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Application: Applied to isolate and preliminarily identify candida in various parts of body. 2. Product Synopses: Candida can cause various diseases such as stomatitis, vaginitis, vulvitis, cervical erosion, urinary system infections, cephalitis, pulmonary infections and the wound infections, etc. For the reasons of broad-spectrum antibiotic, immunosuppressor have been widely used in recent years, such kind of diseases increases rapidly. The investigation of Epidemic Disease Methodology reveals that the C.albicans have been found most in clinic laboratories, accounting for 50~84.2%, C.glabrate 5.5~11.7%, C.tropicalis 2.3%~9.7%, C.krusei 1.1~2.9% and the other candidas approximately 0.5~5%. The traditional culture & determination method has to go through a sequence of steps detailed as culture, colonial isolation, staining identification, bacterial suspension preparation, biochemical reaction verification, etc, which can not promptly diagnose the infection, especial y the source of infection, to say nothing of choosing susceptible anti-fungal drugs and supervising the result of treatment, it often brings patients a great deal of pain. Our culture medium uses one-step chromogenic culture with naked eye determination, it can rapidly culture, isolate and identify usual pathogenic candida, the period of validity can reach 6 month and above. At this point, it is much better than many other similar products. 3. Principle: Based on the different biochemistry reaction causing substrate decomposition and making the growing colonies display different colors, the kit is used to isolate, account and identify main pathogenic candida. 4. Composition of the kit: d Candida chromogenic petri dish 18 T, instruction sheet 1 set. 5. Precautions: 5.1 For in vitro diagnosis use only. 5.2 Fresh sample is necessary. 5.3 Stronger light is needed while observe growing colonies. Weak light may result in discrepancy. 5.4 The stability of the medium is apparently better than other similar products. Outdated medium can still be used if there is no contraction and cracks according to our research. 5.5 There is potential infectivity in the procedure of process sample, handle with care please. 6. Sample col ection: Various kinds of secretion, including secretion of urogenital tract, earwax, sputum and other samples including horny layer of the skin, pus and exudation, blood and body fluid, feces and urine, living tissue, environmental specimen and so on. 7. Requested devices which not in the kit, Sampling swab (For male or for female) and sampling tube. Platinum loop. Contaminant tub. Thermostat box. 8. Successive operation procedures: Drawing lines or butteron uniformly with various clinical samples on the culture medium, incubating at 30~35℃ for 24~48 hours in ordinary incubator, observe every day. 9. Result Observation: approx. 2mm sized white cheese shaped, orbicular, smooth and wettish colony, the color of culture medium around the colony changed into light yellow; The C.tropicalis: approx. 1.5mm sized light blue, soft and wettish colony and with milky white edge, the color of culture medium around the colony changed into light yellow; The C.krusei: approx. 4~5mm sized grayish white, flat, piliferous and blurring edge colony, the color of culture medium around the colony changed into light yellow; The C.glabrate: approx. 1.5~2mm sized greenish, smooth and soft colony, the color of culture The Cryptococcus neoformans: approx. 1.5~2mm sized peachblow, smooth and soft colony, the color of culture medium around the colony changed into jacinth; 10. Explanation of the result: The differentiation can be done according to the color and shape of the colonies. With the medium it can identify 95% of C.albicans, C.tropicalis, and C.krusei at the level of species, distinguish 85% C.glabrate from other candida. The fungi grown in the culture medium yields no influence to the drug-susceptibility and other tests.
11. S torage and validity duration: 6 months under 4℃. 12. Reference: 1 、Odds, F. C. Candida and Candidosis: A Review and Bibliography. Second Edition Baillière Tindall, London, 1988,p.68~92. 2 、 Spinil o, A., Michelone, G., Cavanna C., Colonna, L., Capuzzo, E., Nicola, S. Clinical and microbiological characteristics of symptomatic vulvovaginal candiasis in HIV seropositive women, Genitourin. Med., 1994; 70: 268. 3 、Sobel, J. D., Vasquez, J. A. Symptomatic vulvovaginitis due to fluconazole-resistant Candida albicans in a female who was not infected with human immunodeficiency virus. Clin. Infect. Dis., 1996; 22: 726.


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