The first person to register a Relay For Life team becomes the Team Captain. A team cannot be created without a team captain. Team Captains can be changed after additional team members register. Each team is allowed to have two (2) team captains. To complete the registration process you will need: a valid e-mail address a credit card - your $10 (early bird, before March 31, 2012) or $15 (after early bird) registration fee must be paid at the time of registration Step-by-step team registration instructions
2. click on the community event you wish to create a team for 3. when you arrive on the event greeting page select, START A TEAM
4. to start your new team and register yourself as the team captain if your team is a company team you can enter this information now you have the option to indicate how many members you would like to recruit for your team click Next Step
5. on the participation type page you have the opportunity to set a personal fundraising goal, click, Next Step
6. select returning user or new user, click Next Step
select Returning User if you have already registered as a participant, survivor,
volunteer, made a donation or bought a luminary
select New User if this is your first time logging into the site
Relay For Life 2012 – Start a Team
7. fill in your contact information and answer the additional questions at the bottom of the registration form, click Next Step
if you are a returning user your information will be populated into the fields. Ensure the information is correct and fill out any additional fields that are required. if you are a new user, enter your contact information and select a username and
password (write your username and password down for future reference)
8. on the page waiver page, read and agree to Relay For Life event waiver (you have the option to print the waiver) click Next Step
9. review your registration summary and ensure the information is correct 10. if you would like to register another participant fill in the first and last name and click the Register another person link
you have the option to register another participant(s) but first read the link at the top of the page and refer to the Register and Pay for Others document
the process is exactly the same, this option just allows you to enter everything at once and process only one credit card transaction to complete the registration 11. if you are done registering click the I’m Done Registering People link and you will be
12. on the billing information page your contact information will be populated, but you will need to select and enter your method of payment, when finished click Next Step
13. on the billing verification , verify the information and click Process to continue on with
14. on the, thank you for registering page you have the option to go to your participant centre to start your fundraising, sign up as a volunteer, join the Survivors’ Victory Lap, buy a luminary or you can navigate to other pages on the Relay For Life website at the bottom of the thank you page is your transaction and registration summary Relay For Life 2012 – Start a Team


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First United Methodist Church of Birmingham Medical Release Form YOUTH INFORMATION Name: ___________________________________________________Date of Birth:____________________ Grade: _________________ Address: __________________________________________________Home Phone:__________________________________________ City, State, Zip: ___________________________________________________________


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