Youth culture

Youth culture
Municipality of Slovenj Gradec - carrier of the cultural field

Youth/cultural centres and other youth organizations are closely
connected to youth culture. Besides programmes and projects that are
executed in them, they also offer advisory, professional, organizational,
financial and technical help to volunteer associations, autonomous youth
groups and individuals. In this sense youth/cultural centres have various functions: preventive, social, informative, educational, serviceable, developing and cultural in the broadest sense of the word. For many years a lot of youth cultural organizations whose common point are young people have been functioning in Maribor. With the status of youth centre that is granted by The Slovenian Office for Youth, Maribor Youth Cultural Centre, Multimedia Centre Kibla, Osmica Youth Centre, Youth Cultural Centre Pekarna magdalenske mreže Institution, IndiJanez Club Youth Centre and youth centre The Friends of Youth Association Maribor (House of Creativity– creative youth workshops with more than 900 workshops with more than 11 000 young participants. The workshops differ in space, organization, content, personnel and finances). We must also include two youth secondary school theatres Amphitheatre of II. Gimnazija Maribor and the First stage of Prva gimnazija Maribor and independent students radio M.A.R.Š. Some cultural spaces, centres and radio media are intended for young people between fifteen and thirty. FYA Maribor is the sole exception, because it executes programmes for children only. Different spheres of cultural and artistic practices represent various contents of particular youth cultural representatives. It is important to be aware that certain artistic projects exceed the level of “urban youth culture” and belong into the sphere of broader local or even national cultural achievements. In Maribor we are proud of International Festival of Computer Arts which is the first festival in Slovenian cultural and artistic environment in the field of new media and intermedia art and is executed for the last 13 years by Maribor Youth Cultural Centre in collaboration with other partners. Maribor Youth Cultural Centre is also the organizer of Performa International Theatre Festival, No Border Jam punk festival, music festival Summer in Maribor and the manager of Media Nox gallery, mobile exhibition space 360 and Cultural Incubator, the new centre for young culture researchers and creators. Multimedia centre Kibla which is also a cultural space for contemporary art, cultural productions and researches, organizes various festivals like Days of Curiosity, Kiblix IT Open Code Festival, Izzven jazz festival, domestic and international cultural projects and collaborations, etc. Za:misel bookstore and Kibela gallery also function as Kibla's activities. There are also active theatre activities of Amphitheatre of II. Gimnazija Maribor respectively English Student Theatre, theatre school of Prva gimnazija Maribor, festivals organized by Pekarna magdalenske mreže Institution such as Nagib Festival of experimental movement, Juggling Festival and music festival Etnika, etc. All these activities of urban youth culture in Maribor dictate deliberation about wider perspectives of youth representatives. Youth centres and other youth organizations can play one of the most important roles on local, regional and national levels in the field of working with young people, in the field of city's cultural events and in the field of developing cultural (youth) tourism.


Voor u gelezen februari 2013

VOOR U GELEZEN Februari 2013 Jef De Loof Pijn in de benen bij kinderen Nachtelijke, vrij plots opkomende pijn in de benen is een klacht die naar schatting bij 30% van alle kinderen tussen 4 en 14 jaar voorkomt en als 'groeipijn' wordt bestempeld, niettegenstaande nooit aangetoond werd dat de groei enige rol zou spelen. Bij onderzoek worden geen afwijkingen gevonden, maar de aandoening is


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