The "Arterium" Corporation
01032, Kiev, Saksaganskogo Street, 139
Tel: (+380 44) 490 75 22
Fax: (+380 44) 490 75 17
Chief Executive Officer: Dennis Gartsylov

The "Arterium" Corporation
- one of the leading Ukrainian pharmaceutical companies, which
operates in the industry that cares about the most important values - health and preservation of
human life. Established in 2005, the "Arterium" Corporation brings together two Ukrainian
companies with more than a century and a half tradition of medicine manufacturing: JSC
"Kyivmedpreparat" - the largest Ukrainian producer of antibacterial drugs and JSC
"Halychpharm" - leader in production of plant-based medications.
The Ukrainian market is the essential one for the entire Corporation’s activity. At the same time
to ensure marketing activities on the external markets the Corporation has opened its
representative offices in CIS countries such as: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.
A key focus of the "Arterium" Corporation is the production, marketing and distribution of
modern, efficient, safe and high quality medicines to ensure a long and productive life. Currently
we manufacture over 140 generic and several original drugs in 11 of 14 ATC groups. In the
range of the Corporation products there are a number of original medicines: Thiotriazolin®, L-
lysine aescinat®, Tiocetam® and Urolesan®. All of them have received the recognition and trust
of the medical community because of their efficiency and proven quality.
We pay close attention to the needs of patients, health care system and produce the modern
generic drugs which have proved to the world medical and clinical practice. Thanks to affordable
price and high quality, which have been confirmed by the certification of production, our drugs
will make it possible to raise to a higher level the quality of treatment of a wider patients range
making it closer to international high standards. We are also constantly exploring therapeutic
needs and direct our efforts to find and develop original products, convenient to administrate
combinations of known substances, as well as new plant – based drugs. For the period of 2009 -
2011 there have been issued more than 40 new drugs (including forms and dosages). For the
period of 2012-2014 we are planning to release about 90 new medicines. All products issued by
the Corporation in recent years have undergone a number of required studies to comply with
European quality standards and have proven their efficiency. Since 2007, the Corporation has
been regularly conducting clinical trials of their drugs. The trials are aimed at proving the
equivalence of generic drugs produced by the Corporation versus more expensive original drugs
through bioequivalence studies and therapeutic equivalence. We keep making all required
preclinical and clinical studies having got our traditional as well as new and original drugs in the
Corporation’s product portfolio. These studies provide the evidence base indicating the efficacy
and safety of our products. All trials are conducted in accordance with national and European
legislation, as well as mandatory compliance with the ethical principles of clinical trials.
According to the 2011 sales results in Ukraine the Corporation has demonstrated leadership in
the antibiotic group and dermatological medicines, and also has taken a leadership position in the
group of medicines for the treatment of cardio – vascular and nervous systems.
The leaders of sales in their target segments are:
Thiotriazolin ® - for the treatment of coronary heart disease
Amoxil ®, Azimed ®, Gepacef ® - antibiotics
Sonnat ® - treatments for sleep disorders
Tiocetam ® - medicines opposing the cerebrovascular disease
Diflyuzol ® - a group of antifungal drugs
Gerpevir ® - medicines opposing herpes.
The enterprises - members of the Corporation, operating under "ARTERIUM" brand produce
medicines known for their quality, both in Ukraine and abroad. Quality management systems of
the enterprises that are members of the "ARTERIUM" corporation meet the international
standard of environmental management DSTU ISO 14001:2006. The production facilities of JSC
"Kyivmedpreparat" and JSC "Halychpharm" have been certified for compliance with Good
Manufacturing Practice
We strive to establish harmonious, trusting and lasting relationships with all groups and target
audiences that are affected by our activities. In addition to output, which rescues and helps to
maintain human health and life, we recognize the importance of social, regulatory and
environmental issues and harmonious coexistence with all organizations and individuals who
interact with us. As a powerful Ukrainian pharmaceutical manufacturer, we strive to bring as
much benefit to our country, its people and society as possible. The policy of corporate social
responsibility initiative includes the Corporation "ARTERIUM" - For a Healthy Lifestyle!"
Programs of this initiative include not only our staff but also doctors, pharmacists and
consumers. As business leaders, we aim to draw public attention to this issue and additionally we
are taking certain measures to increase the number of the healthy lifestyle initiative followers.

JSC "Kyivmedpreparat"
JSC "Kyivmedpreparat"
remains undisputable national leader in the production of
antibacterial drugs. The plant is one of the largest pharmaceutical industries in Ukraine, as well
as the most experienced venture of chemical and pharmaceutical industry in the country with its
creation falling into the middle of the XIX th century. Since 1847 the company has been
producing drugs. Today the plant produces about 100 generic and original medicines in the
following forms of production: injection in vials, tablets, capsules, ointments, gels.

JSC "Halychpharm"
JSC "Halychpharm"
has a unique experience in the field of phytochemical production of
finished drugs and extraction of vegetable substances for the production of medicines. The
history of this company has more than 100 years. Since 1911 the company has been producing
drugs. Today the plant produces more than 45 generic and original medicines in the following
forms: injections in ampoules, tablets, solutions, extracts, syrups.
Press Contacts:
Anna Grishina
PR manager
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