Imperial, CA. WHAT A GREAT TIME!!! This was our first Escapade and being on Chapter Row. There were almost 50 Chapters on the Row this year. 1204 RVs and 2511 folks at the Imperial Valley Expo. Being the new kids. we got lots of Hugs. Boy, there were a very large Row is a great place to meet people. The first two Shirley Krohn, #32862, Newsletter Editor/Membership; days were so busy, it was hard to get time out for lunch. e-mail: [email protected]; 303-921-7811 (cell) Our Row neighbors were wonderful people and we all had Frieda Clark, #1397, Historian; 719-591-0565 (summer) fun, a great time getting to know each other. There were many seminars to take in. I did get to go to a few and Judy loved going to the line dancing classes every morning. The entertainment was good every night and I have never seen so many door prizes given out every evening, but we still Just send me an article of information (news you want shared Today is the last day and after the closing ceremony with the members--no secrets!) for the newsletter to Shirley we are going to take the Chapter’s banner and history book Krohn. E-mail to: [email protected] or mail to 159 Rainbow which I have updated on the 2005 Escapade to Betty and Drive #5915, Livingston, TX 77399-1059. Keep in mind it Chuck’s rig and see a few others from Chapter 4 for a small takes THREE weeks for the mail to get to me. Deadlines social before we all depart in the morning. Judy and I are (loosely!) are: 10 Jan, 10 Apr, 10 Jul; 10 Oct.
going to Desert Hot Springs, park the rig in an RV park for a few days and drive the tow car into Huntington Beach to have Easter with our son and his family. Then it’s back to the rig for a few nights at the park and then the 1st of April Invite SKPs who might want to join Chapter 4 to send their we’ll go back to the new house in Wittmann, AZ. Judy and membership fee of $5 a year to Chuck Mulcahy, #76334, 15763 E. I would like to thank the Chapter for letting us be the Row Eldorado Pl, Aurora, CO 80013. If any corrections to the reps this year. We had a wonderful time and would consider membership listing are needed, send updates to Shirley Krohn, NEEDED: For Chapter 4's History Book! Pictures with comments about the pictures McFillens: new e-mail is [email protected] luncheons, and Escapades (including Chapter Row), and anything else that might add to the flavor of the Chapter 4 History Book. Send via 1st Class to: Frieda Clark, 1193 EXPIRE--send renewal dues ($5) to our Treasurer: Chuck Mulcahy, #76334, 15763 E. Colorado Springs during May. During our migration we stayed at Dreamcatcher SKP park in Deming and socialized with lots of friendly SKPs. We decided to take three days going north from there to Denver instead of our usual two (hmm, are we getting older?, nah, just wanted to check out We joined Passport America this winter and used two participating parks on our way north. The first was Kiva at Bernardo, NM. It is also a horse hotel! There were lots of Betty and Chuck Mulcahy write . . . dogs, guinea hens, turkeys and who knows what else! Apparently also loose screws in the driveway as it ended up We left Denver in the middle of March with our 22 foot fifth in our trailer tire. We had just stopped at a rest area not far wheel, making it out just ahead of a bad snowstorm. When we south of the park where Jack did his usual thumping of tires arrived in Phoenix, we parked in my brother’s driveway for a few and all were ok. We had been parked about an hour when days to visit until we could pick up our new trailer. We were we went out to wax the exterior of the trailer and Shirley able to visit Bob and Mary Wilcox at their very nice home in noticed the rear tire was flat. So call road service, drive up Phoenix. Talked about the rally, then went for lunch. It was on blocks to get that axle up and the tire off the ground, remove it and find the culprit--a large screw. Road service arrives in a pickup truck, no tire mending gear, just air When the trailer was ready, we spent the day in the dealer’s back compressor. Sooo, he get the spare (from under the trailer) lot switching our stuff into the new 27 foot Arctic Fox. We which has never been used in our 10 years on the road only couldn’t believe how much junk the 22 footer held! I’m sure to find that it had 8 lbs of air and was not the correct size! we’ll miss it, but we’re sure enjoying the roominess of the new Are we having fun yet??? The park had a nice large office/e- mail/coffee/etc. room (never did see a pay phone), laundry and rest rooms. The park was attended when we arrived and Took possession of the new trailer the day before Escapade. Then had quite a few campers (most appeared to be permanent we spent a week in Imperial at Escapade--saw some people from residents judging by the heat tape on their water hoses).
the Escapade two years ago when we worked The Row. Also had a nice get together with the Konminskys and the Spencers. And I Rather than trust our tire to road service and a trip back to (Betty) ran into the McFillens one day between seminars. They Socorro, we decided we’d take the tire to Discount Tire in were visiting for the day. Wish we’d had more time together.
Albuquerque, 45 miles north (it is now 4 p.m.). In Shirley’s haste to get ready she entered the trailer without We left Escapade and spent a couple nights on BLM desert land putting the step down (18” drop or so) and when exiting for R and R and some hiking. Returned to Phoenix for another with hands full and not holding onto the door handle, visit with my brother before heading to Roswell to spend a few twisted her left knee. Well, when in ABQ it took 17 min for them to fix the tire and 4 hrs for Shirley to see a doctor We wish we could have stayed out longer than 3-1/2 weeks, but at Lovelace Hospital Emergency Room! Nothing was we had to get back to Denver for work. Speaking of which--I’ve broken but apparently she pulled something therein so they (Betty) given notice to my boss that I’ll be retiring in a couple sent her home with a full leg velcro brace to wear when months. So now we’ll be able to spend longer times on the road.
sleeping or walking so as not to cause more injury inadvertently. She is getting around fine, just slow as a Happy travels to all! We look forward to seeing as many as Back to the parks . . . the second was Kickback in Raton. Jack & Shirley Krohn write. . . It is small with very limited winter facilities. We were unable to get connected successfully to AOL (she says We are enjoying warm weather and unwinding after a busy winter phone lines are antiquated). Due to tortoise speed Shirley of quilt making and a SOWER project. As mentioned last didn’t get to check out the facilities here. The park was newsletter, our plans for summer and fall have changed. We are unattended when we arrived (one other camper. . . now #4 on the standby list for a Airstream caravan to Nova remember, this is Raton Pass neighborhood, still cold at Scotia so we’ve switched things so that we can be ready to go at a moments notice. We will work a SOWER project in MI in June. The caravan departure is from Sault Ste Marie in mid-July Tom & Marion Braum write . . . Well the ski runs are getting a little slushy and some brown Meanwhile we are enjoying the warming weather in AZ as we snow is starting to appear near the bottoms. Time to pull slowly migrate toward CO to visit children and grand children. out the extra window insulation, check the tire pressure, We hope to see many of you at SKP luncheons in Denver and crank the engine, and point the sled south. We anti- snowbirds are starting our counter migration. Only got in about We then went to Oceanside, CA (about 30 miles N of San 40 days of skiing but lots of camaraderie with thick-blooded Diego) for a one week stay and ended up committing to a SKPs and other winter RVers. Temperatures never went below month here. very nice weather and we love being on the minus 12ºF so we were able to keep nice and toastie for the three Pacific Ocean. we walk out the back of the RV park to a months we spent in Breckenridge, CO. (Warmer than the minus park and then to the beach. They have a wireless network here, so I'm using it to send this e-mail to you! Another big draw here is my new granddaughter (age 3 months) 38 miles With a few unplanned detours in route, we should be at the original RANCH, Lakewood NM, by mid-May for a few week stay before heading to cooler temperatures in North Dakota where We will probably leave before the month is up because we we are planning to work on a Habitat for Humanity house.
finally have a buyer for our house which has been on the market since last August. first offer, but we have a signed Joe Maraschino writes . . . (trip to FL continued) contract now and it looks good. No definite plans after that. at a minimum, we plan to "full time" for at least the I stayed at the JAX Naval Air Station FAM camp for my allotted summer, then I don't know. We really want to keep time and then moved out to Mayport Naval Station which is Longmont, Colorado as our home base because we really home for the aircraft carrier JFK, a few escort destroyers and some like it there, so maybe in the Fall we'll look for a condo or Coast Guard ships. I was there when the JFK returned. It was a rental house. I'm TIRED of owning old houses and having sight to see how they turn that big ship around and get it under to fix them up, so maybe we'll let a landlord pay for repairs for a while. But who knows. maybe we'll keep full- timing!!!! It's kind of fun not knowing were you're going to My daughter took a new position in civil service and moved to Fort Campbell, KY. I hung over a week and helped her get things packed and picked up. I departed on March 6th. This I'm upset that we're not going to be able to make it to the looks like my last trip to FL for a while. We will see what KY June event for our chapter at the Wilcox ranch. While we were at the Escapade, we signed up for a 5 day HOP event which will be held at Creede, Colorado this June. Along the way I decided to visit some more of the SKP parks, camping, white water rafting, four-wheeling, etc. After we started with the Plantation in AL--very nice area and what big signed up we found out that the event at the Wilcox ranch is lots. Then it was Dreamcatcher in Deming, NM. While there I later this year than last and will be at the same time as the took a trip to Silver City--what a surprise. It's a fairly modern town with Walmarts, Kmarts, Home Depot and all the fast food places. I expected an old mining town from the 1890s. The pit Maybe some of us can get together to do some other events mine was a very interesting place to take some pictures and I took my share. Next 'twas the Rovers Roost at Casa Grande, AZ, where I took in some of the local sights and met the park managers who are Denver Bronco fans and from CO.
Next stop was El Centro and the Escapade, Chapter Row. What an experience. For those who have never been a rep on Chapter Row, things have changed. The Orrs have put some piazza into being on the Row. It was fun kibitzing with all the people around you and we did a little yarn stretching as we went along. It was good to see old friends and make new ones. I was parked 3 rigs from Bob & Chong Kominsky (hope to see them at the rally royal blue in color have sold quite well. You may Vandenburg AFB was my next stop where it was rather cool but still good for short pants. Took a walk on the beach and that [email protected] or 195 Rainbow Dr #9584, Livingston, made me a shore-to-shore trip maker for the third time in five Henry and Judy Spencer write . . . After getting back from our work camping experience at the fish hatchery in Oregon (end of September), we parked the RV for the You can access the Chapter 4 web page at the winter, enjoyed the mild Colorado winter and hit the road again on Feb. 25. We visited relatives in Casa Grande, then went to the Escapade in Imperial, CA where we visited with Betty and Chuck Mulcahy and also Bob and Judy Kominsky. It was a fun rally.
With many new classes, great entertainment, and lots of friends to visit -- Escapade was a great hit! The weather even cooperated – imagine an Escapade without rain! We had 50 chapters/Certified BOF’s/Co-Ops represented on The Row. The Passport Contest brought oodles of visitors to The Row to visit – ask questions – and to even join many of the groups. We remind all of you, that as you wander this beautiful country – to also check the Escapees Magazine Event Calendar. Plan to visit and enjoy a rally in your area or along the way. All Escapees are welcome at all events. Chapters/C-BOFs; all welcome visitors, but for courtesy, do let them know you are coming.
Fall is a beautiful time to visit the Midwest with warm sunny days and cool clear nights. We invite you to Fall Escapade in DuQuoin, Illinois September 25-30. We hope to meet many of you along the way or at Escapade. SKP Hugs – Susie & Denny Orr, Chapter Directors Have survived all the symptoms my body's deployed, And kept twenty-six doctors gainfully employed!!! E is for eyesight--can't read that top line.
[Author Unknown, Sent by Joe Maraschino] G is for gas (which I'd rather not mention) H is for high blood pressure [I'd rather have low) I is for incisions with scars you can show.
K is for my knees that crack when they're bent Hear the latest info on Chapter 4 activities.
(Please forgive me, my Memory ain't worth a cent) N is for neurosis, pinched nerves and stiff neck P is for prescriptions, I have quite a few Give me another pill; I'll be good as new! If (when!) you have a change in mailing address or e- mail or phone number, please advise your editor (see NAME IN PRINT). Also, if you’d like to save the S is for sleepless nights, counting my fears Chapter some $, you can get your newsletter by e-mail. T is for tinnitus--I hear bells in my ears It will come as a PDF file attached to your e-mail, in living color, and you can print it if you want to. I like V is for vertigo, that's "dizzy", you know.
information by e-mail so I can save it without adding X is for X ray--and what might be found.
Morning: coffee at barnAfternoon: 1:00: Those who wish to Directions: Calhan is a about 30 miles northeast of show off their rigs and/or tour others, meet at At the east end of Calhan on Hwy 24, (Texaco station on S/W corner) turn S on Calhan Hwy for Bring something appropriate for chili (e.g. Turn E on Washington Rd for 2 miles to McQueen canned chili, meat, corn, sauce, anything to dump into large pot for a surprise result) ALSO: bring a side dish to complement (e.g. Turn N on McQueen Rd for about 1/2 mile.
Look for large white barn with green roof and trim. Entrance sign "Fresh American Lamb, WILMB Dry camping. water and dump available. Limited electric for functions. Building for indoor activities if Mines and/or Ramah Dam Wildlife Area (bird and wildlife watching, hiking, etc.) 4:00 Happy HourDinner: 6:00 Pot luck: Chapter 4 provides hamburgers, hot dogs, buns, relish 1. Two side dishes, plus one ingredient for community chili.
2. One new “gift,” WRAPPED, priced $10 or under (if you care to participate in gift exchange game).
Anyone wishing for steak or brats, please bring 3. Any kind of entertainment you would like to offer others (e.g., keyboard, demonstration of a hobby or skill).
4. Pop tops from cans to collect for Ronald McDonald House.
6. Wine to share for a wine tasting (don’t forget the glasses).
We’ll have raffle tickets available to purchase for a drawing Friday night. First winner receives 30% of pot; second receives 20% of pot; remaining 50% goes to CARE.
751 N. Academy Blvd., between Galley & Platte, in Citadel 7475 Park Meadows Dr, Littleton (C-470 & Quebec, south- behind Pep Boys and before Sam’s on left) On Hwy 6 & 50, in front of Sam’s Club S. Krohn (Mt Echoes)159 Rainbow Dr #5915Livingston, TX 77399-1059


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Sabertooth 2x10 RC User’s Guide: Input Voltage: 6V to 25V (2s to 6s lithium) Output current: Up to 10A per motor Peak output current: Up to 15A per motor Weight: 1.1oz/32 grams Size: 2.3” x 1.8” x .75” Sabertooth 2x10 RC is designed for combat robots from 16oz to 12lb, and general-purpose robots up to 100lb. It controls two motors in mixed or independe

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