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JULY 15, 2007
ETAP TIP – No. 005
Project View (Part 4 - Libraries)
Applicable ETAP Versions: 5.5.0, 5.5.5, 5.5.6 (For lower versions, some of the descriptions and procedures below may differ in some ways) This is a continuation of ETAP TIP No. 002, 003, & 004. As usual, you may run Etap program and open the “Example-ANSI.oti” project located at C:\ETAP 55X \Example-ANSI folder (where C: is the drive where you installed Etap program and ETAP 55X is the version of the software) to easily follow the explanations below. In addition, you may refer to “Toolbars’ Map” on page 8 of ETAP TIP No. 003 to map out the toolbars that will be identified in the succeeding procedures. Libraries
The “Libraries” folder of the “Project View” points out the library file attached (associated with) to your ETAP project. The sub-folders beneath it are its components. See Fig. 1 In other words, the “Libraries” folder indicates which Library file currently in use in a particular ETAP Project (Note: each ETAP project can be associated to only one library file at a From the “Libraries” folder, you can execute the following commands by right-clicking on it with your mouse: Open
- To use (associate) a different library file to Save
- To save the changes made on the active Save as
- To make a copy of the active Library file including the changes made on it (if any) to a new Library file and at the same time associating the new library file to the ETAP Create
- To create a new library file from scratch and at the same time associating the new library file to the ETAP Project. Copy/Merge - To combine the data of one Library file to
- To delete all the data in the active Library The above commands can also be executed from the “Library” menu on the “Main Menu” bar. See Fig. 3
JULY 15, 2007
Apparently, the sub-folders i.e. “Cable”, “Cable Fire Protection”, “Transmission Line”, etc. are the individual library of the particular elements/devices. The name of the sub-folder implies what elements/devices are involved in it. See Fig. 2. By pointing your mouse to a “Sub-Folder” and right- clicking on it, you can execute the following commands: View
- To open and access the contents of the particular library to make changes i.e. to Edit (properties), Add, Delete, and/or Copy Purge
- To delete all contents of the selected library Note: A sub-folder may contain other sub-folders (e.g. “Trip Device” sub-folder contains four sub-folders namely “Electro-Mechanical”, “Motor Circuit Protector”, “Solid State”, “Thermal Magnetic”). In this case, the far-most sub-folder should be the one pointed out and right-clicked to execute the above commands. Clicking the “Library” menu on the “Main Menu” bar and selecting one of the Library Components (i.e. Cable., Cable Fire Protections, etc.) produces the same action as the “View” command above. See Fig. 3 Same commands as the “View” command executable when you right-click a sub folder in the “Libraries folder” of the “Project View” Same commands as the commands when you right-click the “Libraries” folder of the “Project View”



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