Free cardiac health monitoring in clinical trial for qualifying dogs with advanced (but stable) chronic degenerative valve dis

Free Cardiac Health Monitoring in Clinical Trial for Qualifying Dogs
With Advanced (but Stable) Chronic Degenerative Valve Disease

Study Name:
Clinical evaluation of dogs treated with stable, chronic, degenerative heart valve
disease (endocardiosis)
Study population:
Older dogs with loud heart murmur and substantial heart enlargement, but never had
heart failure
Disease or Condition:
Chronic degenerative valve disease (endocardiosis)
What is the purpose of this study?
Determine whether affected dogs who receive a novel beta-blocker drug obtain a health
benefit compared to dogs that do not receive this drug.
Why is this clinical study being done?
• 25% of adult dogs will develop chronic degenerative valve disease, but options for
• While enalapril is often prescribed, its value is widely debated. e.g.: Conclusions. "Long-term treatment with enalapril in asymptomatic dogs with mitral valve
disease and mitral regurgitation did not delay the onset of heart failure." Study.
"Efficacy of enalapril for prevention of congestive heart failure in dogs with myxomatous
valve disease and asymptomatic mitral regurgitation." Kvart C et al. J Vet Intern Med.
Conclusions. "Enalapril modestly delays the onset of CHF in dogs with moderate to
severe mitral regurgitation," but "Improvement in the primary endpoint, CHF-free survival,
was not significant." Study. "Results of the veterinary enalapril trial to prove reduction in
onset of heart failure in dogs chronically treated with enalapril alone for compensated,
naturally occurring mitral valve insufficiency." Atkins CE et al. J Am Vet Med Assoc.
• Beta-blocker drugs help certain people with heart conditions and these drugs hold promise for dogs. Effectiveness of these medicines remain to be established.
Financial Benefits to Participate in This Study for Dogs Who Qualify
Free cardiac health monitoring for up to 3 years during study (paid for by study sponsor)
Important comprehensive heart monitoring tests at The Animal Medical Center include:
• Cardiovascular examinations by a board certified cardiology specialist • Chest x-rays; Echocardiograms ; Blood pressure measurements; • EKG (electrocardiograms); Blood tests • Comprehensive health testing conducted by a heart specialist provides important and comprehensive evaluation of the heart, lungs, and blood pressure. • In partnership with your referring or local veterinarian, this valuable information helps detect, monitor, and suggest appropriate treatment if needed. • If a pet develops heart failure symptoms, this study will provide an additional examination including x-rays, at no cost to the pet owner.
Which dog is eligible to participate?
To be eligible, a dog must:
1. Have a loud heart murmur with substantial heart enlargement (determined by
screening tests at The Animal Medical Center) 2. Have never been in congestive heart failure 3. Not receive heart drugs (enalapril or benazepril, lasix, pimobendan) for one week prior to the screening exam visit. (Other medications are permitted).
Can my pet take medications required for other illnesses? YES
What is involved in this study?
• We will examine each pet and perform simple tests (chest x-ray, ECG, blood
pressure, echo) to determine if it qualifies for this study (paid for by the sponsor). • Enrolled digs will be randomized to receive once-a-day medication (either a beta- blocker drug, or a placebo. Neither the pet owner nor the doctor will know which treatment has been assigned). • Each client will arrange to schedule convenient outpatient cardiac recheck examinations several times through the course of each year. • If symptoms of congestive heart failure occur, this study is discontinued and the most appropriate medications will be prescribed as needed. Who can I contact for additional information? Call or email:
Philip Fox DVM, DACVIM/DECVIM (Cardiology), DACVECC


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