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Number One Pharmacist Recommended Brand Adds To Industry’s Fullest Line of
Urinary Health Products

– Just in time for summer, when urinary tract infections (UTIs) typically peak, AZO is
introducing AZO Standard® Maximum Strength, delivering fast, over-the-counter relief from painful UTIs.
The new addition to AZO’s number one pharmacist-recommended line of urinary health products contains more of the leading UTI pain relieving ingredient, Phenazopyridine Hydrochloride, than any other major OTC brand. It is specially formulated to go directly to the site of discomfort. A single-incident package containing 12 tablets retails at a suggested price of $5.99, and is available now at drug retailers including CVS and Rite Aid. UTIs rank second only to colds as the most common medical complaint among women ages 18-54. Coupled with how summertime’s moisture helps breed the bacteria that cause UTIs, AZO Standard® Maximum Strength arrives at just the right time to help the millions of women who suffer from painful UTI symptoms like a burning sensation during urination, and a strong, persistent need to urinate. AZO Standard® Maximum Strength joins AZO Standard®, AZO Test Strips® (for at-home UTI
diagnosis) and AZO Cranberry® (for maintaining urinary tract health), all landslide winners in
Pharmacy Times magazine’s just-released, 2007 survey of pharmacists’ preferred OTC products. AZO
, AZO Test Strips®, AZO Cranberry® and AZO Yeast® (for yeast infection prevention and
pain relief) each earned more than 50 percent of pharmacists’ votes nationwide.
AZO has developed an information-rich resource for younger women who may be experiencing a UTI for the first
time at, with timely information about how summertime is prime time for UTIs.

UTI Quick Facts

• Urinary tract infections account for more than 8 million doctor office visits each year • 20 – 30 percent of sufferers have recurrent infections • Most sufferers experience severe discomfort and extreme pain • Many urinary tract infections occur on weekends or during the night when women cannot see their doctor, but
About Amerifit Brands
Amerifit Brands is a leading consumer health and wellness company and the parent company to AZO
products. The company develops, markets, and distributes branded products that support wellness and
provide various health benefits, from prescription products for urology and pain management, to over-
the-counter products for overall urinary tract health and pain from urinary tract infections. For more
information, please visit or


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