Course Name: Environmental Science
Science Standards Covered:
1. Unifying concepts and processes in science
4. Science and technology
2. Life Science
5. Science in personal and social perspectives
3. Earth and Space Science
6. History and nature of science
Main Idea or Unit Titles by Quarter
Introduction to Environmental Science
Population Growth & Ecology
Ecosystems and Living Things
Energy: Fossil Fuels, Nuclear
Chronology of Environmental Science
Biomes & Aquatic Ecosystems
Ecosystems and The Physical
Energy, Renewables
Ecosystems and Energy
Film Unit
Ecosystems and Living Things
Human Health and Toxicology
Science Fair
Main Learning Objectives By Unit (all learning objectives should be assumed to be preceded by the phrase Students will be able to)
Quarter One
Quarter Two
Quarter Three
Quarter Four
Introduction to Environmental Science
Population Growth & Ecology
Ecosystems and Living Things
Energy: Fossil Fuels, Nuclear
• Define environmental science and describe the • Define Evolution & explain the four Energy, Renewables
effects human use of resources has on the premises of evolution by natural selection. • Define fossil fuels, and distinguish • Explain sustainability and why it is a goal of developing countries differ in population characteristics such as infant mortality rate, Evaluate the consequences of environmental total fertility rate, and age structure. • Define symbiosis and distinguish among • Define culture and explain how total fertility Describe the three most important factors that Outline how governments can help achieve determine human impact on the environment List and describe the five stages of addressing Define urbanization & describe trends in the distribution of people in rural & urban areas Ecosystems & The Physical
• Relate how environmental impact statements Describe some of the problems associated Environment
with rapid growth rates of large urban areas • Describe the main steps in each of these biogeochemical cycles: carbon, nitrogen , • Explain how economics is related to natural Ecosystems and Energy
phosphorus, sulfur, & hydrologic cycles capital, and include sources and sinks in your • Describe how humans have influenced the • Distinguish among the following ecological carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, an levels: population, community, ecosystem, Chronology of Environmental Science
• Distinguish between weather and climate Briefly outline the environmental history of the • Define energy flow, trophic level, & food web • Describe typical pyramids of numbers, • Describe natural disasters and their causes • Describe the six eras in environmental history: Era of Abundance, Era of Exploitation, Era of Human Health and Toxicology
Film Unit
Protection/Preservation, Era of Management, • Contrast health issues in highly developed Biomes & Aquatic Ecosystems
• Define biome and briefly describe the nine • Summarize the problems with chemicals A Civil Action, Syriana, Ellen • List at least one environmental measures taken that exhibit persistence, bioaccumulation, Brockovich, The Informer, Fast • Relate a least one human effect on each o f Food Nation, Thank You for Not • Define environmental worldview and discuss Smoking, Blood Diamond, The Day distinguishing aspects of the Western and deep assessment helps determine adverse health • Briefly describe the eight aquatic ecosystems Science Fair
Relate at least one human effect on each o f science fair project that poses a question to the visitor


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