not to have sex during this time as sexual energy has a major influence on the opening of the cells of the body. It goes without saying that any intake of alcohol, or worse, prior to the ceremony is a big no-no. A Guide for Attending Natem Ceremonies with Miguel Chiriap Uwishin / 8 Items to bring
The organizer of the ceremony will let you know what you should take with you to the ceremony. Usually this includes a mat, a sleeping bag and a cushion, but specific requirements differ from ceremony to ceremony due to variations in location and climate. If you would like to bring items that are related to a specific spiritual practice, then please feel free to bring these items with you. The Natem ceremonies are compatible with other spiritual practices, and you are welcome to place on the altar those spiritual items that are important to you. Unless, of course, you are planning to bring your two meter high Buddha statue. If you play a musical instrument, and are fairly good at playing it, you are also welcome to bring it with you. Somewhere during the ceremony Miguel will invite those who can play or sing, to do so. However, please only sing songs if you know exactly what you are singing. Singing songs will bring in the energies connected to those songs: we had ceremonies in which people started to recite certain mantra’s of which they did not know what they meant. This brought in energies that were not so very The Organizer
One of the main reasons why you were able to attend this ceremony is because the organizer dedicated his or her valuable time to your benefit. The organizer therefore deserves your utmost respect. Organizing a single Natem ceremony requires weeks of planning and many things to do to ensure that a proper ceremony can be conducted. Please report to the organizer once you have arrived at the place where the ceremony is conducted. The organizer will walk you through all the preliminary steps before you can enter the ceremony, including a small interview and the necessary paperwork. During the ceremony please pay attention to the instructions that the The Assistants
During the ceremony there are assistants available to support Miguel and you in the ceremony. Their tasks can range from carrying out vomit to tending the fire. Each of them has a specific task, although they might rotate tasks during the night depending on what is necessary at that moment. All of the assistants have been in many ceremonies with Miguel before and are able to A Guide for Attending Natem Ceremonies with Miguel Chiriap Uwishin / 9 handle most of the effects of Natem on their body. Some are even trained to collect and disperse your lower energies together with Miguel. So if you had some of the assistants vomiting together with you, you can thank them in the morning. Miguel’s assistants are required to follow the same code of conduct as which Miguel subscribes to. If you need any assistance during the ceremonies, like help in getting to the bathroom or anything else, please do not hesitate to ask them. They are introduced before the ceremony starts, but if you cannot remember their name Interview
Before you can participate in a ceremony you will be interviewed. This interview is used to determine if you qualify to participate in a ceremony. Disqualifiers include the use of anti- depressive and anti-psychotic medicines, as described earlier. Additionally, people that suffer from psychotic attacks, people that are suicidal, or people of whom the interviewer feels that they are not fit to participate will be refused to attend the ceremonies. This is also the case for people that are under influence of alcohol or drugs. If you do not qualify for a ceremony, please do not engage in a discussion with the organizer but leave the location of the ceremony quietly. If you cannot participate in a ceremony it is both for your own health and for the health of others. You do not have to pay for a ceremony if you are refused to participate. A Place to Sit
You will be assigned a seat as soon as you enter the place of the ceremony. Although there is a place for everyone, it might be that you have to sit a bit closer to someone else than you have anticipated. For this reason the recommendation is to sit as compact as possible, and to put the things that you do not need at the head’s end of the mat. Please keep the area in front of your mat free of any items at all times as people might need to pass. Sometimes there are people that would like to sit as close to Miguel as possible because they think that this will be more beneficial during the ceremony. That is, however, not the case. For most people it even works better to sit as far from Miguel as possible so that they can have a better overview on what is happening. And just as a suggestion: it never hurts to introduce yourself to the human beings that A Guide for Attending Natem Ceremonies with Miguel Chiriap Uwishin / 10
The Ego-trap

Every now and then there are these I-Know-It-Better’s that come to attend a Natem-ceremony and feel that because of following this or that tradition or having this or that initiation, that they are entitled to have things their way. Usually you can spot them by the number of times that they use the word ‘should’ in their language and their inability to transcend negativity. If you are one of those, then please do not fall into that ego-trap. The organizers and assistants have been working with Miguel for many years and know exactly what to do. And even if they are confronted with unusual situations, or do something different than anticipated, they have enough experience to deal with the resulting situation. If you have any comments then please save them Integrity of Miguel Chiriap
Miguel Chiriap is a professional healer and puts a lot of value on integrity. Therefore, please always respect the healer – patient boundary. Although it might sound ridiculous to you, there are some women that have a so-called ‘shaman-fetish’. Since Miguel Chiriap wants to maintain his professionalism and his integrity, we kindly ask those women to not approach Miguel in a A Guide for Attending Natem Ceremonies with Miguel Chiriap Uwishin / 11 During the Ceremony
Conducting a Natem-ceremony is a serious task that requires a lot of effort from Miguel Chiriap, the organizer and the assistants. Their wish is that the ceremony is beneficial for you and that healing occurs where it is needed. For this reason, and to keep an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, there are several guidelines that you are asked to observe, but without making it a Structure of the Ceremony
Every ceremony generally follows the same structure. First it is opened by Miguel and the organizer. Then Miguel goes around with a small bowl of Tobacco water to offer it to the participants. After the Tobacco Miguel goes around with the Natem which is drunk from a small cup. Each participant is also offered a glass of water that sometimes contains additional herbs to aid the effects of the Natem and to wash away any aftertaste if necessary. Then it is simply a process of waiting until the first person vomits. After that, a whole flow of singing, music and healing starts. This lasts until the next morning. The ceremony is closed again with Tobacco. Tobacco is another sacred plant of the Shuar. In no way it can be compared with the addictive chemical substance that is put into cigarettes by the big tobacco companies. Miguel soaks the leaves of the Tobacco-plant in water so that its essences are taken into the water. The Shuar then sniff this water through their nose into their nasal cavities. The effect of this water is an opening of the cells of the body but also helps to clear away persistent problems with these cavities. It is a technique that may require some practice, but if you take a close watch at the assistants you will get some idea of how to do this. Please take care that you do not drop any Tobacco-juice on the floor. Paper tissues are distributed in case you want to blow your nose after taking the Tobacco. A Guide for Attending Natem Ceremonies with Miguel Chiriap Uwishin / 12 Natem
When Miguel comes around with the Natem, accept it with dignity and drink from the cup until
its empty. Probably you want to drink the cup in one go, like most people that have taken Natem before. After your first time drinking it you know why. However, do not let the bitter taste of the brew refrain you from accepting the plant consciousness into your body. Although Natem can be a harsh teacher sometimes, it has nothing but good intentions for you and your health. If you feel that the effects of the Natem have diminished during the ceremony then you can always ask for an extra cup. Usually Miguel will announce this possibility, but you can also approach him yourself if you would like to have an additional cup. Experiencing Natem
The best way to experience Natem is by sitting up with your spine up straight for at least the first four to six hours of the ceremony. By doing so you will allow the energy of the plant to fully enter your energy system and let the medicine and your body do its work. In some other ceremonies people are allowed to sleep during this period, or even the shaman sleeps, but this is definitely not recommended. Of course, if you feel tired after several hours you can go to sleep while Miguel and his assistants watch over you. Vomiting and diarrhea
Some people will experience vomiting and/or diarrhea. Usually this is only a temporarily effect of drinking Natem. It is necessary to release the lower energies that are excreted from your system. Depending on the organizer, there are three ways of handling the vomit. In most cases there are hard-plastic buckets that you can use for the vomit. The assistants will carry the buckets outside to put all the vomit in one hole in the ground. In other cases there are plastic bags that you can use. Please do not put any other items, such as paper, in the buckets or in the bags. If there are no buckets or bags available the participants are required to walk outside to vomit there. If someone is vomiting and you would like to leave the space, then please do not cross the line between this person and the fire or altar, but go around the other way. In case you have diarrhea it might be handy to find out where the toilets are before you enter the ceremonial space. A Guide for Attending Natem Ceremonies with Miguel Chiriap Uwishin / 13 Difficult Moments
At any time in the ceremony Miguel Chiriap can see where you are in your process and will prevent you to move into states of consciousness for which you are not ready, even if you would like to go there. This is one of the benefits of drinking Natem with an experienced Shuar- shaman. In rare cases people experience difficulties when they release energetic blocks during a ceremony. Vomiting usually solves these difficulties. If not, then breathing will help to release them. If you feel any blocks in your system, usually manifested as small pains in your body, you can breathe them out of your body. When there is a fire you can also give these blocks to the fire. Group Energy
We are all individuals but are also members of a shared energy. Within Natem-ceremonies you can become increasingly aware of this oneness and of the connections that we share. In other words, some people might feel the energy of the group as strongly as they feel their own energy. For this reason, and for your own well-being, you are strongly advised to keep an open heart during the ceremony and abstain from any negativity. Awareness
It is very important to remain aware of what is happening within the ceremony and to remain aware of what the medicine is doing in your body. For this reason it is advised not to lie down to sleep during at least the first four to six hours of the ceremony. Please also listen closely to the instructions that are given, both at the start of the ceremony and during the ceremony. Additionally, you are asked not to make any weird sounds that could disturb others, like moaning or really loud or false singing. Although people-watching is always fun outside of the ceremony, in the ceremony it is best to focus your attention on yourself. It is also discouraged to talk with A Guide for Attending Natem Ceremonies with Miguel Chiriap Uwishin / 14 Other Effects of the Natem
Besides the effects that already have been mentioned, those who have been wrestling with a drugs or alcohol addiction or have been exposed to chemical toxins might experience extensive sweating during a Natem ceremony. This is the result of the body getting rid of toxins and is a Role of the Shaman
Miguel Chiriap will be working with the group all night, on various levels. First and foremost he guards the ceremony so that you will be kept in a sacred space. He will also transform negative energies so that they cannot get into other people’s energy systems. Through his singing and his instruments he is able to draw in energies that help in the healing process. The instruments that he usually plays are the Tumank, his mouth harp, and the Kaer, his two-string violin. You can concentrate on these energies by trying to feel them during the ceremony. Sometimes he will conduct individual healings on participants, if this is necessary. If this is the case then you are kindly asked to sit at the front of your mat as soon as Miguel Chiriap passes. During these individual healings he will clean the person’s energy field with his Shaman Brush. Additionally he disperses clouds of Trago, which is an alcohol mixture that contains the essence of various plants. For these individual healings the men are required to remove their top clothes. For the ladies removal of clothes depends on what needs to be healed. Please note that in all cases there are very strict boundaries with regards to the integrity of the body. Sometimes Miguel asks you to raise your hands after which he blows Trago into your face. You are advised to have your eyes closed if he does that. Afterwards it is recommend to put your hands to your face and inhale the essence of the Trago, both through the nose and through the mouth. Leaving the ceremonial space
You are permitted to leave the ceremonial space to go to the bathroom or to get some fresh air if necessary. But please do not go outside during instruction or when Miguel Chiriap is telling a story, as this is important information for your participation. The assistants will let you know if your leave is not appropriate and you had not noticed yourself. If the effects of the Natem are too strong for your body and you have trouble standing up straight you are advised to ground A Guide for Attending Natem Ceremonies with Miguel Chiriap Uwishin / 15 yourself. You do this by really feeling your body and especially your feet, and imagining that there are roots growing from your feet into the ground. If you still not manage to stand up straight, you can always ask one of the assistants to help you. Whatever you do, always return to the ceremonial area. Never leave to go home or go to sleep in another place before the ceremony is closed! You are not allowed to leave the ceremony space earlier than the end-time that is indicated by the organizer. The reason for this is that before the closure of the ceremony there will still be energies in your system that need to settle down. Leaving before the ceremony has ended is simply dangerous. Never, ever, sneak out of the ceremony space without telling the organizer. We once had someone who did sneak out. A search party searched for him the whole evening, only to find out in the morning that he decided to go home to sleep in his bed instead of staying in the ceremony space. I hope that you can see that such behavior is absolutely irresponsible, towards the organizer, towards the other participants and towards yourself. It is prohibited to smoke during the ceremony. This is the rule for cigarettes and cigars, as well as for drugs, such as marihuana. If appropriate, Miguel Chiriap will give you Tobacco to smoke. In some outdoor-places there might be a fire during the ceremony. This fire can help in the ceremony but is not absolutely necessary. One of the assistants will take care of the fire. Sometimes participants would like to sit near the fire. Please ask the assistant that is taking care of the fire if you can do so. Additionally, if you sit near the fire please be sure that you are not sitting too close as it might block access to the fire for another person. Please limit the amount of time that you spend near the fire. Do not put anything in the fire unless you are instructed to do so. Sometimes Miguel Chiriap uses hot coals from the fire to burn incense or to create smoke from plant extracts. The energetic components of this smoke help you to clear your energy field. You can use this smoke to cleanse yourself by intentionally moving the smoke towards you with one hand and spreading it over your body. Just look closely at Miguel Chiriap and his assistants A Guide for Attending Natem Ceremonies with Miguel Chiriap Uwishin / 16 Photography, Filming and Recording Sound
It is not allowed to take pictures or to film during the ceremony. The reason for this is that there might be participants that do not want to be photographed or filmed by you, besides that it disturbs this sacred ritual. You also cannot record any sounds during the ceremony, as Miguel Chiriap does not want any low-quality recordings of his songs and speeches to be spread. An exception is made if you would like to record your own words during a ceremony, but you are required to record these outside of the ceremonial space.
Be Happy!

Hopefully the many Do’s and Don’ts do not decrease your enthusiasm to participate in this ceremony. They are there only to help the ceremony unfold in a way that enables everyone to get the most out of it. The foremost Do is to keep an open heart and truly enjoy yourself in the A Guide for Attending Natem Ceremonies with Miguel Chiriap Uwishin / 17 After the Ceremony
Hopefully you had a wonderful experience during the ceremony! However, after the ceremony it is time again to put both feet back on Earth. In this chapter you can find various recommendations to get most out of the ceremony afterwards. Assisting in the Cleaning
After every ceremony cleaning is needed and you are very welcome to assist in the cleaning process so that everyone can leave in time. Please do not wait until someone approaches you. If you have vomited, please check if nothing dropped on or near the place where you were seated. Clean any vomit if necessary. Then please look around and ask in what other areas you can help. Although most people report that they have no problems driving a car after participating in a ceremony, even after being awake the whole night, the recommendation is not to drive after a ceremony. Most locations are reachable by public transportation and if not, please ask someone The cleansing process that is enabled by Natem can be very thorough. Additionally, participants are sometimes exposed to an extended reality which have a profound effect on the way they experience their normal reality. To accommodate for these processes it is recommended to rest thoroughly after a ceremony. Swimming, visiting a sauna or taking a salt-bath are all great activities to assist you in securing the benefits of a Natem ceremony. In the rainforest of Ecuador the Shuar normally bathe themselves in a river before and after a ceremony. A Guide for Attending Natem Ceremonies with Miguel Chiriap Uwishin / 18 Satisfaction
If you are satisfied, please tell others. If you are not satisfied, please tell the organizer. Different people feel comfortable in different ceremonies with different shamans. However, organizers are always eager to know what they can do to improve the ceremonies and make people feel more comfortable. Your personal comments are most welcome, but only after the ceremony and not It is recommended to maintain a strict diet in the week before and after the ceremony. Meat is discouraged, except for chicken and fish. Milk-products and liquor are also discouraged, as well as garlic, onions and greasy food. Wholegrain bread, fruits and vegetables are encouraged. Please abstain from sexual activity in the week before and after the ceremony. Your Experiences
Upon returning from an expanded state it is not easy to exactly remember the visions that you had during this state. If you want to be sure that you keep your memories the recommendation is to write them down or to make a drawing of them. Looking at them after a considerable time will bring back some of the feelings that you had during the ceremony. After Care
If you would like to discuss what you have experienced during the ceremony, you can always get in contact with the organizer. The organizer can do recommendations for further personal development, including recommendations for coaches that have experience with Natem. Private Ceremony
It is possible to do a private healing ceremony with Miguel Chiriap while he is in your area. A private ceremony lasts approximately three hours and during this time Miguel will focus his healing energy on you. If you are interested in this then please contact the organizer to make an A Guide for Attending Natem Ceremonies with Miguel Chiriap Uwishin / 19 Programs in Ecuador
Miguel Chiriap and his family offer several healing programs in the rainforest of Ecuador. More
information on these programs can be found on his websiteOne of these programs is a bi-yearly Natemamu-ritual. The Natemamu-ritual is a deep cleansing ritual that invokes a healing process on all levels of your being. The ritual has been part of Shuar cultural heritage for thousands of years and involves drinking large quantities of a tea made from Natem, for several days in a row. It is accompanied by a trek into the rainforest to the sacred waterfalls of the Shuar and other activities that support your personal process. Other plants, such as Newsletter
If you would like to be kept informed about the activities of Miguel Chiriap, then please visit
and leave your e-mail address at ‘Newsletter’. In this way you will be kept informed about the activities of Miguel Chiriap. Other sources of Information
Another interesting source of information on Natem isA story A Guide for Attending Natem Ceremonies with Miguel Chiriap Uwishin / 20 Appendix - Code of Conduct1
Miguel Chiriap, the organizer of the ceremony and the assistants subscribe to the following Code of Conduct in the ceremonies. This Code of Conduct sets the guiding principles for the Without implying the alteration of their own identities and principles, the entities and organizations who organize this ceremony commit themselves through this charter to adopt the following common ethical procedures with regard to the use of Natem (Ayahuasca) in organized Reception and follow-up
1. A prior interview of the participants must always be held, with the aim of informing them about the indispensable requisites for participating in a session and of discovering if there is any cause which may prevent their participation. 2. The participants should be informed of the possible effects, form and duration of the session, and of the composition of the substance to be taken, so that they may understand and assimilate 3. A subsequent follow-up of the participants is recommended. 4. It is recommended that the participants sign a statement of informed consent about the session 5. We must maintain an optimum level of human quality at all times: before, during and after the 1 With many thanks to the authors of the original Ethical code for Organizations which use Ayahuasca in Spain, on which this text is partly based. A Guide for Attending Natem Ceremonies with Miguel Chiriap Uwishin / 21 Prohibitions
The following persons should be prohibited from participating: 1. Those who are mentally handicapped by some kind of severe disorder 2. Those who are taking a medication incompatible with the use of this drink 3. Participants who are uninformed or reject the information given to them 4. Anyone who does not meet the conditions set by the entity which organizes the session. 1. The sale, trafficking, commercialization of or speculation of any kind with the use of Natem is 2. The aim of economic contributions must be to cover the costs deriving from the holding of the sessions as well as to help the indigenous peoples, religious traditions or schools and scientific investigations to maintain their structures. Legality
The organizations and entities which organize Natem ceremonies have the obligation to behave and express themselves in accordance with the laws in force laid down in our Constitution or to work to modify them, in line with this Code, so that they may be in harmony with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, especially in regard to that pertaining to freedom of conscience and religious liberty, always seeking that their actions do not harm others. Natem is never offered as an alternative for medical treatment. Environment
The preparation of the drink should not cause harm to the natural habitat of its origin nor imply any threat to the people native to its environment. The protection of nature and its inhabitants (Mother Earth) should always be the principle which links the Natem-drinkers of the world. A Guide for Attending Natem Ceremonies with Miguel Chiriap Uwishin / 22 Communication and Information
1. Each entity must assume responsibility for the information which it provides to its members or the communication media, taking care not to speak in the name of other organizations and 2. This Code assumes a commitment not to practice evangelization or make publicity-type claims for the sessions or the consumption of Natem. However, all interested parties or newcomers have the right to receive the information they ask for in a sane and positive form. 3. The Platform supports the scientific investigation of Natem and commits itself to collaborate Authorization, Guidance and Development of the Sessions
1. Any person who guides a Natem session must have the corresponding authorization and supervision of those responsible for his line of work. In cases where they do not belong to any recognized Line of Work, they must inform the participants of this. 2. The person who guides a Natem session must not take the sessions beyond the limits of what he is capable and sure of carrying out, be it in terms of time, intensity or any other factor. 3. The person who guides a Natem session is obliged to develop the sessions in a righteous and ethical way, aiming exclusively at the personal development of the persons who attend the session or of his or her group, organization or environment and for the benefit of mankind. He or she must absolutely abstain from voluntarily causing harm to anyone by: a) Respecting the sexual, physical and emotional integrity of the participants. b) Refusing to wheedle for money or favors during the session. c) Treating all the personal information about those who attend as confidential. A Guide for Attending Natem Ceremonies with Miguel Chiriap Uwishin / 23 Appendix - Disclaimer
This Ceremonial Guide is provided to you free of charge, "AS IS" without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement. In no event shall the author or authors be liable for any damages whatsoever, including special, indirect, consequential or incidental damages or damages for loss of profits, revenue, use, or data whether brought in contract or tort, arising out of or connected with this Ceremonial Guide. Or, in normal words, using this guide or attending the ceremonies is at your own responsibility.


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Ritalin: Drogen für – oder gegen – unsere Kinder? Schulmassaker: Die Täter sind Opfer Der folgende Artikel wurde dem Magazin "ZeitenSchrift", Ausgabe 25/2000, ent nommen. Siehe auch Jugendliche rasten immer häufiger aus und begehen Kapitalverbrechen. Was jedoch verschwiegen wird: Psychoaktive Medikamente scheinen dabei eine wichtige Rolle zu spielen

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Europeiska ekonomiska och sociala kommittén "Kvinnliga företagare" YTTRANDE Europeiska ekonomiska och sociala kommittén "Kvinnliga företagare – särskilda åtgärder för att främja tillväxten och sysselsättningen i EU" Föredragande: Madi Sharma SOC/446 – CESE 1578/2012 EN/SW-Sv/MT-GG-SW/lhp1-mv-me Rue Belliard/Belliardstraat 99 — 1040 Bruxe

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