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AF941R multifunction bidirectional remote control for radio system

The AF941R remote control with 4 buttons for the radio system allows controlling the AVE radio burglar
alarm control units and radio receivers. The operation of various buttons depends on the set programming,
as described hereinafter. The LED provided on board not only indicates successful transmission of the code
towards the burglar alarm control unit, but also the successful execution of the command or the state of the
control unit. Lastly, it has the “Rolling Code” function which thwarts attempts to copy the code for tampering
Technical features

Power supply: two CR2016 3V lithium batteries. Life: about 12 months (depending on the number of operations) Bidirectional dialogue with the radio range control unit On board system state indication through the LEDs R.F. characteristics: A.M. transmission quartzed at 433.92 MHz; maximum power 10mW Useable range: more than 40m outdoors. About 30 m in residential environments
Declaration of conformity

The device complies with the essential requirements and with the other inherent provisions provided for by
the 1999/5/EC, 2004/108/EC, 73/23/EC directives and the subsequent amendments 93/68/EEC, 2006/95/EC
as well as the subsequent EN regulations provided for the abovementioned directives applicable herein.

Description of operation

The buttons provided for on board may send the following commands to the radio anti-burglary control units
and to the receivers
(De-energises the relay provided on board) (Factory setting)
(Factory setting)

for all details regarding operation and programming the control unit and receivers see respective
Signals regarding the LED provided on board – depending on the commands sent to the control unit – are the following Red button connecting the control unit. Upon pressing the button, the LED lights up and
subsequently blinks with an orange colour. When it turns red it confirms the connection of the control
Green button disconnecting the control unit. Upon pressing the button, the LED lights up and
subsequently blinks with an orange colour. When it turns green it confirms the disconnection of the
control unit.
Grey and grey/red partial connection buttons. Upon pressing the button, the LED lights up and
subsequently blinks with an orange colour. When it turns red it confirms the connection of the control


Grey/red button. This button is programmed by the manufacturer for partial connection of zones
A+B. To programme it to actuate the panic alarm or receivers command hold the green and
grey/red buttons simultaneously pressed for 10s, until the LED blinks three times. The LED blinks
twice if the operation is repeated and the function of the grey/red button returns to partial connection
of zones A+B again.
Grey Button. This button is programmed by the manufacturer to actuate the panic alarm or
receivers command. To programme it to actuate the partial connection of zones B+C, hold the red
and grey buttons simultaneously pressed for 10 seconds, until the LED blinks twice. The LED blinks
three times if the operation is repeated and the function of the grey button returns to actuating the
panic alarm or commanding receivers again.

The red and green buttons are not intended to be programmed.
Replacing the battery

To replace the battery, proceed as follows:
Open the special cover arranged at the rear of the remote control after removing the closing screw of the same Replace the battery with identical models (2 CR2016 3V lithium batteries) NOTE Products should be sold in their original packaging. When this is not the case, the retailer or/and the
installer is obliged to follow, as well as communicate to the user, the instructions for use which are supplied
with the product. After opening the packaging, check that the appliance is undamaged. Do not use the
appliance if there is any doubt, but contact a qualified technician. Even before unpacking, the appliance
should be handled with care and stored in a dry place at temperatures between –5°C and +40°C.
Also note: • The 5 years warranty is applicable for all the goods, except of the goods included in the Safety-Security Division,
Anti-intrusion Systems, Fire Detection Systems and Technical Alarms for which is applicable a 2 years warranty, for any defect in
or failing caused by the manufacturer’s negligence. It doesn’t affect your statutory rights as prescribed by law (art. 1490, 1512
C.C., DL 24/2002, Directive 1999/44/CE, art. 1519 C.C.). The defect must be notified within 2 month from the date it was
discovered. Five years (or two years for the above mentioned series) are intended from the date of delivery of the goods by AVE.
• AVE products are installation products. They must be installed by skilled workers in compliance with the installation regulations.
• Before carrying out any maintenance on the appliance, cut off the mains power. • Special care should be taken in the
preparation of the cable terminals to be inserted into the appliance terminals so as to maintain sufficient isolation distance
between them. • When tightening the terminal screws, special care should be taken to avoid overheating which could start a fire
or damage the cables. •The product must be used in dry, dustfree areas. Suitable products must be used in any other conditions.
• There is the possibility of electric shocks or failure of the device if the device is tampered with. • Install products and accessories
according to the prescriptions of the catalogue and the instructions sheet and in compliance with specific standards and rules. • In
case of products powered by batteries, should they be discharged, they must be replaced with similar batteries and disposed
according to the rules in force. In case of liquid leaks replaced them immediately, clean the battery housing with care wearing
silicone gloves. In case of liquid contact wash your hand carefully. • In case of products powered with lithium batteries, in addition
to the above precautions, remember that they must be replaced by skilled personnel as they present explosion hazard.



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