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sas webaf setver-side application development
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Question No: 1 The following JSP uses tags to access SAS data:
<%@taglib uri=""
prefix="sasads"%> <html><body>
<sasads:Connection id="connection1" scope="session"
initialStatement="libname db '.';" />
<sasads:Submit connection="connection1"
display="LASTOUTPUT" > data report; set
db.payroll (obs=10);

where division='EUROPE'; run;
proc print data=report;


Which of the following explains why no results are displayed?
A. The SAS program contains a syntax error. B. The SAS program is missing a step boundary. C. The Connection Custom Tag syntax is incorrect. D. The open Submit Custom Tag syntax is incorrect. Answer: B
Question No: 2 A SAS program named printProcedure contains a macro variable named numObs.
A JSP file includes:
a form with a choice box control named number that contains numeric values that are used to specify the
number of observations printed in the report

a Submit Custom Tag that submits the SAS program named printProcedure.
Which of the following JSP code segments retrieves the value selected in the choice box and assigns it to the
macro variable?

I. <sasads:Submit id="submit1" connection="connection1"
display="LASTOUTPUT" >

%let numObs=<%=request.getParameter("number")%>;
%include 'c:\'; </sasads:Submit>

II. <% String selObs=request.getParameter("number"); %>
<sasads:Submit id="submit1" connection="connection1"
display="LASTOUTPUT" > %let numObs=<%=selObs%>;
%include 'c:\';

III. <% String selObs=request.getParameter("number"); %>
<sasads:Submit id="submit1" connection="connection1"
display="LASTOUTPUT" > %let numObs=selObs; %include

IV. <% String selObs=request.getParameter("number"); %>
<sasads:Submit id="submit1" connection="connection1"
display="LASTOUTPUT" > %let numObs=&selObs; %include

A. I only B. III only C. I and II only D. III and IV only Answer: C
Question No: 3 Which of the following describes viewing the detailed data behind a specific data cell in a

A. Expand B. Subset C. Drill down D. Reach-through Answer: D
Question No: 4 Click on the Exhibit button to display an entity-relationship data model for a stock broker

The data model needs to be optimized for queries to gather a customer's net worth on a given day. The
broker has two customers holding stock in several hundred different companies. Daily pricing history goes
back ten years for each company.

Which one of the following index schemes allows optimal performance of the query?
A. composite index on cusip and date in the Prices table composite index on cusip and trandate in the Transaction table B. composite index on cusip and date in the Prices table composite index on cust_name, cusip, and trandate in the Transaction table C. simple index on cusip in the Prices table simple index on date in the Prices table composite index on cusip and trandate in the Transaction table D. composite index on date and cusip in the Prices table simple index on cusip in the Transaction table simple index on trandate in the Transaction table Answer: C
Question No: 5 Which of the following are advantages of using JavaScript on an HTML form?
I. It can implement client-side validation.
II. It can implement server-side validation.
III. It can implement data security on the form.
IV. It can enable a submit request without needing a submit button.

A. I and IV only B. II and IV only C. I, III, and IV D. II, III, and IV Answer: A
Question No: 6 Assume that an application must move to another resource. It must also prevent access to
the current request and response objects. Which of the following methods satisfies the above requirement?

A. the response object's forward() method B. the response object's sendRedirect() method C. the RequestDispatcher object's include() method D. the RequestDispatcher object's forward() method Answer: B
Question No: 7 Assume a connection to SAS exists. The following JSP code is executed:
<%@taglib uri=""
prefix="sasads"%> <sasads:Connection id="connection1"
scope="session" /> <html><body> <sasads:Submit
id="submit1" connection="connection1"

display="LASTOUTPUT" > options
nodate nonumber; proc print;

title1 'Partial listing of the SHOES data set';
run; </sasads:Submit> <sasads:Submit id="submit2"

display="LASTLOG" >

Click the Exhibit button to view the resulting output.
Which of the following modifications to the second Submit Custom Tag in the JSP would produce the
output shown in the exhibit?

A. <sasads:Submit ref="submit2" connection="connection1" display="LASTLOG" > </sasads:Submit> B. <sasads:Submit ref="submit1" connection="connection1" display="LASTLOG" /> C. <sasads:Submit id="submit1" connection="connection1" display="PREVIOUSLOG" /> D. <sasads:Submit id="submit2" connection="connection1" display="PREVIOUSLOG" /> Answer: B
Question No: 8 Which of the following are ways to configure an IOM Bridge Server?
I. using an LDAP server
II. using configuration files
III. using an IOMConfiguration object
IV. embedding server information in the application
A. I and II only B. II and III only C. I, II and IV only D. I, II, III and IV Answer: C
Question No: 9 An application has the following requirements:
The number of users is likely to grow rapidly. There is a large number of users across multiple
locations. The application is dynamic and requires updates to be propagated quickly and easily.
There are a wide variety of client machines utilizing different hardware and software platforms.

Which of the following technologies satisfies the above requirements?
A. Java applet B. Java application C. SAS/AF application D. Server-side Java application Answer: D
Question No: 10 Which of the following statements is true about object-orientation in Java?
A. An abstract class can not be subclassed. B. Subclasses can only use attributes and methods inherited from the parent class. C. A class that is toward the bottom of the class hierarchy is a generic, non-specialized class. D. Subclasses start out with the protected attributes and methods inherited from the parent class. Answer: D


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